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Ron Perlman Becomes ‘Hellboy’ Again For The Make-A-Wish Foundation

Ron Perlman Becomes 'Hellboy' Again For The Make-A-Wish Foundation

How great is this? Ron Perlman, of all people, was trending on Twitter this weekend. Why? The 62-year-old actor recently stopped by the creatures, props and special makeup effects house Spectral Motion and donned the "Hellboy" make-up once again. No, Guillermo del Toro isn't making a third film, Perlman transformed into "Hellboy" once more for two boys in the children's Make-A-Wish foundation. Faith in humanity restored, if only for a fleeting, brief moment.

Spectral Motion write on their Facebook page which also provides photos:

In the past three weeks, Spectral Motion has been honored to host two wonderful Make-A-Wish children, Caleb and Zachary. Zachary loved his visit for two very special reasons. It was Zachary's wish to meet Hellboy and also to become Hellboy. When the Make-A-Wish Foundation contacted Spectral Motion with this request, Mike thought it would be fantastic to have Ron Perlman reprise his role for the day. Ron loved the idea and donned the makeup once more (with the assistance of Lufeng Qu and Eden Elizalde) and also ordered a Hellboy sized meal of burgers, shakes, and fries for Zachary and his family and the entire Spectral crew to enjoy. Later in the day, Zachary was transformed into Hellboy with the assistance of makeup artists Lufeng Qu and Neil Winn. Both of the Make-A-Wish days were a complete thrill for the families of the children, as well as for the crew at Spectral Motion!

Pretty great. Cheers to Perlman and Spectral Motion.

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So cool! *tear*


What an awesome story! There is a very nerdy part of me that hoped Hellboy had pancakes with the youngster!


Damn, this sort of thing is so awesome! Go Ron Perlman – who by the way, had the best line ever in a movie with Alien 4's…"I'm not a man with whom to F%C%!"


faith in humanity restored indeed

Steven Flores

This just makes Ron Perlman a million times cooler than he already is. Sick kid wants Hellboy and he got Hellboy. How could anyone not be touched by this?


Awesome! Ron Perlman, you rock!


Ron Perlman is no red devil, he is a sweet angel!

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