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MSNBC Is Coming To An End

MSNBC Is Coming To An End

That is being called MSNBC that is. Media reports are saying that as soon as possibly next week Microsoft and NBC will announce a deal that there will be a parting of the ways with the network buying back Microsoft’s share of the website.

The plan is for the network to rebrand itself as offically ending Microsoft’s partnership in the venture even though Microsoft’s partnership in the TV side of MSNBC ended in 2005.

What the cable news network will be renamed after the deal goes through has not been announced as yet.

Reportedly the network was getting increasingly frustrated with not having total control of the website, which is quite profitable, and which does original reporting as well as collecting news items MSNBC, Reuters. The NY Times and the Associated Press among other news  sources.

The news network is also anxious to establish its own seperate website exclusively devoted to programs currently on MSNBC and their on-air-personalities.

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Geneva Girl

My heart skipped a beat when I read the headline! I'm watching Rachel Maddow as I type. I would be heartbroken if I couldn't get my news fix every day. I agree that Microsoft needs to go; I know that the hosts all want to pop out their iPads.


I remember when they launched! Microsoft was hot then, Soledad O'Brien had a show on when they started. I think it's a good move by MSNBC, the MS angle went away a while ago

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