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Preview Brooding, Atmospheric Short Film ‘The Bluest Note’ (Teaser Trailer, Poster)

Preview Brooding, Atmospheric Short Film 'The Bluest Note' (Teaser Trailer, Poster)

Teaser for what I thought was a well-made, engaging, melancholic 15-minute short film I had the opportunity to watch over the weekend, titled The Bluest Note, directed by Marques Green, from a script penned by Oliver Webb.

The brooding, atmospheric short film stars Len Xiang, Stacey Lewis, Jaynelle Clarke, and Rob Morgan, and its synopsis reads:

Before losing his singing voice, Tony Mann was a well-respected musical artist whose raison d’etre was his music. After spending months undergoing an extensive battery of medical tests and appointments, he doesn’t have a probable diagnosis. Tony is hopeful for a change in his condition, but silently he is slipping into a state of depression. His dutiful wife is concerned yet feels unable to reach him during this difficult time. Tony wants to return to the spotlight, but his yearlong absence has defiantly diminished his prospects. When his manager sidesteps him for a fresh-face newcomer, Tony becomes convinced of his, now, has-been status. Finding solace at a local nightclub, he drinks himself into an alcohol-fueled fantasy. There, he envisions a beautiful apparition, a mythical Siren named Niva. Through the night she offers him a chance to sing again if he will spend the night with her. Now Tony must decide at what cost will he pursue her.

The film will make its debut on the film festival circuit this summer (the festival it’ll debut in will be revealed when the festival formerly announces its lineup), so many of you will get to see it in full eventually.

The mournful tale it tells is supported by strong acting from its cast, and high production values, including some lovely, evocative cinematography, and it places both filmmaker and writer squarely in our sights as talents to watch for.

Check out the teaser below (emphasis on “teaser”) and the full poster underneath:

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This seems to be an interesting twist on 'sell your soul to the devil' legends.


Complete and total package: talent, aesthetic, presentation, authenticity, soul….and more. This filmmaker is a force to come!

Pete Chatmon

Great work, Marques!

Adam Scott Thompson

Kudos on the poster AND the trailer. THAT'S how you do it.


Hum..?.. this reminds me of a cinematic mash-up of neo-noirish movies like_ Dark City_Mo`Better Blues and Venus in Furs… great narrative and great look!!;-)


Everything about this looks good!

the black police

I think the poster looks superb!

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