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Feminist Dad of the Day: Christian Bale

Feminist Dad of the Day: Christian Bale

I was reading the Batman cover story in EW and I wanted to shaare this quote from the interview with Christian Bale.

What was the last great kids’ film you saw?

I have a daughter, so it becomes very important to me, more and more, to do things like making sure there’s a female artist playing on the radio.  Just making sure that she’s aware that she can do anything.  Therefore: Brave.  That’s just a wonderful example.

I guess having Gloria Steinem as your stepmom does rub off on you.  I am also impressed that he went to Colorado to see the shooting victims on his own.

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Brenda Chapman

First of all, I am blown away that Mr. Bale went to visit the shooting victims. Compassion and kindness – the things most needed at this time. Well done.
Secondly, I am so honored that he felt BRAVE was the movie to take his daughter to. I have been a fan of his work since he was just a young boy… so it means a lot to me to know that he would mention BRAVE. Many thanks.


It could be having Gloria Steinem as a stepmother rubbed off on him. Or, it could be that his father and mother raised him well, since Steinem and his late dad didn't marry until Bale was 26.


"Feminist" shouldn't be thrown around so easily, especially when you're describing a man. He just said what a decent person and father should say. Our standards are honestly so low.

    NY Guy

    re: “Feminist” shouldn’t be thrown around so easily …Our standards are honestly so low.” I agree with your statement. You’re last sentence especially, anyone who truly understands and supports feminism, on observing mysogynist thought and behavior, institutional and private, that still exists in the US today (and around the world of course) knows that in spite of how things have changed since 1970, there is still a long way to go, before full gender equality and respect are achieved. Re: your first statement – I see these websites with men wearing tee-shirts that say, “This is what a Feminist looks like” and I get so cynical (yeah, as a man), my God, one more way men are trying to co-opt feminism as a movement. I mean, maybe some of these men do indeed practice feminism and gender equality fully and sincerely in their lives, but like I said, I see these pictures of guys wearing these shirts and I just shake my head. I’m a guy, I am comfortable defining myself as one who supports all feminist goals, and that’s ALL spelled in capitals, and I would never wear one of those shirts. So yes, to repeat, your statement is a valuable one. Whenever the media-mediocre-popster machine starts talking about feminism in the most “branding,” superficial way, and a woman voices her criticism with “the buck stops here this is all b-lls–t and has nothing to do with feminist goals” type opinion, this is a wake-up kick in the seat of the pants alarm bell that needs to be heard listened to and thought very seriously about.

Penny Perkins

Can he really be a feminist dad when his behavior shows he's clearly NOT a feminist son, nor feminist brother, nor feminist husband? Here's one of the many articles about his arrest after an altercation with his mother and sister:

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