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New In (NYC) Theaters Today: 1-Week Run Of 35mm ‘Battle Of Algiers’ Print At Film Forum

New In (NYC) Theaters Today: 1-Week Run Of 35mm 'Battle Of Algiers' Print At Film Forum

We’ve said much about this film already, so I’ll save the lengthy intro. Just know that you should see it, if you live in NYC, and have the time and money to do so. 

It’s a rare treat to get the opportunity to see Gillo Pontecorvo’s masterpiece work, so take advantage. You have 1 week – until next week Thursday to do so. 

I’ve actually never seen it on the big screen, so you can guarantee that I will see it, likely sometime this weekend.

The screening is in celebration of Algeria’s 50th year of independence from French rule, after a successful 8-year rebellion against the French – a period that’s realistically and rivetingly documented in The Battle Of Algiers.

For the rest of you not in NYC, as previously noted, you can pick up the Criterion Blu-ray release, which finally made it to retailers last August.

Trailer below:

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The first time I saw Battle of Algiers I was in an evening class (than ran late into the evening) for which I was sometimes I can remember nodding off once or twice but this was NOT one of those times. I was enthralled every moment of the film, so much so when I had the chance to see it again I didn't hesitate. It is truly a masterpiece on film and as I understood most (if not all) of the cast were non professionals.


Clearly, one of the greatest films ever made.


I'm always amazed at that photo above. It's looks like a ballet and a fight. It graceful and caustic. It's full of movement. I love that photo.

Richard Vialet

This movie is really something to behold! One of my favorites! I second the notion that if you haven't seen it, then do yourself a favor and go. And on a print no less!

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