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New Looks At Robert Redford & Susan Sarandon In ‘The Company You Keep,’ And Ben Affleck & Bryan Cranston In ‘Argo’

New Looks At Robert Redford & Susan Sarandon In 'The Company You Keep,' And Ben Affleck & Bryan Cranston In 'Argo'

Images from that big Toronto announcement this morning keep coming, and two adult-minded thrillers from stars-turned-directors are next up. We had the first look at Robert Redford‘s “The Company You Keep yesterday, with images of Redford (who plays the lead role, a ’60s radical on the run), Shia LaBeouf (the journalist pursuing him) and Brit Marling (Redford’s daughter). Now a new picture of Redford, this time being pursued at night, has arrived on the TIFF website along with the first look of Susan Sarandon in the film. The film is getting a gala premiere but not a world premiere, suggesting heavily that it’s likely to be bowing at Venice, as rumored, a week or two beforehand — that news should be confirmed on Thursday.

The TIFF logline for the film (written by “The Limey” writer Lem Dobbs) reads “Robert Redford directs and stars in this gripping political thriller about a young journalist (Shia LaBeouf) who stumbles upon the story of his career when he uncovers the identity of a wanted ex-radical activist (Redford) who has been underground for five decades.” The impressive cast also includes Terrence Howard, Julie Christie, Sam Elliott, Brendan Gleeson, Richard Jenkins, Anna Kendrick, Stanley Tucci, Chris Cooper and Nick Nolte.

Meanwhile, one film having its world premiere at TIFF is Ben Affleck‘s “Argo,” and a new image of the actor-director in the film, as well as “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston, has been unveiled too. The cast for the terrific-looking, based-in-fact drama also includes John Goodman, Kyle Chandler, Barry Livingston, Tate Donovan, Alan Arkin, Victor Garber, Scoot McNairy, Rory Cochrane, Christopher Denham, Kerry Bishe, Chris Messina and Clea DuVall, and the synopsis involves “a CIA ‘exfiltration’ expert who concocts an outlandish plan to get six stranded Americans out of Tehran after the 1979 invasion of the American embassy — by having them masquerade as a Hollywood film crew.

“Argo” hits theaters a month or so after TIFF, on October 10th, while “The Company You Keep” doesn’t yet have a distributor.

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mr redford took away the rights of Che's nurse allowing her and her daughter to face off with the hit squads who killed her. So where is your leverage of authority here in speaking about the right or wrong of protecting water? The nurse was poisoned upon the release of your film. A woman who helped set up Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring for murder stole all of the che work she could and poisoned the nurse and the daughter, and they squared off with death while you collected money on Che. This world war II nurse was made to get new heart valves because of the poison but the killers who hated your release of the film wouldn't let her live. Redford collected money on Che film while her pipes were poisoned again and again, and she was suffocated ultimately by the killers you left her vulnerable to, while you bought and sold "story". The daughter is handicapped, Mr. Redford. So, you, Big Redford, are like "big oil" to the victims of the killers while you collect money on work of Che that was not yours. You have had friends around you asked to speak to you about this for over a year and you make no move to be a redeemer. This situation has made you look like one of the extras on the Dallas murder of JFK, Mr. Redford. Leaving the witness vulnerable to the killers, just sitting back and doing nothing to make up for damages. How much would be made if you were sued for the life of an American World War II army surgical nurse, Mr. Redford? What are you doing, commenting on oil? A standard oil hitman met me this year, what is going on? Are you even awake on your feet? The Standard Oil team kept you alive long enough to be strong and you let her die. The daughter fought and fought and had to pull a fake gun on a skin head and you ask us to "listen very carefully". How much is a witness on intel worth? and why this set-up to kill witnesses coming from you?


What a wonderful movie "The Company you keep" could be, so excellent, as we haven’t had in years! And, I am glad it will open at the Venice Film Festival, as I have heard yesterday, when that prestigious Festival announced its line up and then in Toronto: this is just a phenomenal launch! Well, i am really hoping it is great! Everything feels it could be so right on, and, i loved the formidable, thrilling, yet insightful book,too, while I think Lem Dobbs has been such an awesome choice to pen this! Well.. i hope “The Company you Keep” will be shown before the end of the Year, for Academy Awards qualification!
Was hoping also on a picture of Julie Christie, beside being the Icon she is, and always has been, i normally find her a bit ‘overlooked’ by all press: by the way, here, she is the female lead! She’s got 3rd billing after Redford and Shia, and plays Mimi Lurie, the real key character of the story!!!


Don;t like Shia but am looking forward to both of these films especially "Argo"

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