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Did “Dark Knight Rises” Spark Mass Killings in Colorado?

Did "Dark Knight Rises" Spark Mass Killings in Colorado?

Of course, the title above is a provocation, and “The Dark Knight Rises” itself had nothing to do with the masked gunman in Colorado who took the film’s midnight screening as an opportunity for mass slaughter, reportedly leaving 12 people dead and 50 wounded, according to police and local media.

It goes without saying that he’s probably a nut-job, but I do think that the media is likely to pounce on the incident, and it will surely fuel further speculation about what underlines Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” phemonenon, and increase the cultural discourse that is already so heated around the film.

I can see reports likening the perpetrator to a self-styled Batman vigilante, attempting to correct some make-believed wrongs, or will his motivations be likened to a Bane-style anarchist, seeking to create mass and menacing havoc?

According to reports, the shooting came minutes after the film’s midnight premiere..  An eyewitness told The Los Angeles Times that the gunman “busted in” through a door near the front of the screen and “threw a canister across the theater,” unleashing gas, “then started shooting.”

Quoting authorities and witnesses, local news outets reported that the gunman wore a riot helmet and bullet-proof vest, wearing all black. The suspect — a 24-year-old old now in custody — was found outside the theater holding a rifle and a handgun, local TV stations reported.


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Christina Smythe

This is a tragic loss. I send all prayers to the victims' families. Someone created a memorial page for these victims on Evertalk within Facebook. There is a memorial fund on this page and people can donate to help the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy. Here's the page.

Ranting Rob

I have watched several news reports on this story and it seems like everyone is looking for someone to blame. Put the blame where it belongs! Blame the gun companies, why would there ever be a need for automatic hand guns or assault rifles unless you are in law enforcement or the military. Gun companies pump out millions of these killing weapons with no after thought once they get their money. You would never buy these guns for hunting unless you are hunting people! In the states you can buy a fifty caliber sniper rifle that is used by the military, why would any private citizen have a need for a weapon like this but they still manufacture them and sell them to the general public. The gun companies are supplying and supporting the Mexican drug wars, terrorists, criminals and every other psycho out there. We are not living in wild west anymore, the right to bare arms only encourages criminal behavior. Any normal law abiding citizen would never need an automatic hand gun or assault rifle with a 30 rounds or more ammunition clip. The gun companies should be charged with conspiracy to commit murder and sued for every penny they have!


Thank you for that intelligence, empathy, humanity Alex. I completely agree with you Alex And yes reading this blog was a waste of my precious time But I am glad I came here so I could read your comments. Bless you and thank you for being human. And anyone that tells you to call down is either poor sheeple or troll and best left ignored.


Please reconsider posting this insensitive and ill-informed post. Why is it that you suggest the murder must be a "self-styled Batman vigilante" or a "Bane-style anarchist"? Why? Do you think it is somehow profound to draw a connection between this real life murderer and a movie character?
Can you please stop and consider all the factors that can cause someone to commit a mass murder — including hereditary mental afflictions? Please, please take this seriously — instead of "is he more Batman or Bane?" We are not living in a fucking movie.

Your post represents reductive thinking and it is both insensitive to the victims and their families and insensitive to the publics' intelligence. Please do not use your influence through this blog for this simple-minded commentary.

Please see that you can do better than this. Or please realize at such times, it's best to listen and think before you say anything, if you need to say anything at all.

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