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Scarlett Johansson To Be Highest Paid Actress for The Avengers 2

Scarlett Johansson To Be Highest Paid Actress for The Avengers 2

Scarlett Johansson is set to be the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

After Johansson’s popular turn as Black Widow in The Avengers, a role she reprised from Iron Man 2, producers for The Avengers 2 are willing to shell out some serious dough for her to reprise her role.  According to The Sun’s source, producers find Johansson necessary to the sequel:

Producers think that as the only lead woman in the film male fans have found her a key ingredient — both for sex and story appeal. She is loved by critics too.

She has reportedly been offered $20 million for the sequel.  This amount tops the previous record for an actress which was Angelina Jolie’s $19 million which she earned for The Tourist.

The Avengers swept the box office this summer. It is now the third highest grossing film of all time, making $612.3 million domestically and $1.46 billion worldwide.

Scarlett Johansson is best-paid movie starlet (The Sun)

Scarlett Johansson will get $20 million for “Avengers” sequel (New York Post)

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@Idol-maker, I agree with you. There will probably never be a black super hero (outside of Will Smith's "Hancock") that will make it to the big screen as Hollywood don't/won't spend the money to make one. Could you imagine the look on white america's face to see a "Black" superman or a "Black" batman? They'd probably shit bricks. We'll see a gay Green Lantern before we see a black superhero.


I know for a fact that this story is not true. When she signed up Ironman 2, she signed a deal for several optional pictures including Avengers films. She probably got $250k for Ironman, $500k for Avengers and will get $1 million for the sequel although she will get box office bonuses on these films if/when they do well.


Julia Roberts already got $20 million for Erin Brockovich when it was shot in 1999. And adjusted for inflation, this would be $26 million today. Not sure how Jolie or this are any sort of record.


Good for her. Her acting was the worst thing about the Avengers (that, and no black "super" heroes lol, Fury doesn't count). But she looked good, so I guess that's the point.

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