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Sad Trombone: ‘John Carter’ Fans Use Booth At Comic-Con To Collect Signatures For A Sequel

Sad Trombone: 'John Carter' Fans Use Booth At Comic-Con To Collect Signatures For A Sequel

Well, you gotta admire their spirit. Conveniently ignoring that Disney themselves have written off Andrew Stanton‘s “John Carter” as a $200 million mistake, fans on various corners of the internet continue to stump for a sequel to the movie. And this campaign is getting organized. There’s an official Back To Barsoom website, an online petition aimed at crossing the desk of Disney honcho Alan Horn, and believe it or not, these folks have shelled out some cash to back up their word, with a presence at Comic-Con to keep collecting names from folks who want to see the formerly developingJohn Carter: The God Of Mars.”

“There is a booth at ‪#SDCC‬ asking for signatures for a petition to have a John Carter sequel,” someone in San Diego tweeted today. And we almost couldn’t believe it, so we did some digging, and yep, according to related site John Carter Two, they are indeed at Comic-Con, sharing a table where they are not only making sure to keep hope alive, but doing some giveaways for “John Carter”-related gear as well. In essence, they are marketing the movie long after Disney has given up, and you would hope the studio is paying attention, if only to throw them swag for their trouble.

There is an earnest sadness about this whole effort, which will largely be futile in the end. Frankly, these are kinds of fans Disney could’ve used before the movie came out, not after. But if you’re one of the few who thinks a studio will spend a couple hundred million on a blockbuster with Taylor Kitsch in the lead, click above and let your voice be heard. Or put one of these posters on your Facebook page to get the word out.

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For what its worth, futile or not, I'm glad this is happening. Mr. Jagernauth, you say Disney needed the fans before the film? Well, that would have been nice to know. But almost no-one knew about the film or what it really was. I've heard it called "marketing malpractice", and that sounds about right.

John Carter fan

Great Movie! Horrible movie title….John Carter? How is that compelling at all? But worse…the Disney Marketing team that worked on this movie. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Marketing! No one went to see the movie because no one had a clue want it was about.

But as many on here have already noted….people are like sheep. Very few people actually think for themselves. They let the media do that for them. I really think that most of the critics didn't even see the movie. They probably read another review for the movie, and phoned it in.

Debra Fisher

This entire experience with the media and John Carter have proven one very conclusive thing to me: there are those in control who want YOU to believe that things are one very specific way. In other words, the media works in tandem with the higher ups who are dictating how life goes based on their bottom line. And, unfortunately, the masses respond to the mind bending. This has been evidenced in recent Presidential elections and it is ongoing in other situations. IMHO, Disney was trying to placate a couple of investors (one with the Avatar distribution rights and the other with the Marvel rights…both VERY wealthy men) who had their own movie series to push. John Carter was the bastard baby. So what if he was a century old literary legend…he didn't have a couple of billionaires pushing his agenda.

The absolute shame behind this is that John Carter is an excellent movie that anyone could go see. Your kids can watch it. Your grandma can watch it. It is fun and exciting without vulgarity or intense gore. It is wonderful to see John Carter on screen. And most people, after seeing this movie, want to see more. Don't listen to the media. Or the media regurgitators. Go buy the DVD. You will enjoy it.

I truly wish that the media would quit pandering to the moguls.


Mark my words: As the film percolates and people see it and realize how great the film is, the Carter fans will grow to Legion. And when we the fans who were here fighting for the sequel from the get go are sitting in the theater watching Gods of Mars, how how sweet it will be…

John A. Small

Re: "There is an earnest sadness about this whole effort, which will largely be futile in the end."

Spoken like a true naysayer. Why don't you add your voice to those supporting the film instead of those who insist on trashing it? If they can make countless sequels to trash like "Saw" and "Friday the 13th" and that nonsense, Hollywood can show proper respect to the grandfather of American science fiction and give the fans of this marvelous film something to cheer about!

Jeffrey A Carter

One of the most enjoyable movies that I have seen in many years. Life long Burroughs fan and while not book perfect it is in the spirit. So bring on the sequels and Back to Barsoom!!!!

Brian "Believer" Thornton

Thanks for the coverage, Kevin, and for the honesty of your take on it. That said, Edgar Rice Burroughs made me a believer in John Carter (and Tarzan of the Apes, and Carson of Venus, and David Innes, and Norman of Torn, and the Red Hawk, and Britannicus Servus Caligulae, and a host of other unforgettable heroes) when I first began reading his books at age 11. Now aged 47 and with a house and bills and a marriage and a child and a profession of my own, I am once again a "believer." I thank Andrew Stanton, Michael Chabon, Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe, et. al., for that.

And I can't thank them enough.

Och, Ohem, Octay, Wies, Barsoom!

Chuck Hoffman

Even if they fall short of their ultimate goal, they are helping to rehabilitate the reputation of this fine film. These people are deserving of respect and admiration, as opposed to those who only pick easy battles they know they can win.

Ron Heydon

No effort is wasted in getting a sequel to John Carter. A movie of great quality, based on an excellent series of books should not be given up on just because of an initial poor response at the US box office ( they will catch up in the end ). Great will be their victory when they pull this off.

NameBob Hibbard

John Carter is a terrific movie. Highly recommended…and WELL worth a sequel!

Chuck Hoffman

The original Star Trek series was cancelled after three seasons and that was supposed to be the end of it. Enthusiastic fan support brought it back from the dead, and thanks to those fans Paramount now has a license to print money. Those now attempting to keep the JC franchise alive know it's an uphill battle, but have NOT undertaken a fool's errand. They said themselves this is a marathon, not a sprint. If not a sequel, we may see an animated series on the Disney channel somewhere down the road, or something of the sort.


Disney did a crap job marketing this film. En. Of. Story. You can't expect a franchise from a movie like "John Carter" without building it up first, or it comes of as some second rate attempt as Star Wars to people who are unfamiliar with it. I had never heard of it before, refused to see it in the theater because I thought it looked like a cheesy Disney attempt at Star Wars. I watched it with my family last weekend, and we loved it. I picked up the book at the book store for my son and I to read. If they wanted to sell this movie, they should have blasted it everywhere. I saw a few trailers for it, but no merchandise. Did they have Slurpee cups or McDonald's toys (it is a sad testament to our country that this tactic works so well) ? They barely marketed the movie and then were upset when it didn't bring in the numbers. The movie raked in decent money internationally, and DVD/Blu ray sales are doing exceptionally well for a movie that was written off as a flop. Disney ought to take a second look at the potential here. They likely won't, and that is pretty sad. I signed the petition anyway. Damn the man! LOL

Pat McCoy

My take on this:
Collective hollywood has degenerated into a closed cynical community that has a list of "must haves" for a successful movie. It's all about the money and everybody's job.
1. Blockbusters must have a defined proven target audience.
2. Big productions must have simple cartoon figures to market such as pirates, cars, robots, etc.
3. The movie must have an opening weekend box office that shows promising returns.
4. Critics must have reviews that assure their acceptance in the community.
5. Fans, quality, and a different kind of story telling do not matter.
So what we have here is a flat earth closed minded collective mentality that is incapable of understanding new ideas in film making. Listen to the fans. Do some market research. Watch John Carter and think of ways to take advantage of the wave.

Aaron Anderson

John Carter was a fantastic classic Sci-Fi movie and will achieve cult status over time. Because Disney invested a large amount of money in the project and did not get an immediate return on it like other franchises with larger public recognition does not by any means diminish the quality of the film.

steve davidson

The 'sequelistas' have got it bad. Never. Gonna. Happen. (And if I'm wrong, I'll watch the movie a third time and throw up – a little – in my mouth, for the third time.)

Someone in the comments mentioned "letter writing campaigns that saved tv shows"; Dude, your history is a bit off: it was the authors connected to that show, organized by folks who had worked on the show, that got it its third season, not a write-in campaign by unwashed fans.

The film has no hope of a sequel until its bad taste has been washed from the collective Disney mouth and that it going to take quite some time; I also think that Disney has made their decision – ERB properties vs Marvel properties – and derivative super heroes have won the day. (Just might have a little something to do with the fact that they OWN Marvel and only license ERB. A little something called complete creative control and another little something called – we get to keel ALL of the profits.)
Better buy another copy of the DVDs, you're going to wear out the first one waiting.


but it was BAD. man, i don't get it.


Roger Ebert predicted it will franchise. 86.15% of US Amazon reviews like the film. Many customer reviews on various sites are rating hire since release to DVD.


Thank you for mentioning JohnCarter fans at all. It means someone is at least paying attention. Signatures are not hundreds of millions of bucks John Carter should make or should have made to get a sequel. But Disney seems to have dropped the towel a long time ago. Funny thing is many people is discovering John Carter now. And a lot of them wonder how did they miss the movie in the first place. At the theaters. So fans can increase people´s interest in the movie and give the movie a fair chance. And maybe some studio other than Disney may decided it´s not a bad idea after all. So, back to barsoom! we´ll fight for John Carter!


John Carter was fantastic. Very deserving of a sequel


One year ago, my sis and I stood in line for five hours waiting to buy our passes for this year's Comic-Con. While in attendance, we noticed that there were no licensed items being displayed for what we anticipated to be the wildly successful upcoming film, "John Carter." That was our first inkling that something was rotten at Disney Studios, but we continued to look forward to our next Taylor Kitsch adventure in hopes that this project was in good hands. Fast forward to July 2012 and here we are, having supported this magnificent film for three straight months in the theaters and now for three straight days at Comic-Con. We suggested to our fellow members of "Take Me Back To Barsoom" (We Want A 'John Carter' Sequel) that CCI would be a great place to attract fans to our cause and were we ever right! Yes, we are missing the panels and events we paid for last year, but my sis and I like to think that we are serving a cause that is near and dear to a great many hearts. It has been so rewarding to have hundreds of fans come to our table to thank us for our petition drive. So many of them ask the same questions about Disney's ridiculous lack of a marketing scheme for the movie, and many have taken the time to share with us their love for the source material. Even those who have been tepid about signing have wished us luck with our efforts and said that they felt the film deserves a sequel. (One elderly gentleman left the table today with the parting line, "If ever a movie deserves a sequel, this one does!"). Though we've been sustaining CCI members for twenty years, we haven't seen a lot of Comic-Con this time out due to the long hours at the petition table. That's OK–we just might have created the most civil and enjoyable oasis ever in that sea of madness. We say "John Carter Still Lives!"–and we mean it. (Side note to Disney licensing: EVERYONE we've spoken with wants a Woola plush toy)!!!

Tal Hajus

Interesting article. However, as I'm sure it has been pointed out by fellow fans of the film, your article shows that you know, in fact, very little about John Carter. Have you even seen the film? Many people misunderstand the loss statement that Disney released. It was nit a 200 million dollar loss on the entire project, but rather, a loss statement for the financial period ending almost immediately after the film made it's debut, based on earnings at the box office. Since then, it has definitely not lost 200 million. Also a sequel would not be titled Joh Carter: God of Mars, as he is not, but would be something along the lines of the title of the book – Gods of Mars – referring to the Therns of the first movie – they were the bad bald guys in case you were too slow to catch on.

Jose Esteban

Many will laugh, but the night I saw John Carter at the cineplex, I made the sweetest love to my wife. It's a film that brings out a spiritual quality not found in your typical popcorn film from stupid Michael Bay. Don't be a butthead and watch this flick, it's really tight. JOHN CARTER 2 PLEASE!

Björn Ruelens

I wanna go back to Barsoom.
Never had a honest chance to be THE movie it is.

Bruce Kaplan

Hello Mr Jagernauth: I thought your recent article was interesting. And, I appreciate the nod you gave to the hard work of fans all over the world who are trying to bring about production of a sequel to "John Carter". I would like to address a few points found in your article. First, I found it a bit amusing you seemed amazed to find "John Carter" fans organized at Comic Con. The source of the John Carter movie is one of the greatest authors of pulp fiction, the medium which preceeded comics, Edgar Rice Burroughs. I can't think of a MORE appropriate place for fans to be. Also, your last comments make it clear you believe an attempt to convince Disney to make a John Carter sequel is hopeless. I'm glad my peers and I didn't follow advice such as yours back in the 1960's and 1970's when our letter writing campaigns resurrected a show which had been cancelled by the major networks. That was the first time a show had been brought back to life by fans— it won't be the last. I'll close with a quote from that show: Mr. Jagernauth, "Live Long And Prosper ".

JC Fan 4 Life

Brian Cranston weighs in on John Carter (its at the end of the interview):,82309/
Mark Andrews talks about plans for a sequel:
Willem Dafoe ask weak-willed fans to think for themselves:

JC Fan 4 Life

What's sad is articles like this that equate box office success or failure with the merit of a film and the outlook on its sequel or the quality of its fandom. Is this what we have become? A nation of Box Office watchers? Is that all that we are? Is that how we determine the QUALITY of a film? John Carter was a victim of a jaded internet press and a studio who tripped up beyond words. That is all. The sharks smelled blood in the water and everyone just swam in the bloody waters. Check out the film yourself – don't prejudge it. Why let others lead you around like sheep!? The fans in this group are an amazing, creative and positive group of people.

It's amazing – usually with a film considered a failure or a flop, the first thing that happens is that all of the participants – from writer to director to all of the actors – try to separate themselves from it. That's not what's happening with John Carter. Every week or month there is a new article by people who worked on this AMAZING film who are just confused and saddened by the whole affair. Check out the words of the writer/director of Brave Mark Andrews, who co-wrote John Carter. Check out the wise words of Willem Dafoe. The smart observations of Brian Cranston. The love and supportive words of Taylor Kitsch. All positive and all support and love this film! I ask that you wake up and smell the anti-hype for what it was – the sad buzzing of a hive-like mind of negative internet bloggers and troll posing as film critics. John Carter stands tall. This film deserves a sequel like no other.


The "John Carter" fan group is not ignoring that Disney seems to have dropped their efforts to support the movie — they are actively fighting to overcome that lack of support and get the rest of the trilogy made. Thank you for reporting on the group's efforts at SDCC.


We have fans from all around the World clamoring for a sequel to this great movie (it has one of the best endings to any movie I have seen…..think Ghost or Gone with the Wind…… both shock and overwhelming emotion). The fact that Disney has ignored it is a reflection on them and not on the millions of people who have seen it and love it. Join the fight for a sequel on Facebook !

Debby Jordan

Kevin Jagernauth,

"John Carter" as a film is really great. I saw it six times at the theater, four in IMAX 3D.

What is sad, Kevin Jagernauth, is not a trombone, but instead it's the fact that commentators such as yourself trumpet, over and over and over and over again, the Song of the Mindless Herd, without exercising any independent judgment. "John Carter failed…John Carter is a flop…John Carter is…" and you say it over and over and over, hoping to make it true. Nor are those trumpeting this Song of the Herd every precise in their trumpeting.

What "failed" for "John Carter?"

The film itself? No, the film is quite good, fun, humorous, exciting, spectacular and artistic.

The fact it cost more to make that it has so fare recovered – yes…but what caused that failure?

Was it the fact that Disney insisted the director handicap his film with a bland title? Yes, that's Disney's failure, not the film's failure and not the Director's failure. Would Avatar have succeeded if Jame's Cameron's studio had forced him to call his movie "Jake Sully?" Likely not. And what if George Lucas had been forced to call his movie, instead of "Star Wars," "Luke S." and "Han Solo"? See what I mean.

So who failed on the title, Kevin Jagernauth? The film, the Director, or bone-headed Disney marketing executives who stuck Director Andrew Stanton with a bland, say-nothing title that he didn't want??

And what about the fact that Disney decided not to fully advertise, promote, and back the film? Yes, that certainly contributed greatly to the failure to gain an audience, and again that was the studio's failure.

So let's be honest, Kevin Jagernauth: "John Carter" did not fail; Andrew Stanton did not fail. What failed were boneheaded Disney executives who authorized $250 million to produce a film that they then abandon and did not even attempt to help succeed.

John Carter is a great film that deserves a sequel…and perhaps someone will make it.


BTW IndieWire, you may not be getting a lot of "click above"s because although many of us want to see a sequel, your article wasn't well written enough to bother reposting to our FB pages. Sorry….


Lost cause? I have been told one of my efforts was a lost cause and came out incredibly triumphant with a lot of people in awe of what a few people could accomplish against what seemed like insurmountable odds. I have seen "lost causes" triumph with my own eyes so I am more than willing to lend my voice to the many who would like to see a RETURN TO BARSOOM! (From a woman who is more than happy to see a scantily clad Taylor on my movie screen once more.)


Thanks for the publicity, Indiewire!


Sounds like the writer may have liked the film but what a condescending tone. I have yet to find a person I've recommended the film to that didn't appreciate that it was a great film. Even my dad who HATES any kind of Science Fiction recognized it was a good film even though he couldn't really see beyond "weird races" with 4 arms and 10 legged calots like Woola. As a matter of fact, I lent my DVD copy to everyone that works at my gym and all decided to go out and purchase their own copies afterward!
Disney wrote this film off because of a lot of corporate politics and they wrote it off well before the movie ever made it to the big screen. And they also made a deliberate decision to skip ComicCon last year when they should have brought it to the fans early on. They failed to give a shit about making sure it found its audience. These fans care and as a result, have introduced many a fan to a wonderful movie that deserves its trilogy. And its already had a big effect. First week of its Blu-ray release, it was the #1 Blu-ray and #3 DVD and is still doing well domestically and seems to be doing very well overseas as well. Within a few years, this movie will be considered a cult classic as it deserves to be.


Lost causes are the best to pursue. I do not personally consider a sequel to JC a lost cause, but I will do whatever I can to see a sequel. The critics were full of themselves over this movie. A collective bunch of biased naysayers. I don't listen to critics any longer. I have found out most are of the worst sort having and behaving much like a politican. JC lives and I hope the sequel is forthcoming.


I'd just like to point out that similar campaigns have been successful. The show Kim Possible was greeted by tons of signatures and protests and was eventually renewed for an extra bonus season. One could make the argument that Community was helped very much by vocal fanbase. And the loud and proud Browncoats are part of what helped Joss Whedon make Serenity, and there's talk of more Firefly stuff in the works (just rumblings, but still).

I, for one, certainly feel the film is worth a sequel, but I am happy that there was a least a little closure. Plus, the sequel is likely to be much improved since I'm sure they've had time to reflect on the issues that the first film had (because, while good, it was not a perfect film).

It is interesting how many people that bash John Carter because of its box office numbers haven't actually seen the film. And we could talk all day about the films that were flops in the theaters that have since grown to classic status (Blade Runner)–or at the very least cult-classic (Rocky Horror Picture Show).


So I would link an article, but well I doubt that would be wanted here… well I will try and see actually.

first I will quote two points from it.

"Three months ago I would have scoffed at the idea of writing this article.

But then again, three months ago I was where you are right now: utterly convinced never to watch John Carter by (a) its name, (b) its trailers, and (c) its box office."

"Think about what I said earlier: I chose not to watch a film because of how it was marketed (which is absolutely fair enough, obviously) but also – criminally – because I didn’t think it had made enough money at the box-office.

What a cynical, bottom-line bunch of bull. I am a nincompoop, plain and simple. And if you’ve allowed the movie’s box-office draw to factor in to your decision to avoid the movie, then you are too.

It’s a growing problem. More and more, a chunk of us are confusing financial success with creative success. It’s why Avatar is now considered quality despite it being dreadful and why everyone incorrectly assumes that John Carter is junk."


Och ohem octais whis Barsoom!!!

Daniel Presnell

The" Sad Tromone" will be replaced with the Glorious Trumpets of Victory. Save Star Trek started with 7,000 fans and they were rewarded with two more seasons of the original TV show. Five more spin-offs shows and eleven feature films as well. I could go on and on with how other shows were saved, but time for a Trumpet lesson… TOOT F'n TOOT.


A re-boot would be a much better idea, with a different director. It's not a bad movie but it is a bad adaption and I just don't think Andrew Stanton gets it.


I'm pretty sure that the people that hated, disliked or didn't care for it one way or the other are all in the minority.
Rotten Tomatoes showed that the movie, for at least the first two months, enjoyed over a 50% "Fresh" score from actual critics that the site uses and about 75% of most viewers liked it. I was perplexed because of the Critic rating because generally if the Critics like a movie I won't.

After the media locomotive started jumping on the "Flop" bandwagon it dropped to 63% of people liked it.

I never read the books but I easily understood and enjoyed the movie. Afterward I read the books and found them unique for the time period that they were written and amazed at how much they have been ripped off by all known SciFi movies to date.
While the books differ in many areas from the books I remain entertained and would love to see a sequel.
As far as the budget of this movie went it should be said that it shouldn't have cost as much to make this movie as they claim. I would suggest that they could do it with half that budget and then they would have made the profit they had hoped for.

mark milton

"People who love this film are loud and hardcore. It's a very vocal minority, but sorry to tell you that no one else gives a shit."

uh this movie is on track to sell 3 million copies before the holiday shopping season even starts so I guess that means alot of people give a shit. So what if people didn't see it in theatres? people are watching it at home through rentals and purchases and loving it. The fanbase continues to grow.

Michael Sellers

I don't think the article itself is really condescending. Just the "Sad Trombone" bit in the headline. I wonder if Kevin is responsible for that, or some editor. Kevin writes "There is an earnest sadness to this….." and that seems to be a sincere comment. What he doesn't "get" yet is what Akylina said — "It's a glorious battle" for those who have decided to "pledge their metal" ….and fan efforts are starting to have real success in changing the narrative about John Carter. These folks are committed — they're not going away. And they eat snarky comments like those from MEH and AS for breakfast…..


John Carter was a great movie that suffered from lousy marketing. Disney called it a flop after making it a flop. Andrew Stanton perfectly realized the world that Edgar Rice Burroughs created. The fans want to see Stanton continue to share his vision with us. And if the corporate minds of Disney are not bright enough to see how they did disservice to this movie maybe another studio will and treat it the way it should be

Belle Kitsch

I LOVE THE MOVIE!!! Saw it 3 times in the theaters and I would have gone more if I had more money!!! John Carter did great outside of the US, where people do not care much about reviews or box office, and if so many people of so many different cultures, languages, countries and ages loved it, why private all this people because it didn't do well in the box office of 1 country??? I think the 'Back to Barsoom' campaign is awesome, and the work that they're doing is awesome, and I can't wait till Disney see all of this and starts considering that audiences in the whole world want to see this movie!!! We DO want this to happen!!! The DVD/BluRay sales are doing great to say the least, I haven't met not even one person who has seen the movie and doesn't like it, and there's people wondering if this is a joke? Joke is the marketing Disney gave to the movie and the boycott too! We WILL succeed!!! John Carter will get not one but two sequels, and I WILL GO BACK TO BARSOOM!!! This amazing people and the campaign has all my support!!! I'm in Venezuela wishing I could be there with you in SDCC!!! Way to go!!!

Good Friar

There is nothing sad about wanting more of this story. The fans of John Carter have a loud voice. We will be heard and recognised for our efforts. We will have our sequel. If it weren't for the pathetic approach of Disney's marketing division we wouldn't be doing this right now, we would be hearing about the progress of the new film.
If this is such a bad investment for "Team Disney" perhaps they should hand the rights and property over to another studio that could do justice to the story, cast, director, author and fans.
In the words of John Carter (Edgar Rice Burroughs) "We still live!" I have spoken.


I'm glad to see that John Carter has such a great fan base. It was a really fun movie with great performances, awesome special effects, a sweeping soundtrack, and an imaginative story. The people involved in making this film gave 110% and it's such a shame to see that it's taken such a beating in the press. Disney set this film up to fail when they chose not to market it properly. . . and a lot of people took the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon once it started getting negative reviews. I'm happy to see people rallying around this film. I applaud the fans for being so creative and organized.


A fine film ruined by appalling marketing and a studio blaming it for it's losses before the true market value was proven by increasing revenue generation.
Imagine what John Carter 2 could do with decent marketing, because the current success is damn-near down to the fans alone.
Let's hope that the examples set by Serenity and Browncoats: Redemption will make Disney realise that they have the beginnings of a franchise to potentially match Resident Evil and Underworld on their hands.
As for commentators MEH and AS, I wish you every success in your careers as clueless pundits :)


I am so glad to read about the Back to Barsoom group's efforts, but I would have enjoyed this article a lot more without the condescending tone. Sad trombone? Earnest sadness? Largely futile? How about reporting on a group of dedicated fans without making it so obvious that you pity them? Have you really never loved an entertainment franchise enough to fight for it?

And yes, it would've been great if this amount of hype had existed before the film came out. But wasn't it Disney's job to generate that interest? Since they failed, it's now up to the fans to send the message that we want this story to continue.


Dude, i loved this movie, and I am neither "hardcore" nor "loud"

Bob Woody

This was a great movie and any effort to make sequels and to promote a movie series of this caliber should be embraced by the science fiction/fantasy/comic book/movie community. After all, the stories of John Carter has been a source of inspiration AND material for all of these communities for a hundred years. As far as the fans of this being there before the movie came out, they were there. The fans have been there for years before the movie was ever green-lit. Fans like George Lucas, Carl Sagan, James Cameron, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and countless others. It was Disney, The Disney Marketing Department, and Rich Ross who weren't there before, during, or after the movie was released. Disney has, and could do a lot worse than making sequels to John Carter. It's been a long time since "Hollywood" has seen film making and a story this good.


My family and I saw John Carter 5x in the theatres and we now own the DVD. It's not a pathetic attempt, it's a glorious battle!


hey, we got ten years to make it happen!

We are pretty determined, we have waited a hundred years for a John Carter film . . . we are not going to let the series die before it begins


I loved John Carter and I really hope for a sequel, because I love Barsoom and can't wait to go back.


People who love this film are loud and hardcore. It's a very vocal minority, but sorry to tell you that no one else gives a shit.


Saw it twice in the theatre , once by myself the other time with my 9 year old kid and we both loved it!! I hated the fact that the movie was bashed months before it even came out which made me determined to tell everyone I knew on Twitter AND Facebook what a great movie it was. I hope they do a sequel. I'll be there for sure!!


Great movie, i saw in 3 times in the theaters. I dont think theres anything sad or pathetic about the attempt. I for one hope they succeed


Why do people seem to forget the fan power that saves Star Trek, Serenity, and other fan favorites? John Carter has done great overseas (the US isn't the only place that counts, you know) and DVD/Blu sales have been excellent! It's the most pirated film of all time, too! And thousands of fans are gathered to support our cause for the sequels. The creators of John Carter have even said they're still working on the script and just waiting for the green light from Disney. So if you really KNEW what's going on, you wouldn't have chosen the "Sad Trombone" heading for this article. We will prevail! We WILL GO BACK TO BARSOOM!!!

Casey Johnson

This film should lead to a trilogy. Because of the bad marketing, people who haven't seen it assume it's bad, but those who have seen it know how good it really is.

Every time I watch this movie, I struggle to see how anyone doesn't like it. This is an excellent, fun, and engaging film, and it deserves a sequel.

Jan Austin

Thank you so much for writing about our John Carter Back To Barsoom Group at Comic-Con! We are working very hard for our sequel and appreciate this very much. John Carter was a brilliant film with a wonderful cast! It doesn't get much better than John Carter. And so say over 10,300 fans, and climbing each day, who are fighting for a sequel. Thank you! GO BARSOOM!!

Andrew McKie

There's nothing wrong with the movie; only the marketing. Two words: Firefly, Serenity. This ought to be a brand like Oz or Narnia, it is unforgivable to wreck it when the first film was really rather good, but undermined by the presentation.

Brad Blake

Well, any publicity is good publicity and I would simply point out that John Carter is now pushing $400M in global revenue as DVD sales continue at a rapid pace, Andrew Stanton and Mark Andrews are continuing to massage the screenplays for JC II and III, and a whole new (and hopefully wiser) regime has taken over Disney. This is how something as unlikely as a John Carter sequel has a shot at getting made. There are 10,000 members and growing rapidly around the world in our movement, so as far as we're concerned, this is far from a done deal. As for ComicCon and a funded table to promote our group, petition, and all the rest, why sell us short? How many other films have this kind of devotion and loyalty in pushing a studio the way we're trying to do with Disney? The fact that John Carter was and is such a great adventure film is really the motivation for most of us. In my own opinion its a combination of Raiders and Star Wars, and the best film of this genre in a looooong time. I applaud the efforts of both our group, and especially those devoted souls giving of their precious time to take this effort to ComicCon.

Biff Fearless

This is a very under-rated movie. Horribly promoted and marketed by Disney. I have found that most of the people who enjoy heaping scorn upon it, mostly due to its budget, have not even seen the movie.


Just when you thought the losers who attend Comic-Con couldn't get anymore pathetic…

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