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Chris Brown, Laz Alonso Dance Drama ‘Planet B-Boy’ Gets New Title, Trailer, Release Date

Chris Brown, Laz Alonso Dance Drama 'Planet B-Boy' Gets New Title, Trailer, Release Date

Trailer for a dance drama called Battle of the Year: The Dream Team, which stars Josh Holloway, Chris Brown, Laz Alonso, and Josh Peck.

The Screen Gems’ film was previously titled Planet B-Boy, and is directed by Benson Lee.

It’s based on director Lee’s 2007 documentary, also titled Planet B-Boy, which was set in the international world of “B-boying” (aka break dancing).

The fictional narrative film inspired by Lee’s award-winning documentary follows an all-star American b-boy crew training to compete at the Battle of the Year International Championships in France. The crew and their coach must go up against the best b-boys in the world — the Koreans, the Russians and the French, who have dominated the original American dance form for the past decade.

Alonso plays a former b-boy who wants to put the USA back on top of the sport; Chris Brown plays one of the members of the assembled Dream Team.

There’ve been enough of these dance flicks, that there was even a parody movie of them all, wasn’t there?

Screen Gems will release the film on January 25, 2012.

Watch the trailer below:

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Really? I didn't even bother watching the trailer.

Adam Scott Thompson

They have GOT to make a "Meteor Man" remake so Chris Brown can be a member of the Golden Lords.


These dance movies…..


Laz! *Sigh* :)


2013, you mean?




Will not watch this woman beater and unfortunate actor.


Hmm, why would you want to see this in 3D? Can't imagine paying extra to get the feeling of these guys kicking me the head…

Emmett Period

The Original Documentary was awesome, as a documentary not as a Dance Flick.


"6AM?!!" Good thing a woman didn't tell him that; otherwise, her head would've hit the ceiling.


Super serious, inspirational sports movie…about breakdancing. I tried, but it just does not compute. Could only be more hilarious if it was about marbles.

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