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Full Trailer For Ava DuVernay’s Award-Winning ‘Middle Of Nowhere’ Debuts

Full Trailer For Ava DuVernay's Award-Winning 'Middle Of Nowhere' Debuts

Here’s the first full trailer for Ava DuVernay’s acclaimed drama Middle Of Nowhere, which stars Emayatzy CorinealdiDavid OyelowoOmari Hardwick, Lorraine Touissaint, and Edwina Findley (shot by award-winning DP Bradford Young).

The film was acquired jointly by Participant Media and AFFRM, to be released on October 12, 2012.

Surely you all are well aware of the film by now, especially if you read this site; In short, we love it! And we think you will too. 

But expect our comprehensive coverage of the film, its cast and crew, leading up to the film’s theatrical debut.

In the meantime, watch its first full trailer (poster underneath):

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Stace Crawford

I saw the 20 minutes worth of preview at BlackStar Film Festival in Philadelpia on Saturday and I tell you I'll be first in line. Ava was very empowering in her q&a and the scenes we saw where so good and dramatic. I am an Omari fan and now David Oyellowo fan too. And Miss Corinearldi is luminous. And the actress who plays the sister got big laughs. I really wish they'd shown the whole thing but I will be patient. I will be there in October with bells on and ringing.


I finally viewed I Will Follow (Aug 5, 2012).


Charlotte wants it!


This looks fantabulous, can't wait


I like that last line. Hope the movie is good.


I don't know how the hell to say her name but the main girl is FINE! What's she been in before this? I've never seen her. MY TYPE!!!!!


Loved "I Will Follow". Anticipating the follow-up. I just hope it comes to Houston.


Personally I'm looking forward to it. I'm interested in the lead actress and seeing a new face. I'm a fan of David all around. I'm a fan of Omari's look and talent. I'm a fan of Ava's storytelling and choices. I'm liking the feel of it with the poster and trailer vibe. Sold.


Can't wait for this one.

Mark & Darla

Ava directing in "I Will Follow" was just too touchy feeling, internal, that didn't let the audience in: "Middle of Nowhere" directing seem more engaging with the audience.


Shit looks goods to me. I don't get the grumpy. Willing to bet that most, if not all of these flippant, dismissive comments aren't coming from filmmakers with MORE THAN ONE feature under their belts. It's just not likely.

Blue Collar Scholar

I fell asleep while watching I Will Follow.
But, like everyone else,
I will follow… to the Middle of Nowhere.


David oyelowo may bore some cause he is not a sex symbol. But anyone who say he can't act has hitted a goal post. Ride on. Saw I will follow on netflix and it wasn't particularly bad but can't say I loved it either. Middle of nowhere looks more compelling.

Middle of America



After reading more reviews about this film I realize why it's so appealing to me. It seems to take several challenging situations many women could find ourselves in, but they are approached intelligently. Plus I became an instant fan of Emayatzy's after Akira's Hip Hop Shop. Omari has leading man looks and he's talented– he was waaay under-used in IWF imo. Oyelowo bores me to tears though, he doesn't even look right on the poster. But I'm super excited that Ava has such a fast, well received follow up to her debut.

Dankwa Brooks

About THIS FILM 'Middle of Nowhere', I liked the trailer and makes me even more hyped to see the film. I APPLAUD Ms. DuVernay's efforts in these first two films to tell stories that aren't usually told. THERE IS room for films that don't have high drama and have subtle storytelling.

Dankwa Brooks

'I Will Follow'. Let me say this I had to take care of and then bury my mother @ the tender age of 25 and IWF got the mood RIGHT! I thought Ms. DuVernay handled a morose subject matter with measured attention that could have EASILY meandered into histrionics, but did not. I REALLY liked SALLI RICHARDSON'S performance and I thought that was measured performance as well. All I can say is some movies are not for everybody and that's ok.


The comments are interesting but first …I didn't know Ava Duvernay won Best Director at Sundance. I guess I just haven't been paying attention. Speaking of not paying attention, I didn't know anything about Omari Hardwick ( am serious) until I saw him in "Everyday Black Man" on BET Tuesday night. I mean, I've seen y'all mention his name but nothing stuck with me. But listen, the dude can act! It was a 10 mil(?) movie that was just "ok" (chessy & preachy) but Omari showed poise, timing and range. Now reference David Oyelowo: Not sold-on-him-one-bit. Nope, in fact, from what I've seen of him the guy is very fortunate and has a very good agent. Please, somebody point me to a movie, or movies that I may have missed? Moving on …re: Sali Richardson. Anyone who says she's not a good actress …I have to give my deep furrowed brow! I am not even going into why b/c if they don't know I'll never be able to convince them otherwise. However, I did find something VERY INTERESTING. Sali Richardson was in a movie titled "Once Upon a Time… When We Were Colored" which received a 7.3 viewer rating, and I Will Followed received a 5.3. Hmmmm …has anyone seen "Once Upon a Time"? Anyway, I have not seen either of Ava's movies but I look forward to rectifing that problem ASAP.


The lead is giving you FACE! She looks like a pretty brown cupie doll! I'd love to do her make-up! Ava HIT ME UP to do your stars!!!! boutface at blackplanet dot com! The movie looks great!


Beautiful trailer for a beautiful film.

Joe Doughrity

Saw it at the LA Film Fest and can't wait to go again with friends. And also going to make sure my family in Detroit is there opening weekend. Go Ava & Emayatzy!


I'm a fan. Loved I Will Follow and this appears to be a stellar follow-up that I'm looking forward to! David Oyellowo and Omari Hardwick can battle for my heart any day of the week.


They don`t make great films with such substance like this film nowadays. I hope this film is shown to an audience that will appreciate a film with a great story and cast.


Glad to see she is improving as she makes more films…was not impressed with I Will Follow at all! But this seems like it is of a better substance! Hope to give it a try!

Pete Chatmon

Dope. Can't wait to see this…

Jimmy Kimble

Oyelowo needs to work on his American accent. #struggling

Patrice Leon

I've lived this life so I went to see the movie when it played at the festival in Downtown Los Angeles. I wasn't sure if I would like what I saw. However, I wanted to share my thoughts in a forum that I do not ordinarily use. The movie was unexpected and done in a great way. I expected much about the inmate and I got much about the wife instead which shocked me. I had to realize that my own thinking about what I would see reflects the way I thought about my imprisoned mate. It was always about him in my own mind and heart and rarely about me. Even my expectations of the movie were like that. It is sad how we become so wrapped up in the system. The film, however, was not. It put us first and for that I commend Ms Duvernay. She has to know something of this situation because she got it just right most specifically the small things. I encourage everybody to see this movie with an open heart. Thank you.

the black police


Critical Acclaim

Beautiful blacks acting well, shot well, written well. Count me in!


Can't wait to see this one. This new girl seems like a real find.

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