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Gabourey Sidibe Gets 1 More Season On ‘The Big C’ As Showtime Renews For 4th

Gabourey Sidibe Gets 1 More Season On 'The Big C' As Showtime Renews For 4th

This is one of those shows that I watched 2 or 3 episodes of, when it debuted, and never returned. I just wasn’t immediately sucked in.

But no matter, because enough people are apparently watching it, since Showtime has renewed The Big C for a fourth season – although it’ll be its last.

That’s probably good news for co-star Gabourey Sidibe, who we haven’t seen much from, since her acclaimed performance in 2009’s Precious. Last year’s Tower Heist, has really been it in terms of big screen work; although she’s in 2 films that have yet to be released: Yelling To The Sky and Seven Psychopaths

And on TV, The Big C has been her main gig for 2 years; hence why I think it’s probably good news for her that it’s been renewed. It’s work, and it’s paid, to start with.

The series stars Laura Linney as a woman coping with her cancer diagnosis, and all the different people in and out of her life.

Showtime will bring the series back with four hour-long episodes (it’s usually a 30-minute show). 

Oliver Platt, Gabriel Basso, and John Benjamin Hickey also co-star.

Idris Elba had a short stint on the series – 4 episodes in 2010, playing a romantic interest for Linney’s character.

Any of you Big C fans?

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Yeah she looks PRETTY FAT. Lose some weight girl, I know you are proud of who you are but don't let that pride keep you from staying healthy.


She is truly inspiring, and gorgeous! If she ever chooses to lose the weight, she'll be right up there with the other always-working beauties Gabby (Union), Halle and Kerry. And even if she doesn't lose the weight, I hope she continues to get great work.


This is a great picture of Gabby. She looks so pretty :)




If you want to know how much attitude determines success, just look at the post-Oscar careers of Gabby vs. Monique. Gabby charmed the industry during her Oscar rounds, while Monique balked at promoting the movie and spoke dismissively about the Oscars and the industry. Since then, Gabby has worked almost non-stop on television and in movies. Monique? Not so much.


That's one of the best pics of Gabby I've ever seen. Thank goodness you posted such a nice pic of her.

ojie king

i love that show!!! really funny! well, if you like dark comedy, its really funny and gabourey herself if quite funny. i think it was very good of her to do this so she distances herself from that precious character.


Well it makes sense for it to end. For stages of grief, and 4 seasons. I guess she is going to accept cancer and possibly die?

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