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New 60-Second TV Spot For ‘Django Unchained’ Gives Us More Kerry Washington, Sam Jackson

New 60-Second TV Spot For 'Django Unchained' Gives Us More Kerry Washington, Sam Jackson

I didn’t get to watch the BET Awards show last night, but, based on my Twitter feed, the impression I got from many of you who I follow who were watching, was that the film was being solemnly sold as Roots for this generation, during its segment.

If that’s true, OK then BET.

A clip was shown last night, during the BET Awards, or so I hear, but I can’t find it online yet; maybe later. What I did find was this new 1-minute TV promo that gives you a little more Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson

The film won’t be out for another 5 months, so I suspect there’ll be plenty more TV promo spots, clips, featurettes, etc, between now and then.

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Django was what ROOTS wanted/intended to be. Lawd, still not watching this crap.


Laughed my head off when Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx reminded the audience that they starred together in Ray, then waited for applause… *crickets* then reluctant, slow claps from the audience. Yes, Tambay, Jamie Foxx said Django Unchained was what Roots wanted/intended to be… it was hip hop… it was fighting back… it was love… it was romance. Still laughing at the desperation of the marketing for this trash. Think I'll take Ronald's advice and reread 12 Years a Slave, then wait for Steve McQueen's upcoming film version.

Ronald T. Jones

Roots and Django are entertainment. Bottom line, if anyone wants to learn about slavery, go to a library, delve into some John Hope Franklin and other academics who've specialized in that period. Read some first hand accounts by those who experienced the ravages of that institution.

In the meantime, Django looks good. Regardless of whether Foxx is the tip of a white man's spear, from the trailer, he looks like he's kicking some major backside, and doing it for his own benefit. So, I'll sit back, enjoy Django ripping into some slave holders and then crack open a non-fiction text about slavery when I'm the mood for an intellectual infusion.


Actually, Cherish & SHEBABABY are both partly correct. Jamie did say ROOTS was only "part" of the story, but Cherish's head started spinning after drinking to much liquor and standing in the sun during her families weekend family reunion, not because of what Jamie said. And SHEBABABY was spot on, Jamie did promote the movie as a love story, but I don't remember him mumbling something about Kanye, I think he said "Yolanda Adams". Hell, I even yelled at the tv when she was promoting and thanking every damn body except Donald Duck. But back to Django, regardless if it's fact or fiction, or Orange Kool-aid without pulp, Django does appear to be going where the ROOT's negros only thought about. Hell, as Jamie (Django) said, "what is there not to like about whippin', killin' and cussin' out red-neck racist ass white folks." Now if my memory serve me well, ol' Chicken George and the boys were too busy dancing and making merriment, than thinking about killing somebody. Or was that "Roots: The next genration"? So if y'all are going to tell the story, tell it right :-). But I see Samuel Jackson has busted out another Jules Winnfield hairdo. Well, actually, since we're telling the truth up in here, it looks like he asked for a razor cut on top and his mustach, and heavy talcum powder on his sides and eyebrows. Now is it only me, or did anyone else think Samuel's character looked like Richard Pryor's daddy in "Which Way Is Up?". Or maybe, Uncle Remus from Disney's Song Of The South?


Smh at Foxx's errand boy duties, sent with his lantern to sell this flick to the nigras at their fancy event.


"…ROOTS of this generation…" only problem is ROOTS was about Black people. Django Unchained is about a Black man acting as the tip of the white man's spear. There may be some revenge fantasy elements, but the plot is in service to the white protagonist's needs. I predict you won't see the magical sadism in the revenge scenes like we saw in Tarantino's Inglorius Basterds remake. Although you will most likely recoil from the violence against Black people perpetrated in the film. At best the Django character is a capable sidekick with a well-developed backstory. That doesn't make this a movie about Black folks. I haven't' seen the film, but I know one of the messages white people will take away from this is "Those Blacks aren't so bad, after all. It's a shame what they had to go through. We shouldn't hate them so much." I wouldn't be surprised if the movie ends with white woman either getting pregnant or giving birth.

I was there when ROOTS came out. After ROOTS, white people were shook. In those days, Black people were allowed to have opinions about more than sports or music, and we didn't have to make a cultural/emotional space for white folks to interface with us. So that Black guy who worked at your manufacturing plant, you knew he had seen ROOTS and you knew it meant something to him personally and politically. But most importantly, if you were a white person, you knew it wasn't his burden to make you feel good about yourself.


Yeah I love Jamie Foxx but blacks need to understand that anytime those calling themselves something they're not to hide the fact they monopolized and benefited from slavery, yet claim to have been burnt and not the ones pouring the gas, and throwing logs on the fire, you will have a film that absolves THEM. Not tells OUR story.


Jamie Foxx actually said, "ROOTS only told part of the story…" then went on about how DJANGO is a love story, shows Black people fighting back (which he is suggesting was missing from ROOTS) and how this is the ROOTS of this generation, which is when my head started spinning. Wow. OK.


Still scratching my head at Jamie Foxx trying to advertise this movie at the awards show last night as a love story. Then he started mumbling something about Kanye and Jay-Z being "Django." Then he started talking about it being Roots for this generation…sigh.


Sam Jackson in gray hair!
*pisses pants*
Fck the controversy, Im sold

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