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Decide Who Talks to the Tribeca Film Institute: Vote for June’s Project of the Month!

Decide Who Talks to the Tribeca Film Institute: Vote for June's Project of the Month!

June is now over, and it’s time to choose one of our Projects of the Week to be named June’s Project of the Month. The project that receives the most votes for Project of the Month will receive a consultation from our new Project of the Month partner, Tribeca Film Institute!

Voting will be open until Friday July 6 at 5 PM.

Go to the bottom of this article to vote for June’s Project of the Month! 

The links to more information about each project are below.

Good luck to all of the filmmakers!

“Days of Gray”

“Days of Gray” is a timeless tale set to an original score by Icelandic band Hjaltalín. A boy journeys away from his family’s strange yet tradition-bound home to the far side of a forbidden boundary. There, a girl leads him through an even stranger place of distortions and mutations. It is a world naturalistic yet awry, inviting yet fearsome, epic in darkness and in hope.

Together, the boy and girl discover a world that is theirs and, in the process, who they might be.

“You Are Not Alone”

‘YOU ARE NOT ALONE’, at the forefront, is about a college graduate, Natalie, reconnecting with friends and family as she visits her hometown over the Fourth of July. She floats through the proceedings of the July 4th celebration her town is known for. In the background, the town is inundated with news about a dangerous sociopath who is in the midst of a spree killing and reportedly within the area. The second half of the picture is what happens when Natalie crosses paths with said killer.

The film is 100% told through her eyes.

“Der Samurai”

DER SAMURAI tells a thrilling tale of fear, seduction and loss of control. Young village policeman Jakob finds his small world unhinged and shattered as one night an ominous, nameless stranger in a woman’s dress emerges from the forest and commences a wave of irrational violence on the unsuspecting town. Desperately trying to stop the mysterious offender, Jakob finds his compulsively straight and dutiful self in constant danger of being infected with his opponent’s madness. There is something about the ‘Samurai’ that strikes a hidden chord within him, threatening to unlock his own innermost demons…

“Finding My Dad’s Memories”

Due to a traumatic brain injury, my dad does not remember anything that happened in the home we lived in for over twenty years, or golfing, which he did regularly for fifty years. This film will follow my dad’s return to these places he cannot remember. What is memory? Has your memory of something ever been replaced with a photo or video? Do you remember it from the camera’s lens? This film explores the relationship of the captured image and memory.

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Yes to Finding My Dad's Memories.


I want to thank everyone who voted, regardless of the project they were affiliated with. Drumming up interest in independent projects is one of the toughest challenges we face at this level. Thank you for supporting independent cinema. Congratulations to Finding My Dad's Memories for being named Project of the Month. Your group is definitely motivated and your project sounds really wonderful.

Over the last month, You Are Not Alone has reached so many more people than I could have imagined. It is hard to compete against so many great projects, especially ones as deserving as Finding My Dad's Memories. A special thanks to Indiewire for everything they do for filmmakers and for arranging such a great incentive for this competition.


no comment

Ang R

I voted for Finding My Dad's Memories. I told all of my friends on Facebook to vote for it. I have about 400 friends. Many of them told all their friends, too, and so on and so on. Mystery solved.


Unfortunately, the individuals involved in the making of You Are Not Alone do not have a large fan base but that doesn't negate the fact that they are ridiculously creative and talented. They are tackling the thriller genre from a completely different perspective to create a picture that is unlike your typical horror film. Regardless of who comes out on top, You Are Not Alone is a film worth seeing and surely something to get excited about. Pun intended.


People are always going to hate. Nothing can be done about that. The O' Donnell's are an amazing family and have a huge support system. Tim is very talented and "Finding my Dad's Memories" should and will WIN. It is going to be an amazing film. I'm just going to throw it out there but usually on the 4th of July there are large gatherings & I would "assume" that there is great possibility that the word could have been spread in a short period of time. Stop the hate and just be happy for all 4 films.


So sad that people can be so judgemental clearly you don't know the O'Donnells or the amazing story and work that went into Finding My Dads Memories! Keep fighting Tod and Tim as always awesome work you never disappoint!!


necessary knowledge


Vote with your boner. Vote 'You Are Not Alone'.


You Are Not Alone gave me a Movie Boner when I got the sneak peak….vote for it so you can get Movie Boners too……if you want to find your fathers memories just look in a photo album.

Heather L

Finding my Dad's Memories all the way!


You said it, Jason. Whoever is promoting Finding my Dad's Memories…you guys are great at "getting the word out…" Its a bit crazy how how all of your "supporters" seem to support you in mass quantities in short periods of time.


Finding my dad's memory, you guys are pathetic………keep cheating. Almost 200 votes in 5 minutes


I voted for "you are not alone" and I would hope more people do as well!


You are not alone!

Louie bueser



Finding My Dads Memory = AHHHMAZING.


The guys working on 'You Are Not Alone' are crazy creative. Their film is sure to be the best in this bunch. If you want an entertaining, smart film to win, VOTE FOR 'YOU ARE NOT ALONE!'

Louie Bueser


Nimfa Bueser



Finding My Father's Memories just jumped 150 votes in 5 minutes at midnight on July 4th. Are the cheating?!?!


finding my father's memories


Finding my father's memories – Best of Luck Tim


Finding my fathers memories


Vote for Days of Grey! It's DAre eYe Say, GREyT!


Vote for Memories!!! It's a story about recovery, hope, family and so much more

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