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It’s Jason Statham Vs. James Franco In The Sylvester Stallone-Penned Actioner ‘Homefront’

It's Jason Statham Vs. James Franco In The Sylvester Stallone-Penned Actioner 'Homefront'

The last few actioners in Jason Statham‘s CV have been pretty disappointing, box office-wise. But can you blame the audience? It’s hard to find the proper enemy for the musclebound Brit, with him taking out Aiden GIllen in “Blitz,” smacking up faceless mafia goons in “Safe” and eating Clive Owen‘s lunch in “Killer Elite.” But thanks to an assist from “The Expendables” buddy Sylvester Stallone, Statham’s about to match up with Hollywood’s great puzzle box that is James Franco.

Homefront,” written by Stallone, will feature Statham as Phil Broker, an ex-DEA agent moving his family to a quiet town to embrace escape his past. Unfortunately, said small town is now under the province of ruthless meth kingpin Gator, to be played by the always-working James Franco. Franco as a drug magnate named GATOR? There will be dreadlocks.

Millennium Films (who else?) is behind this latest effort, to be directed by Gary Fleder, who last helmed 2008’s little-seen drama “The Express.” Though he’s probably more well known for directing the star-packed “Runaway Jury,” which featured a scene between Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman blocked and edited as if a blind man directed, as if you needed to do anything with those two other than leave the camera on.

While Millennium Films has been a home for Stallone and Statham’s action efforts, Franco has also suddenly become a studio sweetheart, starring in the upcoming “The Iceman” and “Lovelace,” the latter which will feature him as Hugh Hefner, continuing an acting career that sounds like an extended parody.

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I thought Franco dropped out of the iceman?


Gator's bitches better be using jimmies!


If Sly wrote it, Franco better jump all over this one. Hopefully Sly will be directing, too!


Sorry, I already want James Franco to WIN, even though the end credit will show Jason Statham (not a fan of his acting but I will watch for Franco). winning.

"that sounds like an extended parody", or James Franco is extremely talented and can play any type of role plus likes keeping busy. However, he does seem to like playing drug related roles (what a range though from City By The Sea, Pineapple Express, The Green Hornet, and looks like Spring Breakers is nailed too) really, really well. The same way Johnny Depp can't seem to keep away from face paint, or Ryan Gosling hitting people.

Anyway, yyyyyyeeeessssssss always looking forward to a new Franco movie.

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