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Richard Ayoade In New Trailer For ‘The Watch’

Richard Ayoade In New Trailer For 'The Watch'

And speaking of failed TV pilots and Richard Ayoade, here’s the latest trailer for the Fox summer comedy The Watchwhich opens on July 27th, starring Ayoade and a bunch of loads who get on my last nerve like Vince Vaughn.

This is this film that was (and perhaps still is) under some controversy because of its subject matter, about a bunch of goofs who form a neighborhood watch team. Not exactly the most sensitive of subjects in light of the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Because of that, the film’s title was changed from Neighborhood Watch to just simply The Watch, but judging from this trailer it still doesn’t look funny.

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I'm thinking about watching this film just because of Richard… who is adorable and hilarious, and I love him…


Just to keep things straight, the development that Zimmerman was patrolling did not even have a neighborhood- or community-watch. He was out there on his own doing a job he was not asked to do; he did not even live in the community he was "patrolling". I have never even heard of community watches asking folks who are not residents to protect the community. The reason watches are peopled by residents is because they have a vested interest in the safety of their own community. So, Zimmerman's being there makes absolutely no sense. To compound this story, too many times recently, I have seen in newspaper reports Zimmerman described as "Neighborhood Watch Leader". I don't know if this is intended to soften readers' opinions of him or what. The farther in time we get from the murder, the more innocuous Zimmerman will be made to seem.

As a former Community Watch member and civic association president, I can tell you that the watch is a function of its community and its civic association; its leader is appointed by the association president. Additionally, every watch must be sanctioned by, and coordinated with, local police departments. Neighborhood watch members are outfitted, at the community's expense, with a flashlight, cell phone, logbook and pen — those are the most dangerous items they carry. The watch is not the police — they do not carry guns, knives, or any other deadly implements. They are there to observe and in the event of criminal activity, they contact the local authorities and that's all. Occasionally, there may be a two way radio that communicates with a watch base "commander" who, in turn, communicates with local law enforcement. So, Zimmerman was not a member of any community watch; he was just looking for trouble so that he could look like a "hero". Zimmerman was a vigilante with a gun and an appetite for violence, and he should be treated as such.

I hope this movie doesn't show the watch as being something that it isn't and doesn't support, or attempt to excuse, Zimmerman's illegal behavior. I would hate to see another "twinkie" defense in this case.


I can't believe that this film is being released at all in light of the Trayvon Martin murder. And while I don't mind Vince Vaughn, I cannot stand Ben Stiller. He creeps me out completely.

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