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New ‘The Bourne Legacy’ Featurette Explains The Film’s Ties To The Jason Bourne Saga

New 'The Bourne Legacy' Featurette Explains The Film's Ties To The Jason Bourne Saga

Is your dad still like, “Wait, Jason Bourne isn’t dead?” And, “Hold on, someone else is playing Matt Damon?” Or, “Honey, can you turn that down? I’m watching the trailer for this ‘Bourne’ prequel and I’m trying to figure where Ben Affleck fits into all this.” And are you, meanwhile, are just shaking your head in disdain?

If you’re confused, and you really shouldn’t be at this point, but if you are, Universal may have a solution for you. The studio has released a rather infomative, Look Inside” featurette that explains how “The Bourne Legacy” works within the universe of the original ‘Bourne’ trilogy. Yes, Matt Damon’s not in it. Jeremy Renner is the new star in the form of another agent in an organization similar to the CIA black-ops program Treadstone, but different. And as Rachel Weisz, who plays Dr. Marta  Shearling in the picture says, “It’s a complete offshoot from the trilogy that came before.” And it actually takes place at the same time as “The Bourne Ultimatum,” at least at first.

“We wanted to create a larger conspiracy,” director Tony Gilroy said, the man that wrote the first three films and now is helming the ship. “The Treadstone program you saw [in the original films], was only one program… there’s a ripple effect.”

As it turns out, there’s more than one agent out there (then again, the first three ‘Bourne’ films also had tons of other agents, many of whom Jason Bourne tangled with including Karl Urban, Edgar Ramirez and Clive Owen). Consider this your orientation day, by now you should have figured it out. Also starring Edward Norton, Oscar Isaac, Stacy Keach, and more, “The Bourne Legacy” hits theaters on August 10. For some teaser thoughts about the film, which we described as “high-speed chess,” read our lengthy chat with Tony Gilroy that was published late last week. Below are two interviews with Renner and Norton, but beware, spoilers may abound so proceed with caution.

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Richard Collins

I wasn't really that interested in it, I thought the story wrapped up nicely in Ulitmatum, But then I saw the trailer for this…. Totally logical Sequel/Spin-Off, Bourne's finished, so now we see his Legacy. That was obviously the basic premise and they went from there.

I think it should be a one off, and the fifth film should finish the series… Perhaps Renner turns bad somehow(perhaps he's being mind controlled like in the original Manchurian Candidate, seems to me like they will suggest that in this new film) and drags Bourne back in for one last mission when he jepodises his new cover. Bourne would die at the end of it(Norton would kill him, but Renner would finish Norton), and his body be thrown into the ocean(in a way ending the series where it began).


Meh. I' been waiting 5 years to see Jason Bourne back in action. Kind of devastating as a fan that didn't happen. *sigh* I guess I'll always have the trilogy.


This movie feels so cynical it's like Treadstone is making their version. I thought Renner was good in hurt locker but I can't have much respect for a guy who always has his hand out and doesn't create his own career.


i think this looks good , i'll be there august 10th


Every interview about this project just feels like they're all less publicizing it then making excuses for it. They all know it's a thin, contrived premise, and a blatant cash grab. We do too, so stop telling us why it's alright that this movie exists and just get on with it. It'll bomb anyway.


Is it really suprising that people would be upset about a beloved movie character being replaced by a third string avenger?


it looks like jeremy and rachel have good chemistry, this should be pretty good


i was never really a fan of the previous films, but i'll see this for renner and norton


love jeremy renner can't wait to see him in this

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