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Kristen Stewart’s Apology: Damage Control or Performance Art?

Kristen Stewart's Apology: Damage Control or Performance Art?

Call me a cynic, but I’ve always wondered whether Kristen Stewart’s romance with Robert Pattinson was real or conveniently staged for maximum ‘Twilight’ publicity. Now that she has publicly apologized for cheating on him – after Us Weekly published incriminating photos of her kissing another man – I’m more skeptical than ever. Only a romance staged for the red carpet and press junkets could result in her bizarrely personal three-sentence apology, which ends: “This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.” This might be damage control; it’s weird enough to play as performance art. What it doesn’t even approach is reality.

Who apologizes to the love of her life in a statement to People magazine? But in the celebrity-culture version of “Live by the sword, die by the sword,” a romantic image carefully cultivated in public has to be repaired in public.

One of the strangest twists in this story – already analyzed and Tweeted to death — is that the apology backed Stewart into acknowledging the relationship, which she had never quite done before. The tacit admission that off-screen Rob and Kristen were just a fangless real-life version of Edward and Bella has usually been done with a teasing smile (hers), a shy smile (his), and camera-ready PDAs. I  kind of admired that part of the image-making, which suggested they wouldn’t be bullied into talking publicly about something private; how quaint and refreshing!   

But now we have that other display of affection, which Stewart certainly never thought would go public. (Has she learned nothing from her years on the red carpet? There is always a photographer.) The Us Weekly photos show Stewart with the director of her latest film, ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’: Rupert Sanders (with Stewart, above), not only married with two children, but married to the very woman who played Stewart’s mother in the movie. He has issued his own public apology; good luck with that.

This cheating would amount to a standard case of Hollywood ick if it weren’t so damaging to the idea of a fairy tale romance on and off screen – just the kind of romance cherished by adolescent girls, who of course are the ‘Twilight’ target audience. So Stewart took the advice well known to every star or politician facing a sex scandal since the days of Hugh Grant’s: get ahead of the story and keep moving.

This whole episode, of course, tells us nothing about the truth of the Stewart-Pattinson relationship, but it says a lot about celebrity culture and the absurdity of buying into “staged  reality,” whether it’s a publicity-friendly romance or the whole Kardashian family. For all we know the Stewart-Pattinson love affair might even be real. The point is: we don’t know. All we see is what they’ve played out in public.

And all the apology tells us is that Stewart wants to get this mess behind her long before that ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2’ premiere in November.

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Please. They are clearly in a relationship. This "conspiracy/manufactured relationship" stuff is a pile of unmitigated crock. The girl said sorry because she is. The end.


Of course her apology was only to serve herself, her PR Team needs to do damage control. After all, she cares about still getting work if nothing else.
My prayers out to all the people who got hurt by Sanders and Stewart.


While I don't agree completely with the angry twi-hard below, I find it disgusting that the married man old enough to be her father is getting a free ride. I can see a 22 year old being a moron and easily getting manipulated by this 42 year old guy. That is usually the way this sort of thing happens. Of course, the press will have her as the slut who broke up his happy marriage and may or may not be in a relationship with Rob Pattinson. She's a moronic twit, but it's fucked up she's getting all the blame.


Sorry for the grammatical errors: Should be pursued her "affections"; "No, let's not talk about the fact…". If there are more…sorry :)


Your analysis is disgusting and typical of people who hate the woman. Funny how her apology is nonsense but Rupert's wasn't. The love she showed Rob in Cannes was fake too. Her traveling to his movies sets was fake too. When she said "My boyfriend's English" that was fake too. Them buying a house and living together is fake too. Her visiting his parent's house in England for Christmas was fake too. What Kristen did today was just fake.

I'm have had enough of you pissant bloggers and gossip types attacking Kristen all day and not once, not one blog post or article about the 41-year old married man with children being slammed or attacked once! Not Movieline, THR, Indiewire none of you went after Rupert with the venom you are going after Kristen. Calling her a liar about her apology. One idiot called Lainey said that she was apologizing to the media now Kristen is beholding to the gossip ragheads to talk about her private life.

What the heck is wrong with you people. OIC it's easier to attack the 22-year old female than the 41-year old bastard who called and pursued her affects, talking sweet nothings in her ear leading her on when he married with children at home.

No, let not talk about the fact the he's the one who instigated all of this. He called her up and told her to meet him. He was the one kissing her up and down her body…not her, him. He was the one standing behind her whispering in her ear. But nothing, nothing about this bastard, no attacks against him.

His apology was fine. Acceptable. Real. He has a movie to direct. The Snow White and the Huntsman sequel is directed by Rupert Sanders. So why isn't he trying to save his job? His next gig. But Kristen's apology was fake, she's just trying to save Breaking Dawn because nothing we've seen between her and Rob was real. It was fake. For 4 years they faked it.

Really? You really believe this? The 41-year old man seems to be getting off scott free with all of what happened today. He's been getting a "subtle" mention as being part of the story with all of the focus being on the 22 year old female who was called and pursued by the 41 year old married man.

Kristen loves Rob. It's real. It's been real since 2008. Her apology was real because Gossip Cop and People had already reported how "devastated" she was. Kristen loves Rob. You can chose not to believe it but it's true.

You're blog is mean and cruel and unfair. You all are disgusting.

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