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Feature Film Based On Black & Sexy TV Web Series ‘The Couple’ In The Works! Details…

Feature Film Based On Black & Sexy TV Web Series 'The Couple' In The Works! Details...

This is the kind of news that gets a black film writer excited!

Fans of the web series that amusingly explores relationship dynamicsThe Couple (created by Dennis DortchJeanine Daniels, and Numa Perrier, via their Black & Sexy brand, starring Perrier and Desmond Faison), will be glad to know that a feature film based on the popular series is in the works!

Dennis revealed the news in an interview with 24 Wired TV earlier this week (embedded below), and of course I had to know more, as several questions immediately came me when I first heard the news. 

Here’s what I learned that can be shared at this time:

– First, it doesn’t mean the web series will end; it will continue; consider the feature film an extension of the brand. It’s a great time to be a content creator, as you’re not limited to 1 or 2 platforms on which to distribute your content, and initial costs on some of these platforms aren’t prohibitive. So why not have a web series, film, and even a TV show, graphic novel, and more, all based on the same property, simultaneously, if you can?

– The feature film will be made in the same neo-realisitic style as the web series, BUT, it won’t comprise of a series of shorts/vignettes/episodes like the web series, or like Dennis’ first feature film, A Good Day to be Black and Sexy.

 In terms of casting, the full lineup will be released soon enough, but expect to see some *name talent* in supporting roles, as well as some celebrity cameos. Let the speculation begin as to who some of these *name* actors and actresses might be.

– Thanks to the series’ 10,400+ subscribers, really accumulated over a relatively short period of time, the production team plans to also self-distribute the completed film via “direct-to-audience” downloads – a similar strategy used by the likes of Louis CK and others.

– And finally, the film will be produced by series creator Jeanine Daniels, as well as Nikki Love (producer of Matthew Cherry’s The Last Fall, and other films) and Numa Perrier.

I thank the Black & Sexy team for sharing all that info with me.

No word yet on when we can expect to see the finished product, but I suspect we’ll be teased with bits and pieces of it here and there, during principal photography and post-production.

Congrats to Dennis and company, and I’m looking forward to experiencing The Couple in feature length.

Watch Dennis’ interview with 24 Wired TV below:

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Big Styles

Great news! I guess it's a good day to be black and sexy! (see what I did there?) Real rap, I don't know why these guys are not even more successful with more subcribers and views. These webisodes are always top notch and highly shared across my social networks.

Adam Scott Thompson

Very, VERY excited about this. My team and I are currently in production on our own webseries about a black couple ( and we've been watching and taking notes on how Dennis, Numa and the Black & Sexy crew have pushed their product directly to the fanbase. Funny, though — LOL. He was very "diplomatic" in answering the question of frustrating trends in black film. He's better than me! I'd be calling people out.


Wow, great news! I really enjoy all the episodes (except the last one when they were playing dominoes… meh). I think I would prefer TV as a medium for the characters, though. They could work really well on a sitcom and be the Martin/Gina couple of the new generation.




The webisodes are so aesthetically done!
And the couple has so much authentic chemistry!


aaa i so excited about this!!


i saw them at the premier of middle of nowhere talking to ava duvarnay and it seemed like they were all good friends and it warmed by heart to see us supporting each other. i need to look up his first film you list because i really dig the webseries spin-off. wishing them luck with the movie version!


Very smart. I wish it much success!


Happy for them. I enjoy the webseries. Best of luck

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