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Listen: Before & After Comparison Of Bane’s Voice In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Plus Deleted Scene Details

Listen: Before & After Comparison Of Bane's Voice In 'The Dark Knight Rises' Plus Deleted Scene Details

If there’s one thing we unapologetically love about the ambitious and occasionally irksome “The Dark Knight Rises,” it’s Tom Hardy and his deliciously evil voice as Bane, the muscular zealot behind much of the movie’s jumbo-sized mayhem. While some audience members still claim that his voice was indecipherable, this was a much bigger problem a few months ago, when the IMAX-shot aerial prologue was shown attached to select prints of Brad Bird‘s “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.” Now someone has done a compare-and-contrast, while details of a brief deleted scene have also emerged.

Thanks to a Reddit post on the topic, we were pointed towards a brief Dailymotion video where someone has taken (admittedly bootleg and therefore inherently crummy) audio from both the IMAX presentation and the theatrical release, playing them side-by-side. It’s true that the new audio is both louder and clearer, emphasizing the old school James Bond villain tone Hardy was clearly going for, but there’s one huge difference that this cut-up example doesn’t showcase. One of the reasons the original IMAX footage was harder to understand was that there was a kind of wheezy respirator noise that was threaded through the dialogue. It made Bane’s dialogue even creepier and, on a narrative level, helped to explain what exactly his instantly iconic mask actually, you know, did.

While Christopher Nolan initially denied reports that he would be changing Bane’s voice after complaints during the prologue screenings saying it would make sense in context, it’s clear some major ADR and/or channel mixing was done. Something tells us that the original Bane voice vs. new Bane voice will be a debate (enthusiastically) carried on in nerd circles for some time. We love what Hardy was doing with the character/voice and it comes across in both examples, but there is something slightly more menacing and off-putting in the original conception. Still, we understand that Nolan and company would want people to actually understand what the evil genius is up to and we have a hard time imagining longer, talkier scenes, like when Bane addresses the city outside of the Black Gate prison, with the more mangled, crunchier, respirator-interrupted dialogue.

Elsewhere on the world wide web, the Comic Book Movie site has compiled dialogue from the official screenplay book and a screenshot from a making-of feature to give a brief look at a small deleted scene. The scene is a conversation between Morgan Freeman‘s Lucius Fox and Marion Cotillard‘s Miranda Tate about the fate of Wayne Enterprises stock (it comes just before Christian Bale‘s Bruce Wayne shows up in Fox’s office). It’s pretty insubstantial and goes over already-established plot threads about a possible hostile takeover of the company and if there’s one thing the movie didn’t need more of, it’s people in suits talking about stock options. Wisely deleted. And while Nolan has never been big about putting deleted scenes on his DVDs, maybe this will make the home video edition (Blu-ray anyone?)

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i love bane's voice and can honestly listen to it all day long. that being said when i first watch the movie his voice both annoyed and frustraited me. this was due to me being an avid player of the Arkham games and becoming so used to that version of bane. but after taking a break on the games and watching the movie a few more times i have grown to love how he sounds. his voice pricks at the inner ear making it hard to not want to listen to him even if some people dont give his new make over a chance. personally i love it (and i may only be 16 but ive read every batman comic from 1975 to present day and have watched every cartoon and movie interpretations of batman… and i mean EVERY… so my judgement does have some validity to it <3) but that's just how i see it.


Deliciously evil? Only if you like Cheetos! WORST MOVIE VOICE EVER!!!





We have tried to create a Bane voice changer – search for it as BTVC voice changer – and see it's performance in our youtube response videos –


Miranda, daughter of Ra's al Ghul, is the bad guy.

bo camp

one of, if not the worst movie I've ever seen!


i find this video clip – just soooo entertaining! :D


People, keep in mind that any scene filmed with an IMAX camera had to be looped. The original audio was a dub as well. I LOVED Bane's voice and had zero trouble understanding. When I first saw the prologue, there were a couple of lines that I couldn't make out. I didn't mind, but the audio in the finished film is a definite improvement.

Go tigers!

What a film. What a character. What a voice. Initially I thought bane sounded like Sean Connery on steroids, but once I'd adjusted to the uniqueness of the voice I fell in love with it. For me it created a fascinating fear that has left a smile on my face long after watching the film. Congrats on a fantastic choice, representation and voice of a memorable villain. Best voice since Vader and hannibal. "so you've decided to die with your city?"

Ps fuck off haters.


I remember seeing the prologue back in December and only understanding about two things he said the entire time. When I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago it was very noticeable how much they had cleared up his audio since I could understand everything he said in that sequence. I'd say I understood just about everything he said in the movie, with the exception of after he says the line, "I'm Gotham's reckoning" and he blurts something else out that I literally could not decipher if I listened to it 5 more times. It was completely muffled and it lost me but other than that I didn't have a problem understanding him.


Great article. Thank you.

I hope they release the movie on DVD with the original audio. Heck, they can call that version the Directors Cut.


I liked what Tom Hardy did with the voice and I'm really glad they cleared it up compared to the original prologue (I couldn't even hear the last two lines at all). However, the respirator noise does compromise the audience's ability to understand him. It was still difficult to hear in the theater and also unnaturally loud at various points in the film.

Bane is a cool villain but I just wish I could understand 100% of what he says.

The Fire Rises

The old version is hands down better I don't see the problem its perfectly audable and really coldly menacing. Props to Hardy for pulling that off. I would like to see both versions put onto the DVD it would certainly make up for my cinema experience being ruined by the fact that after the first ten minutes i sat through it like a grumpy child that just found out he didn't get the super nintendo that he had asked santa for.
If you agree and want both versions then please join my Facebook group and spread the word. even if you disagree just come and banter.
The fire rises brothers

bob kane

the film was a piece of crap anyways!


Bane's voice was awesome. I had zero problems understanding it. Would people have preferred he sound completely normal?

Great movie. Great performance.


Clearly an improvement – but he still sounds like someone with a head cold talking into a coffee cup.


The rework definitely made his voice clearer but the real issue for most folks is that Hardy's mouth is covered – so his lips can't be read. This makes him tougher to understand right out of the gate – regardless of any audio processing, etc


the problem wasnt the processing on the voice, its the fact americans just dont understand non american english. in the final film banes voice was as clear as a bell to me. if anything it was far too clear really for someone wearing a mask. i understood every word with ease throughout the whole film. but it stood out and sounded artificial, it would of been better slightly muffled with a respirator effect. the only way around it really would be to have had an american voice over artist. unlikely, but i hope they put both versions on the bluray. the overprocessed final version for americans and the original version for everyone else. lol

Ginger in NYC

I saw Dark Knight at Regal Cinemas Battery Park… Non-Imax. I couldn't understand Bane for most of the movie, especially when his timber would change or his voice got deeper. It wasn't until the last half I started to understand him… In the football stadium he was the clearest to me.

The theater I went to had a full polite crowd, so I didn't have to have any other noise to compete with… I know many of you praise how awesome and menacing his voice was, but neither myself nor my friend understood him. So for all the commentary on here of what people think we're the inner workings or secret winks to the audience and f-yous to the studios, the simple truth is a ton of people, even after the redub, had no clue what the heck he was saying.

So to me it wasn't menacing, just mush mouth.

i seriously hope you guys ross douthat

Frankly most of this movie was poorly recorded, not just Bane. I couldn't make out dialogue a lot of the time. Fortunately for me, because Nolan is terrible at dialogue. I doubt any amount of ADR could make Bane's plan make sense.

a disgruntled fan

Drew Is this a joke to you?! Say Spoiler Alert before you ruin potentially the best movie of the last decade. Why you acting liKe someone can't find out where your house is?


Using a 'crummy audio recording' is not a fair comparison. Plus, I heard Bane's voice when it first came out and had no problem then, as I didn't during the film. Have a read at my review of DKR,

What do you think?


I much prefer the originals – one thing the redub does (that you can't really tell from the clip) is it actually sounds more out of place, too clean, and more clearly a re-dub. It doesn't fit his movements as well. I also don't think the redub is nearly as menacing – I love the dark darth vader quality of the original, especially with the tone of the scene. More evil and confident.

I always felt they should have rerecorded a few of the lines later on that he truly does mumble through, but speaking so so clearly and removing all the effects was overkill. Fortunately they didn't do the same with any other scenes.


The best way I can describe his voice is a combination of Merlin and… Gilbert Gottfried.


I love Bane's voice. Loved the original version in the prologue. Loved the redubbed version in the film.

My only issue is the way he says "…with no survivors" in the redub. In the original version he sounds so arrogant and cocky when saying it, whereas he comes across more angry in the redone version.

Apart from that, absolutely amazing voice, amazing performance – and an amazing film.


Saw it in Imax and the booming sound made it difficult to pick out certain words at times. Also, did Bane carry around a mini-surround sound system with him? I've heard of 'throwing your voice'. But, whenever Bane walked in to a scene his voice apparently was mixed high on all tracks of the sound mix. Ridiculous, and distracting.

blue skies

By loud I meant the audio.


I understood him completely both times that I watched the film. The theatre that I went was loud and completely silent.


The biggest secret of the last Batman movie is the real name behind Bane's voice – Jared Harris.


Such a staggering performance. Man, how did he come up with that voice? It's so, utterly bizarre, so unique for a character like this, he sounds like an old, English distinguished gentleman trapped in the body of a supervillain. It completely makes the character and adds a lot of mystery to him.


I prefer the redubbed version, it provokes the same menacing outcome but adds personality to Bane allowing for the audience to fall in love with such a character even if he is evil.

EBo Rises

Actually it sounds the same. If you're going to do a comparison, use the source audio. Comparing two bootleg audios that were recorded differently is pretty dumb.


goddamn, i love Hardy's voice in this :)

ps. the wheezy sound makes it more sinister but also more Vader-like. the clearer theatrical voice makes it sound like it would fit with the animated series.


Listening to these lines again (repeated here twice) just reminds me how bad a film TDKR was. Bane was completely mishandled, from his voice to his backstory to his plan etc. Blech.


Dude should go to jail for recording & redistributing copyrighted studio owned media.

It's the law.


I really don't know what people are on about, not being able to understand Bane. Easily understood to me. It's just something for people with preconceived notions of hating the movie to latch onto to prove the movie was bad.


If you want to hear Bane in 1984 watch “Gremloids” and listen to Lord Buckethead. That is the source.

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