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Gaius Charles Joins Cast Of Shonda Rhimes’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Gaius Charles Joins Cast Of Shonda Rhimes' 'Grey's Anatomy'

Gaius Charles (Friday Night Lights alum) has joined the cast of Shonda Rhimes’ long-running medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy, although details on his role aren’t available yet, as they are reportedly being “worked out,” says TVLine, adding that he’ll likely be playing a young doctor at Seattle Grace, which saw 2 major staff losses recently.

Gaius Charles’ resume also includes stints on Pan-Am, NCIS and Necessary Roughness – all in the last year.

He also has a few big screen credits, including parts in Takers and Salt.

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the black police

Hmm congrats to the bro. Im not a big Greys watcher. But I think Ive noticed something: the show hasnt featured GOOD LOOKING black actresses. Nothing against the sister on there but she isnt eye candy. Many of the white actresses are considered attractive. Theres been a couple of attractive brothers on there. Now lets do sisters.


God bless Miss Rhimes for continuing to give black people work but even I have to say maybe it is time she hired more Asian actors and actresses for her MEDICAL drama/soap opera. I mean it is kinda like doing a TV show about pro football (USA version) and having lonly one black cast member. And I guess Gaius is another promising black actor to suffer from having an agent who is unable to get him any real gigs other than TV. Then again I guess the the few fluff supporting roles in Hollywood films for black actors are all being taken by Anthony Mackie. It is kind of a step down for Gaius to go from the quality of "Friday Night Lights" (even if it was overrated) to the melodrama of Grey's. At least Grey's has a bigger audience but one can't expect the show to be around for much longer.

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