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Ron Howard To Direct Aztec Drama ‘Conquest’ For Showtime

Ron Howard To Direct Aztec Drama 'Conquest' For Showtime

While we presume Ron Howard‘s epic take on Stephen King‘s “The Dark Tower” — which was to span both the big and small screen — isn’t happening anytime soon, it seems the helmer isn’t giving up on television as a place to tell an epic story. And now he’s planning to go behind the camera for a period drama tackling an era that, we have to say, hasn’t really been explored in recent memory.

Howard will be headed to Showtime to helm “Conquest,” penned by “The Motorcycle Diaries” and “On The Road” scribe José Rivera, that will tell the tale of Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortes and his clash with Moctezuma II, the last ruler of the Aztec empire. And it wouldn’t be a cable show without the promise of blood, supernatural stuff, gold and probably boobs. While other details on the project aren’t clear, it’s said to be a “passion project” for Howard, and though he’s currently busy in post-production on Universal‘s racing drama “Rush” and gearing up to work again on “Arrested Development,” we’d reckon this one is high up on his list of things to do (he’s also got a western pilot over at HBO, though not much has been heard about that one in a while).

Our only reservation with this is the same one we’ve had about “The Dark Tower” — that Ron Howard, doesn’t seem to be the right fit for the material. His films generally tend to be well made, at times exceptionally so, but often eschew edgier elements. Could this be an opportunity to exercise new muscles? We’ll see. [Deadline]

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So the author is shaky on Ron Howard directing not because he's not a great filmmaker, but because they're scared there won't be gratutious violence, sex and other prurient fluff?
Nice to know that great storytelling does;'t matter a lick compared to fake blood, and tits.
The "edgy" formula you're demanding has been used in EVERY freaking show on cable from Rome to Game of Thrones to whatever!
All anyone wants is a story. I don't give a rip if there's not one sex scene or gory death. What the hell is wrong with you people?

Jesus, and these are the critics encouraging this nonsense. At least we know why so much of what's on TV is repetitive, nearly unwatchable, stupid crap.


I recommend readers check out "The Other Conquest" by Salvador Carrasco, that remains the best onscreen representation of Cortez and the Conquest of the Aztecs.

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