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GAAARRYYY! Benedict Cumberbatch’s Villain In ‘Star Trek 2’ Revealed?

GAAARRYYY! Benedict Cumberbatch's Villain In 'Star Trek 2' Revealed?

While speculation has run rampant about who exactly Benedict Cumberbatch is playing as the villain in “Star Trek 2” — with some folks utterly convinced he’s Khan (or some kind of relation) — it looks like J.J. Abrams is throwing it back even further, should this report turn out to be on the level.

Doing the rounds for “Dredd,” which premieres at Comic-Con this week, Karl Urban spoke to SFX and when asked about working with Cumberbatch on the sci-fi sequel, he let a bit of intel slip out saying: “He’s awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary.”

As SFX notes, Gary Mitchell appeared in the original “Star Trek” TV series “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” It was actually shot as a second pilot for the show, but wound up running as the third episode of the first season. Anyway, originally played by Gary Lockwood, Gary is a former Academy pal of Captain Kirk’s, who gains telepathic and telekinetic, godlike powers. Spock advises Kirk to kill Mitchell, but he initially resists and tries to maroon him on a remote, industrial planet instead. But that effort fails and he’s forced to take more drastic action.

So, is “Star Trek 2” really going to center around some friend of Kirk’s with telekinetic powers? Is Gary Mitchell just a reference to the show in name only? Is this another classic Abrams piece of subterfuge? Or has Karl Urban truly slipped up? We’ll see. It should be noted that Robert Orci recently told JoBlo that Gary Mitchell was not going to be one of the characters in the sequel. But he also said Megatron wasn’t going to be featured in “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon” only for the robot to be a key character.

We’ll find out eventually, but not at Comic-Con as Paramount is skipping San Diego this year. So talk amongst yourselves and wait until May 17, 2013 to find out. Watch “Where No Man Has Gone Before” below.

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I hope it's Mitchell. As delicious a villain as Khan was, he's already been done on the big screen. Why rehash it when TOS has so much villianous depth just sitting on the bench waiting to get into the game? As to the Mitchell character, there's gold in them thar hills — lots of it — just waiting to be mined. In the hands of an actor like Cumberbatch, Mitchell could make us forget all about Khan.


Gary Mitchell was an EPIC villain that was in a seriously wicked-awesome episode. If Cumberbatch is indeed going to play a nuTrek version of Gary, then this is GOOD news guys. Where No Man Has Gone Before was just as iconic an episode as Space Seed (Khan's Episode) ever was IMO. Space Seed got its follow-up in The Wrath of Khan, so maybe we'll get some kind of new spinoff take on Where No Man Has Gone Before this time. The idea of a big budget spinoff of that episode is pretty exciting actually.


Orci wasn't involved in the 3rd Transformers, why would he comment on the plot/characters?


As an old trekkie, my first thought was: Who the hell is Gary? The second was: What kind of a name is that? Behold – it is the Destroyer of Worlds; the Bringer of Chaos!! That's right – it's GARY!!!! I think JJ Abrams is just asking all the members of the cast, one by one, to start trouble on a monthly basis.


Should of also mentioned because it's a fan site of Benedict's doesn't mean the person would of been told by him or people around him as Benedict doesn't have an actual fan site he is involved with to be in touch with. Some are in touch with the people who represent him but they would be the last people who would tell a fan site I would think. They give the info. on appearances and such. He's also not on Twitter.


No one, esp. Benedict, has told anyone that he was playing Khan. Have not heard of any fan site of his saying that and if they did can imagine it's all been rumor and that's it. Gary Mitchell would make sense but Urban could of just bethrowing the name out for the fun of it.
Whoever he plays tho it's going to be great.


Cumberbatch wears a starfleet-uniform in the spy-pictures. Would Khan wear a starfleet-uniform? Gary Mitchell would for sure…


Then why did they already do a license-approved comic book series about Gary Mitchell already?


Eomer is soo dead if this turns out to be true. I was really hoping though that it was something/someone new. Let's try and contribute more to pop culture.


I dont believe its Gary Mitchell. Its a crafty way of getting people to switch off Khan. Its Khan. The woman who runs one of Cumberbatch's fansite let slip she'd been told he was playing Khan.

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