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“Cool Breeze” – Another Blaxploitation Classic Coming Out On DVD

"Cool Breeze" - Another Blaxploitation Classic Coming Out On DVD

Slowly but surely, those wonderful blaxploitation classics from yesteryear (the early to mid 1970’s) are being released on DVD and soon the 1972 MGM heist film Cool Breeze will join the list.

The DVD-on-demand specialty label Warner Archive will release the film on DVD July 17th 

Starring Thalmus Tasulala, Raymond St. Jacques, Lincoin Kilpatrick, Judy Pace and Pam Grier in a small role, the film deals with a team of criminals who band together to rip off THE MAN in order to establish a bank in the community..or maybe just to keep it for themselves

The film was actually a blaxploitation remake of John Huston’s classic 1950 heist film The Asphalt Jungle and no one in the right minds would say that Cool Breeze is even remotely within a 100 mile radius of being anything like Huston’s film. But it is a hell of a lot of fun and nostaglia. 

Here’s the trailer

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Oops—I meant to say that not ALL films slapped with the "Blacksploitation" label were cheap, schlocky low-budget flicks—sorry!


Umm…did they just take 2:46 to show us the whole movie?


The key is that the movies were being made and people were working. Some were good, some were bad. As long as people are making movie, somebody is gonna make bad ones. The more we make, the more good ones we will get. Hell , everybody cant be a terrible filmmaker.


Other than "Shaft" and "Sweet Sweetback", and a few others ("Sparkle", I can't say I look forward to these films. I tend to find them cheap in regard to production values (shabby locations, bad lighting and camera works and composition, etc), badly acted with hackneyed plot. I love watching Pam Grier because she's a beautiful black woman, but the acting is so bad in these film. It seems that gifted black filming died during this period and didn't really come back to the mid 1980s with the emergence of Lee's "She's Gotta Have It." There are very few gems that came out the 1970s era of blaxploitation — and I guess that's why they call it blaxploitation. Now, people enjoy relegating into the realm of "bad cinema," films so schlocky you have to love them anyway.


OMG!!! Excitement!!


Cool Breeze was a good movie. I think it's underrated because it's not one of the more well known blaxploitation flicks. I have a poor, bootleg DVD copy so I'll definitely be picking this one up.


I always loved that line "THE MAN" do we still have "THE MAN" or is he now "JUST THE WHITE MAN"


I didn't really like this one, but I suppose I'll give it another chance.

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