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Producers Of ‘Soul Food,’ ‘Barber Shop’ Acquire Film Rights To ‘How-To’ Guide On Dating Across Race And Creed

Producers Of 'Soul Food,' 'Barber Shop' Acquire Film Rights To ‘How-To’ Guide On Dating Across Race And Creed

Surely to stir up lots of conversation before a single frame is even shot… George Tillman Jr’s State Street Pictures has picked up feature film rights to a book titled Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate, Mixing Race, Culture and Creed, co-authored by pop culture blogger Christelyn D. Karazin and journalist Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn (both of them above, center).

Tillman will direct the feature film adaptation himself, which will be exec produced by Tillman, as well as both Karazin and Littlejohn, along with State Street Pictures co-chief Robert Teitel.

State Street Pictures creative executive Stacy Glassgold will oversee the development of the film, based on the book which was, as the press release states:

Written as a dating wake-up call for African American women [that] quickly attracted general audience readers both male and female. It is the first handbook on navigating the exciting, tricky, and potentially disastrous terrain of interracial, intercultural and interfaith relationships, with testimonials and expert tips on how to make the bumpy ride a bit smoother.

“Swirling” debunks social, cultural and sexual myths on “dating out” and serves as a practical guide for coping with disapproving friends and family, and offers advice from mixed couples who are happily “swirling.”

The book was released just a couple of months ago – May 15, 2012 – by Atria Paperback (Simon & Schuster), and has been met with both critical and reader approval.

You can pick up a copy at your local bookseller, online or in the real world.

This follows the success of the adaptation of Steve Harvey’s best-seller on dating/relationship advice for women – Think Like A Man – which has grossed over $90 million to date.

But maybe a closer sibling to this new project would be the 2006 rom-com that starred Sanaa Lathan, called Something New, which also tackled interracial relationships from the black woman’s POV. It’s a film that didn’t do gangbusters at the box office, grossing just over $11 million (about $12.5 million adjusted for inflation), despite what were mostly positive reviews from both critics and audiences. So it’ll interesting to watch this and see how well it’s received  whenever it’s eventually made and released.

One thing it has going for it is the fact that it’ll be based on a book that’s apparently growing in awareness and popularity, which should be a plus.

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Posted on Kola Boof ‘s page by a black woman, if a black man said the same they would be hell to pay.

JaeJae UppityN'HiFalutin Turner

I know I will be making biracial babies and I know I will not be reproducing blackness. We can not under any circumstances pretend that this is NOT what we are doing. However, I have no tribe and no male collective that is loyal to me therefore, I will breed out and sleep well. I adore all babies and black ones are my favs, but I'll damned if I birth them into dysfunction. They don't deserve. It

16 October at 05:07
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Janice LittleJohn and Christelyn Karazin better pay Evia royalties for this movie, since they done stole her ideas.


Dont Do it!! To many women already do this in my community. This would be nothing more but ammunition for white america to attack the blaxk community.


Im a single black male with no kids and in nucluer contruction. I must say that in light of all we have over come I never would 've thought the of our race would happen in America until as of lately trends being promoted like this. I for one am not racist but, I'm a proud black man.I love my people and my race but we are becoming weaker by the day because of this and I'm honestly scared. There are so few of us now due to a series of problems in our culture that we haven't fully embrased and cannot be fixed until we do but this is out right destruction. Its really simple math. Black women stop having black babies….no more African Americans! We become lost like and extinct like the native Americans that once inhabit this land.


I agree with everything you said about white men in Kenya.I am an African and i thank God for our African women. African American women are incredibly pathetic and disgusting. I have never seen women who would go to such extraordinary lengths to humiliate and belittle their own men using extremely laughable excuse of expanding your options as though dating white men is anew phenomenon to them. In my personal opinion ''SWIRLING'' has revealed the truth about African American women . No i am not against interracial relationships.

Feminine Coffee

I work in an youth centre in Kenya. I am originally from Houston. This swirling is nothing new. Every year we get about 300,000 white male visitors who come here to have sex with girls as young as 8. This is real. And I would bet most of these men are married. Marriage statistics mean nothing and does not say anything about a persons or group's character. Even during slavery all the men who were sleeping with black slaves were married. I am ashamed as a black woman to read these idiotic and stupid comments by my "sistren" who make us look stupid in the world. Yes if I was white, I would be laughing at how stupid the black race is. Thank you.


I don't have a problem with Black Women dating outside of their race. I am glad that they are starting to realize that Black Women need to start expanding their horizons. I definitely want to see the movie.


I think its way overdue for the black woman to date outside her race…broaden your scope, or be alone….carry on.


@Rose Red: Why resort to being a nigga?

Rose Red

That's what's missing from all the hypocrites on this thread who aren't marrying Black women or are forever single Black women or never married or jailbird broke bum Black men.
You losers don't want BW to get love.
Yall so jealous of some BW doing better than you.
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian LOL are normal to kneegrows.

Oh, back to love.
Yall bishes don't have a scrap of love for THE BLACK WOMAN.
Sorry jealous simps WM too busy to be blogging for no money like you and trust they DO make a better partner for BW and you all know it.

Settle down, there are enough white, latino, and asian men for all of you to have one, too. And like Evia says ALL YOU NEED IS ONE GOOD MAN.


Barb. E

Looking forward to the movie. I enjoyed Soul Food and Barbershop. I like how they take actors out of their normal roles and introducing new talent at the same time. Can't wait to see who they cast for this one. Hopefully Channing Tatum'll be in it. He is so hot!


What’s Wrong With Black Women?

Even a casual observer who sees commercials, looks at billboards, magazines, online advertisements or watches any mainstream entertainment must notice that the writers and advertisers responsible for all those things as a rule don’t consider black women to be desirable to black men. Black women will consistently be shown as medical doctors, brilliant scientists, judges and holders of high military or political office, but they will almost never be shown as a starlet that is the object of desire by a black male. They will occasionally be shown briefly as the noble wife of some sorry white detective, or indirectly inferred by a mixed breed child of some single white dad. These last examples of women will usually be mulatto or quadroon with European features. It is very easy to find TV shows, movies and advertisements of every sort imaginable where a black man and a white woman are paired together romantically, as partners or as “good friends” with lots of friendly hugs and kisses. If a black man is ever shown with a black woman (e.g. commercials directed at elderly couples or insurance buyers, etc.) the wife will invariably be much lighter skinned than the man. For those reconstructed folks who want to instinctively jump through the roof in righteous indignation: obviously, there are honorable black men who can see through and reject this ploy and who desire to bring up families of their own kind and preserve their own culture. But I’m afraid there’s a very large percentage of the younger generation who are not honorable, and they are being encouraged every day to follow their lusts, reject their own and pursue white women. They are given the bulletproof defense of violent accusations “racism” or “hate” if anybody doesn’t like it. Ask any of your bar-hopping acquaintances how often they see black men in public houses pursuing black women, then ask them about how many they’ve witnessed hitting on white women. I’ve heard that young black men call their mulatto bastard children “trophies.” You figure that out. If any advertiser wants to present a glowing example of any product, school or whatever, they will usually display a mixed breed child or young person as the perfect picture – the new ideal race.
Now, pondering why this scenario is so consistently the case I had to wonder what folks are taught in advertising and entertainment writing schools since they seem to turn out tin soldiers. They would all reject the idea of depicting a black man as a criminal, or a white man as a respectable manager. All of us senior folks remember what was once commonly considered an old truism: that a black man’s greatest ambition in life was to have a white woman. This is no longer said out loud in fear that the PC cops will arrest them and haul them off to a concentration camp or worse (in this land of the free). However, the entertainment and advertising media must know it as a fact since their actions speak louder than the words that now can’t be spoken. They know what sells. They don’t waste their time trying to advertise the opposite scenario because they know it won’t sell. This same old “greatest ambition” still exists and white women are apparently gullible. The radical social engineers know this fact as well and see that it is the best method of amalgamating the races into a single mongrel race that has no culture other than what is handed to them by their masters. These social engineers are also spending a lot of time and money promoting abortion among black women because they know that they are not likely to be having mixed breed children – the new ideal race of the empire.
It is amazing to see something that is as plain as the nose on your face but never appears to be noticed in the public eye. Do you know of anyone who admits it or raises it as a matter of discussion other than in a blog? I do: black women. They see it every day and are furious. The few whose opinions I’ve been exposed to believe it is ruining their men, robbing them of husbands and destroying their families, churches and culture.

Ms. J

I want to know how black women dating interracially is going to solve many of the problems within the African American community, many of which were started as a result of living in a white supremacist society.
Until we solve the race problem first, dating white men will always and forever be a problem. Sorry…


This is truly sad, this book has just came out now already were making a movie for it? Im not against Interracial dating at all mind you! but it is how black women are approaching interracial dating! they act as if marrying another culture is putting shame to the black man! like were no longer needed anymore! every race has it's own set of problems! and it doesn't matter because most black women who marry white men could be sleeping with a serial killer or a serial rapist! you never know! so I don't know why black women are having a white boy phenomenom like their the greatest thing on earth! Humans are Humans plain and simple. to write a book for dating outside your race is plain stupid and ignorant! and black women will soon realize white men are no different than black men because they rape, molest and abuse their own women too! and many of them are drug addicts, and killers hiding in plain sight! so go ahead and marry ya white man if that makes you feel better!

Black People

Let's go black people! Let's show white people how important they are to blacks, by making sure this thread reaches 100 comments. Question for black women. If white males marry white women at a 95%, followed by asian women, then by latina women, where are all the white male blogs, books, and movies worshipping black women? Do white males have an obligation to save black women from their blackness that envelops their lives? Are white males not allowed to marry white women, their own race? How come asian women and latina women, have no blogs, books, or movies, and it's as easy as pie to marry a white male, yet for black women it's so hard? Surely white males marrying their own race followed by asian and latina women, can't be the fault of black men? Can it?


Have you read her blog? Can you say "issues"?


Well, the movie would have a catchy title — Swirling.


Where are all of the white male bloggers celebrating the greatness of black women? There are quite a few black women bloggers who focus entirely on white men. That is what is so embarrassing. These women have no idea how pathetic they look. 99% ofwhite men would never consider marrying a black woman. But 99% of white men would have no problem having sex with a black woman. This is the unpleasant reality many black woman refuse to accept. So instead they demonize black men.


How embarassing. You don't need a how-to guide to date interracially. God these conversations have to end- they are only embarassing black women and men. Do white people make these type of movies or books?? Of course not.

Real Talk McGee

Nothing wrong with interracial relationships for anyone, only something wrong with placing one group on a pedestal, which is not what people who SUCCESSFULLY date/marry across ethnicities do. You're not dating the whole race; you're dating a single individual with their own personal flaws and attributes. The book and movement sound dumb (hi, Steve Harvey), but guess we'll see how the movie turns out (hi again, Steve Harvey). If you have a problem with interracial relationships or can't talk about them without whining like a bitch and ascribing some stereotypical mindset to its participants, then you're an insecure loser who needs to focus on your own shitty life.


How can you be sure to receive thesis outline length comments about Black women from Black men? Post an article about any project that advocates BW/WW relationships.


I AGREE with Miles Ellison, July 22, 2012 10:43 PM reply: "Accidental Visitor has it exactly right!" . I mean, there's no doubt AV has extensively covered every aspect of this debate/issue. In doing so, he has submitted various forms of data (i.e. statistics, analogies, historical facts, book references, etc) to support his claims/opinions, much more than anyone else in this debate. Having said that, the biggest problem I see occurring — in this debate — over and over again is that many/some of the women visitors are "cherry picking" AV's comments. I am suggesting that the women is question are finding fault with an obscure and/or small detail of his many "renderings", instead of championing/accepting/agreeing with/pointing out the assemble of FACTS he has brought to this table. Now I could be wrong (don't think so) but I believe they've preferred that route (of least resistance) b/c there seems to be an invisible "Scratch Line" with Accidental Visitor (a black man) on one side and black women on the other. So as debates of this nature go, some women might be accused of, or fear, "Guilt by Association". Consequently, they stay mum when they know AV has made an excellent point, but jump to their feet when they find reason to say something ambiguous like "Accidental Visitor you're wrong about that"… "now you have officially gone off the deep end. Get help." I know y'all, I know, all black women didn't say that and they're not a monolithic block, I get that. However, from what I've read — throughout this WHOLE thread — Accidental Visitor has simply been saying/suggesting/pointing out the fact that the Black Female has to accept their — OWN — culpability (whatever they/that may be) PERIOD! And it seems as if many are having a hard time doing just that. Instead, some ease their pain and frustration by blaming and pointing fingers at "A.V." and any ol' evil black men, for their (black women's) predicaments and errors of their ways.

OG Bobby Johnson

After Notorious and Faster, State Street is desperate to get back into the market of black woman. But another relationship movie….I'm rom-com'ed out.
"Something New" told you all you needed to know about this. GTFOU Here!


LMBAO at these comments! In one corner we have the "Curious White Boy When am I Gonna Meet Your Mama? Met your Daddy already" (Cree Summer, "Curious White Boy") camp . In the other corner we have the "White Boys Are So Pretty" (Nell Carter, "Hair") camp. At ease, folks. Youtube the songs. Have a listen. (Watch the Hair video. They just don't make talent like Nell Carter anymore. And Cree Summer, (the lovely product of a curious white boy and a black woman) was a bad-ass (still is!) rocking out in the late 90's Check out her other music, too. She's got some nice videos. Smile. Laugh. It's not that serious.

Andrew Brown

Let me continue on, I will keep it brief.

Why do black women need a book to know how to date inter racially?

This is what I do not understand. White men should pursue black women, not the other way around. It just makes black women look desperate when they do these blogs and books.

The Author Christelyn Karazin did No Wedding No Womb, saying that out of wedlock children is a problem in the black community. Originally that is what she pushed before this so called Swirl scam book.

Apparently, she left out a couple of things. Where are the black women with kids by "black men" that are single going to fit into "interracial dating"?

It almost seems like her agenda is to say "well white guys will take care of you, pay all you're bills and take care of you're child or children by a black man".

Mrs Karazin is a hypocrite herself, she lectures black women about being with white men. Yet had a child out of wedlock herself.

How can you lecture black women on dating and you failed yourself in that department?

To add icing to the cake, you do a Swirl Book and sign to a black man George Tillman (Top Black Producer in Hollywood). The same black men you "say are the problem" for black women that 'want to date out". The same black men you accuse of being "misogynistic" and all kind of negative things. I saw Notorious, god bless George Tillman, I ain't seen nothing uplifting for black women in that movie AT ALL.

How do you sell out you're own "movement"??????? Can that be done?

Lastly, these BDWE Black women have been ducking me for a long time. I have been writing about this so called "movement" for a long time.

You stole from Evia, who really sparked this whole " I need me a white guy to pay for everything for me". You never gave her any credit.

God bless Christelyn Karazin, she stepped on ALOT of black women to get to the top.

Y'all got pimped over there on NW NW when she signed to George Tillman.

Nothing against George Tillman, but that is like Drake signing to Deathrow records and becoming a gangsta rapper.

What happened to Black women empowerment and standing up for something.

They straight went out like strippers on the pole.

I was disappointed in Mrs Karazin. I really was, I thought she had integrity.

Mr Laurelton Queens

I am out man.

Andrew Brown

Basically this is another failed attempt at the movie "Something New".

When will these women get off the bash black men bandwagon already. Tyler Perry has done well off of it.

I guess you got middle aged bitter older black women trying to pass off an inaccurate book. It makes them feel better.

The real issue is "rainbeaus" as Mrs Karazin likes to call them. They should be interested in black women and do books and movies about them.

Instead it seems to be these black women worshiping them. Where are all the books and movies that show the burning desire from white men towards black women?

I haven't seen any of them. Perhaps, I am missing something here.

You can count on a couple things for the Swirl movie to be.

It will have black folks as the villain (Black man of course).

It will never show the white guy in a negative light, such as having reservations about dating black women (which is the reality).

It is a pathetic attempt to profit off the misery of black women.

I think their hidden anger towards black men are pathetic and evil. You don't care about black women as a whole. You're whole blog is centered about white men saving black women.

Mr Laurelton Queens


Miles Ellison

Accidental Visitor has it exactly right.

kid chaos

Accidental visitor maybe you should write for this site.



Next these types of books go out of their way to portray white men as white knights who can whisk downtrodden black women away from all of their troubles. I suppose that's all part of that whole "the grass is greener on the other side" way of thinking that all people fall trap to. And in plenty of cases I don't doubt a black woman's life could be made better if she finds a white mate. But not because he is white, but because of his character, if he is a good man. Being white doesn't automatically make one good any more than being black makes one bad. You would think black people of all people would realize that. However I guess some would like to ignore that because it goes against their line of thinking. Point is that white men can come with their issues just like any other men. They have their problems too. They cheat and they lie like anyone else. They beat their spouses like anyone else. They have relationship problems and get divorced like everyone else. Compared to black men there are a few things statistically that make them more attractive as potential mates, but that can be said about all white people in general compared to black people. How much of that is a residue of generations of racism? Does it matter? Regardless a slew of black women are going to come to a shocking realization that crossing the color line isn't necessarily going to solve their problems. If you are naturally attracted to people of other races then that is fine and good. But to seek another mate of a race because you think men of your own race are the blame for all that is wrong is simply absurd. Besides it isn't fair to white or other non-black men who may have to live up to expectations of being perfect counterpoints to all the previous men in a black woman's life. Another problem I have with the alleged contents of the book in question is that it seems to reinforce this line of thinking that black women are never at fault at anything other than picking the wrong man. Got a bad job, got bad health, got bad self-esteem, got money trouble? Blame someone else. And we know who that someone else is. In a bad relationship? That no-good, ungrateful black man is the problem. Where is the accountability that black women are just as capable of being bad mates, bad parents, bad people? Where is the needed look in the mirror in which one confronts that he/she has been the navigators of most of the bad paths he/she has taken? Last of all the book seems to support an ignorant belief by black people (in the case of this book–black women) that there are all these suitors of other races just waiting for them. I come across this junk all the time. Black guys claiming they are through with black women; black women who state they are through with black men. That is followed up by proclamations that they will start dating whites, Asians, Latinos, Eskimos. No blacks allowed though! Now that may work out for many, at least for awhile. But many others will come to the painful conclusion that all these other groups aren't all holding their breaths waiting for potential black mates to start flooding the dating market. As I wrote earlier black people as a group date/marry outside their race less than any other group in America. Much of that is due to the choices of black people. However much of it is also due to the choices of OTHER people. Even in a more enlightened and multicultural society black people are far down the list as suitable, ideal mates. Yes, a lot of this is the result of long standing prejudices towards black people. Not to mention black people may still be the most segregated group in the USA thus non-black folks interaction with them are limited to the workforce or in the line at McDonald's. Here's a question: why would all the non-black people be so interested in hooking up with black folks considering our own houses are still not in order and that the men and women in the black community are PUBLICLY at each other's throats wherever you turn? Hell, we make it personal and then hang our dirty laundry out there for all the world to observe. There has been an industry made out of black people griping about members of the opposite sex of their own race, and to be frank black women have led that charge. Why would other groups find that attractive, why would they want to take up people with such baggage, at least why would they in large numbers? No other group, despite their problems, resort to such nonsense when it comes to crossing the color line. They just do it. They don't need to resort to how-to-books which manages to throw half their race under a bus. Most sad of all there are so many great books by black people that deserve to get attention from people like George Tillman. Books like "The Warmth of Other Suns" is the type of material Tillman should be fighting over to make into films or miniseries. Instead we go after the lowest common denominators with "Think Like A Man" and "Swirling". But being drawn to unsubstantial material, whether it be books, movies or TV shows, is what black people prove to be reality time and time again.


Well, it looks as if another blowup has taken place on this site. Don't know how much if any I contributed to that, don't have the time to read through all of the comments. Perhaps I am mistaken by some of the content and intent of this book and the author's website. Again I am going only by second-hand information. Nonetheless if what I've been told is true then my critique, in my opinion, was justified. But maybe I could have stated it better. Here are my issues with such books, and this book in particular, if all the info I came across is true. First of all it would seem to suggest that black men are to blame for the miserable state (imagined or otherwise, mental or economical) that black women find themselves in. That is insulting. Not only is it insulting to black men like myself, it is insulting to our people in general. Not just black people of today but black people of decades, centuries past who dealt with the worst society could throw at them and yet did their best to remain strong and together. None of the lingering and present problem is directed towards a society that is still not free of prejudice. Instead the black man is now the scapegoat for the black woman's struggle; the chain that is shackling her, restraining her from reaching her full potential. Everybody else get a pass it seems, particularly white men and black women themselves. If the black woman has any confidence regarding her beauty, worth and greatness it is the direct result of the black men who don't appreciate her, blah, blah, blah. It is the result of black men who have abandon her for those white she-devils or perhaps women of other races. This is despite an inconvenient factor know as "the facts" which include stats that black people in America, both men and women, date/marry outside their race LESS than any other group. Even though black men for several decades have been more likely to intermarry the number who do so are still too small to affect black marriage and the black family in any significant way. Besides how stupid is it to ignore that throughout the history of America the main impediment of the celebration of black beauty has not been the devilish works of black men, but the whims and attitudes of a white dominated media (A white male dominated media to be more specific) who for decades scoffed at the notion of promoting black desirability: some of its traces remain to this day. And for those black guys that do go outside their race for companionship….so what? That is the right of anyone in this country, including black women. Doesn't matter the reasons. Shallowness, self-hatred, superficiality, wealth, lust, love. People who date/marry WITHIN their own race get together for some of those very same reasons. Despite the oppression of black folks this issue is not theirs alone. Other people go with their own or choose outside their "tribe" for some of the very good and negative reasons.

Agent K

Some not all.

Agent K

If you read some of the comments on the blog you will see that black women associate with doing better for themselves by being with white men. It's too easy.


I have the book. I am a fan of the blog. I look forward to the film.

Francis D.

Actually I have read the book and so have three of my friends. While her blog does focus on BWE the book is for everyone. She doesn't disagree with BM/WW relationships either. All the negative comments are clearly from people who haven't read the book, have never even visited her blog, or those who wish the we're confident enough to consider there own "other options". Target audience: people who swirl (medium sized community), and people who want to try it (large community).

Rose Red

I saw this word used to describe BP's reaction about BW swirling and I'm using it now!
Hypocrites! Yall don't say squat about Kanye, Michael Jordan, Ice T, Tyrese, Lamar Odom and all the rest. Yall so brainwashed to accept BM swirling!! Stupid women!!

Jealous jealous jealous so afraid of anther BW doing better than you you need to go read to your kids go lose the weight go marry the father of your out of wedlock kids but you lack the guts!

Her blog is AWESOME and it is not ghetto so sorry that's why some of yall don't like it.
She UPLIFTS Black women, that's how I know yall don't read her blog.

Jealous dumb hypocrites fussing with that sis instead of losing the weight and marrying your babydaddy!!


Interesting, but I must agree with the poster Laura on her point regarding Christelyn D. Karazin. I have read Christelyn's blog, and she has an awful habit of blaming African American women for everything. She even had the nerve to post (either earlier this year or toward the latter part of last year) a blog blaming African American women if men of other races were not open to dating them.

Christelyn's blog initially comes off as an open minded forum that encourages love across the color lines, but the blog eventually shows its true colors to reflect a forum for Christelyn to berate other African Americans. It's a real shame.

"Something New" was a well done movie, but I'll definitely pass on this one since Christelyn is attached.

By the way, someone in the film community needs to create a set of films that will focus on dating successfully period, not just dating successfully across color lines.


What a joke. There is a group of black women who spend their time fantasizing about white men because they view these men as the ultimate validation. These women make it seem that MARRYING a white man is simply a matter of black women "opening their minds" as if white men have no say in the matter. In the mean time white men are NOT fantasizing about MARRYING black women.


I'm intrigued. Looking forward to seeing what they do with this material.


Wow. Alot of negative reactions on this thread. I guess black folks ain't ready for this. #sadness


When I was very young growing up, I was taught it was a NO-NO, as I got a little older, I kinda saw it could be a NO-NO and now that I way way older, I see it's okay for some of a lot of other folk, but for me having experienced it, I have to say it's a NO-NO!


Who's the audience for this?


Oh God. Here we go… (rolling my eyes)


I apologize for all the typos.


I've almost finished with the book and in my humble opinion, I respectfully disagree with Laura's post about the book encouraging some sort of "movement" or "BWE" if you will. If you read the book, it’s simply an informative guide about how to date inter-racially. It's that simple. It's not preachy, judgmental, or disrespectful to our black brothas. Both authors encourage women to date within as well as outside their race. The main point is this—swirling simply gives Black women (and all women for that matter) the option to go deeper into the dating pool. It gets pretty darn shallow when you commit yourself to dating one race. I'll be honest—I am Black and I have dated mostly White guys, and after reading the book, I feel encouraged to date Asian, Hispanic, and African men. Not necessarily just African-American men. I'm thrilled this movie is coming out and it’s about time that we see movies with Black people that is cutting edge and different. Not the same old washed up manufactured stories of the past that are regurgitated and cut up onto celluloid for 120 minutes. It's time to be more innovative in Hollywood and start thinking outside of the box. As the biblical scriptural text states—let's not be conformed by the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds. I hope to see more projects like this in the future. Keep up the good work Black Hollywood!


George Tillman Jr, lend me your ear… DISASTER-UGH… with a capital UGH-LY decision. First, who's the intented audience? Granted, TLAM was a success… BECAUSE,,, it had a built-in audience. The movie was based on a best selling book which, by the way, was tailor made for a chick-flick-date-flick-girlfriends-flick, not so for the "Swirl". Now listen to the following conversation: SHE: "Hey baby, let's go see this date by the numbers movie" RESPONSE: "WHAT!? Why would we want to do that? Is it a comedy or drama?" SHE: "Well, even though we're both black, this movie is sort of like a guide on Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate, Mixing Race, Culture and Creed" HE: SERIOUSLY!? Sort of like a remote pimp – huh? *LOL* Nawl baby, am sorry for making a joke of your suggestion but I just don't see how that type of movie would nor could be entertaining, or anything that would enhance our relationship, whatsoever? But if you want to see it, ask one of your girlfriends to go with you" SHE: "That's a good idea but I can only think of one of my friends who's remotely down with the swirl thang… or whatever they call it. And she's been with Ricardo for years and ain't looking for nobody. So I don't know how I would convince her that this would be a fun night?" HE: "I don't know either, but maybe you can sell her on something other than the finer points of the film, like, the stars, or the director and his past movies" She: "Oh hell no, this guy made Notorious and she hated that movie with it's sorry writing and poor acting, which included everybodies B-BLACK-BF Anthony Mackie" HE: "lol, Yeah, I hear you, but if you're talking about George Tillman Jr., he also did Soul Food and Barber Shop" SHE: "Yeah, but think about that. Those movie were years ago, and more importantly, they featured black folks doing black thangs in the most natural settings known to black folks" HE: "Well there's your answer, let's skip the movies and turn on BET. I hear they're showing reruns of Think Like A Man and 3 Tyler Perry movies!" SHE: "Bet, pizza on you and I'll make some kool-aid" HE: "Yep, great, b/c to each his own, but the only swirl I want to see — is in my ice cream"


I never understood the whole BWE (Black Women Empowerment) movement and being down with the swirl. It's probably because I live in NYC where interracial, interethnic, and interfaith relationships and marriages are not uncommon, at all. So I know maybe missing something or I take certain things for granted when it comes to the "swirl" movement. But one thing I do get from sisters who "down for the swirl" is that they have a very prince charming/knight-in-shining armor mentality on interracial dating. All I can say is: like attract like and like, and you get what you give. I use to read some of the BWE blogs. It some of the saddest things to read how some Black woman see themselves, Black men, White men and White woman. If the film is anything like the stuff I read on those blogs I definitely will not be loaning my eyeballs to it.

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