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R.I.P. Chris Marker (1921-2012): Watch ‘La Jetee’ & ‘Sans Soleil’

R.I.P. Chris Marker (1921-2012): Watch 'La Jetee' & 'Sans Soleil'

Sad news to begin the week, as word comes this morning that experimental filmmaker Chris Marker has passed away, just one day after celebrating his 91st birthday.

Though an immensely private individual who rarely gave interviews or released press photos, the filmmaker’s stamp was felt on a generation of filmmakers primarily due to two of his films: “La Jetee” and “Sans Soleil” (both available through The Criterion Collection). Both pictures eschewed traditional narrative techniques to startling effect, blending documentary, fiction, fantasy and more into individual, distinct works. A time travel film of sorts, “La Jetee” is noted for being composed almost entirely of still images, and served as a massive influence on Terry Gilliam, who credited the filmmaker and film on “Twelve Monkeys.” Meanwhile, “Sans Soleil” presented a travelogue, albeit one that played with ideas of memory and time in its globe spanning tale.

If you haven’t yet made an acquaintance with Marker’s films, there’s no better time than today. Watch both below “La Jetee” (turn on the captions) and “Sans Soleil” below. [Washington Post]

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Saw this news on TV this morning… needles to say that just blew me away. I consider him to be one of the greatest artist that ever lived, probably the greatest french director of all time. His work encompassed such a huge range, both thematically and stylistically (and almost every medium, including an autobiographical Cd-ROM called Immemory) that it's just impossible to cover it. People should definitely check out the two movies given here, and absolute gems like L'Ambassade, or Level 5. A bientot j'espere !!

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