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President Obama’s Half Brother To Appear In Anti-Obama Doc

President Obama's Half Brother To Appear In Anti-Obama Doc

Talk about a cheap shot!

President Obama’s Kenyan half-brother, George Obama, makes an appearance in the new anti-Obama documentary, 2016: Obama’s America.

The film, produced by Gerald Molen who co-produced Steven Spielberg’s Schilnder’s List, Jurrassic Park and Minority Report, is based on the foaming-at-the-mouth anti-Obama screed by right wing hack (and fraud, who’s been exposed in several articles to date), Dinesh D’Souza, called The Roots of Obama’s Rage.

This was the book that claimed the president was filled with “anti-colonialist” rage and hatred of whites, tauight to him by his Kenyan father; you know, the one who President Obama met just once in his life.

In the clip from the film below, D’Soza is clearly trying to bait George Obama into criticizing his half-brother, although he’s not going for it.

And when that doesn’t work, D’Souza changes the subject to show good Africans had it when they were colonized by Europeans.

Talk about desperation…

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quite inaccurate to call this an "anti Obama Doc" (clearly shows your bias, not attractive in a journalist BTW). Everyone should see this, its not "anti", Mr D souza accurately explains how Obamas upbringing with Marxists (Frank Marshall Davis avowed Communist was a mentor for young Barack sought out by his own grandfather) & anti colonialists in his fathers native Kenya
shaped Obama's world view. He hates the UK which is why the bust of churchill was banned from Obamas white house. Mr D Souza reads from Baracks very own biography using BO very own words so it is impossible to refute what D Souza says. Thank you Mr Sullivan & Mr D souza for telling us what the leftist USA media refused to delve in to.


Actually, George said a lot that showed to me why Obama has not 'taken care of him' the way most people think he should. After all, George was living in that shack on $12 a year, and Obama said 'we are our brother's keeper,' right? George revealed he is not an anti-colonialist like Obama is, and believes the British should have stayed and developed Kenya, and that Kenya would have been better off if they'd stayed! George was kinder to his brother than his brother has been to him, that's for sure.

Where is your talking about George's book Homeland: An Extraordinary Story of Hope and Survival (New York: Simon and Schuster, 2010).? That is what Dinesh was quoting from and asking about. Did you really see the movie, or are you just here to trash it? Don't you want people to know that George wrote a book at all? Or is it that George's politics aren't his brothers or yours, so you don't want anyone to know about it?

Rebecca Gomez

I saw the interview and D'Zouza was asking questions…and brother O told him that capitalism was a more acceptable form of government because it gave people incentive to work harder. The poor man lives in a hut and gets zilch from millionaire brother. So much for share the wealth and your fair share……..

Miles Ellison

Isn't the very reason that America exists due to anti-colonialism? Being against colonialism became a bad thing when America elected Obama. I wonder how it's possible to be so completely and utterly clueless.


You didn't even see the film yet. You blasted something based on your soiled assumption.


This is yet another prime example, how the ultra right, try to cram these compadore-granola-bar intellectuals down the throats of the unsuspecting masses with their xenophobic high wire act.


Zionists aren't going to stop. Can they ALL….please go to the "holy land" sick of this crap.


I am not even going to look at the clip because I can remember hearing Dinesh D'Souza '…spitting his cud' as far back as Tony Brown's Journal (whatever happened to him??) on PBS and even though I was young, I wasn't buying him then and I'm certainly not buying him now. And I did unfortunately, read that diatribe about how supposedly the President modeled his thinking on his father's alleged hatred of colonial power and how supposedly the President was trying to bring down the U.S. to the level of a 'Third World' country. Just Ugh! Utter tripe. I'm glad George Obama exercised good judgement and didn't fall for the bait, another one of D'Souza's bogus theories shot straight to hell (like when he defended the Bell Curve book). Why doesn't he go defend the caste system in India? Why does he feel so inclined to write exclusively on the 'flaws' of Blacks? I'm just going to stop right here lest some evil thought or word slips out.


Everytime these clowns try to dig up some dirt about Pres. Obama, they come up with sqat! Brother George didn't fall for it. Good for him. I'm not feeling his opinion on colonialism though.


I'm surprised at Gerald Molen. So sad. And I respect George Obama. He surely wasn't going for it. I applaud him.


Obama must be so proud. His hater pool is expansive. Let 'em hate while we VOTE.


This souza clown received his honorary caucasian card years ago; I don't know why he's still obsessed with Black people. He and Allen West should go on a lawn jockey tour.


Who is this clown interviewing him? Another clown trying to come up off of the President's ball sack. Everybody wants a piece, some things never change. And old george sounds like a complete idiot.


I smell desperation.

James Evans from the Cabrini-Green

This will have devastingly successful political implications, since every red meat conservative knows the first source of truth for all right wing American republicans is Kenya.


Crabs in a barrel, smh


This is some bull…………………….

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