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Short Film Watch : The OTHER Amazing Spider Man

Short Film Watch : The OTHER Amazing Spider Man

Being of the older generation, those who stopped reading comics when they were 12, I had no idea that Peter Parker is dead and the new current Spider Man is a Black Latino kid named Miles Morales. So why then do they keep making Spider Man movies with Peter Parker? Well we all know the reason why.

So in an effort to correct this slight in their own more modest way, a group of filmmakers and Spidey fans, lead by director Wes Armstrong, have made this short trailer for an imagined Spider Man movie with Morales (played by Devin White) in the lead, and they’ve done a pretty remarkable, solid job.

I wish this was The Amazing Spider Man film currently in theaters, instead of the one with that boring Parker dweeb.

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John Walker

This is a good movie . This one is available at
in English, in HQ quality FREE . Plays like youtube .

This movie is availabe for free in HD at:


Johnnie MD

I think the short was pretty good. I also think that this is Mr. Armstrong's way of advocating for a new Spider Man story instead of rebooting the same old thing. Alternate universe or not, the fact is that Marvel has introduced a new Spider Man character that happens to be black and latino. Why not take the opportunity to use this character to take the film franchise in a new direction? I think if this character does well, maybe 5 or 10 years from now it would be worth doing a good film based on this character.

Mr Tony

Wow I hadn't been by in a while but you guys were one of the most civil spaces then. What happened?

Sika Fortuna

OK ya'll, calm down. I love comic books and the alternate fantasy they afford us but just cause somebody doesn't share in the passion or understanding of how 'real' this is to us doesn't mean you have to be so outright negative. As others have said if you read this blog then you know Sergio and how he thinks. For those who didn't realize it at the onset, you've been drawn in or as would be more aptly said, "Will you walk into my parlor?" said the spider to the fly.

Ahhhh, the tangled web we weave!

Big Leroy

shoot again…. everytime I come to this site.. I start off happy and then I leave just feeling strange.
I come to this site to hear about the new films from people of color. I wish there was a way to filter out all of the articles.
The articles are less about the films and more whining about actors and directors and even talking smack about other actors strictly because they are not of color.
This site does not have to run on “rant” it could do very well being run on positive energy.

Agent K

I've never seen so many people butt hurt on a comment section. Lay off the guy.


The short was pretty dope for a fan video though.


Sergio, you're so ridiculous. You were wrong, plain and simple. Stop being a punk and accept the fact that you were too lazy to do basic research. And your little hype men are just as silly as you (maybe even worse) for defending this nonsense. And why do you give a fuck about a grown man or woman liking comic books? The question should be aren't you too old to be making fun of other people's interests? And not knowing how to google for that matter…..


If I were to guess I would think Sergio is baiting people?

Bohemian Princess

Some of these comments….seriously you all need to just stop and save yourselves any further embarrassment. *SMH*



kid chaos

Change my training pants Laura what you need to do is take the tampon out your ass.It will make you think twice about going aganist me.

Violet Eyed Dragon

Spider-man is only dead in the Ultimate (or alternate) Marvel Universe. In regular comics he is still alive and Miles Morales isn't even a character. It is just a less popular alternate universe.


Sergio, you are simply an idiot. Not everything has to be about race, I honestly don't care what color spiderman is. Or any other fictional character for that matter. Part of being a contributor to a site that thrives on pop culture actually means that you should be on the up and up on pop culture. Instead of making snide remarks about how "people hate this race" and then you respond by attacking fans by calling them nerds and losers, how about you create a fictional black superhero that can be the actual underdog. By that I mean the complete opposite of yourself. Honestly Sergio do you get off over being a cynical person. You are the one who is racist because you like something only because it features a member of another race that isn't white. It's fine that you are a racist Sergio, but don't act like you have a reason for your hate. You only get what you give man, you understand what I am getting at man ?


I enjoyed it and posted The OTHER Amazing Spider Man on my Facebook movie site.


Why is race always a issue? Did we really need Nick Fury to be black in the other Marvel movies? It is a marketing move to get everyone's money. They don't care about black rights, but the green bucks in their wallets.

kid chaos

Sergio i told you if you dont know anything about current events stop writing about them.

Kevin Sorrell

As for the film itself, I dug it. A quick, breezy version of Miles' origin. Really sharp for a fan film. I'd love so see what this could do in a longer format with more spacious storytelling.

Kevin Sorrell

Thank you, Micah and Ghost, for setting the record straight. I'm into comics, so when I read that first paragraph, my eyes bugged and my mouth dropped. SMH. I'm not trying to start a flame war, but we seriously have to do better…


Sergio this is another exampleof crying racism for no reason. Peter Parker is still alive in the comics. Miles Morales is in a seperate 'universe'. It took me two seconds of research to find that out. I realize this is nobody's main gig but it would benefit the site if posts could strive for some accuracy. Aside from that I'm glad these guys decided to make this short. Hopefully it will lead to bigger and better things for them.


The Peter Parker that is dead in Marvel is from Marvel's Ultimate Universe. That is who Miles Morales replaced and it was planned 2 years in advance and the choice to make him back was based on the white writer who has black children and Donald Glover's teaser of being Spider-Man on NBC's Community. The real Peter Parker is alive and currently in a crossover with Miles in Spider-Men. And with the way Marvel is pushing Miles-who has more things than in less than a year 2 action figures, 2 video game appearances and slated to appear in a few Marvel cartoons.



Because Peter Parker is the only Spiderman that counts. You have to be careful with modern comic books. They often try to mix things up, keep series fresh, by temporarily pushing aside the original characters. This is what happens when you have 40, 50 sometimes 70 years of backstory that took place in dozens of titles. What is even worse is that the writers are dealing with characters who for the most part don't age. So you have DC having Bane break Batman's back (putting Bruce Wayne out of commission for a bit) and some other character killing of Superman. But these characters don't stay injured or dead for long. They always come back. And comic writers/editors find a way to explain why superhero characters who fought during WW2 are still in their 20s or 30s as they fight bad guys in 2012. So you can bet Peter Parker won't stay dead if he hasn't "come back" already. He is too much of a household name and cash cow for Marvel.


I applaud their efforts to inject something new and different into the industry as far as African American images are concerned… more superheroes, less drag is what I say. instead of saying it's whack allen, why don't you offer to lend a hand and show them how it's done.


Yeah, nice try. I actually think the new Spiderman is miles better than the crappy Maguire films. I'm looking forward to when the studios do the Miles Morales Spiderman for the big screen.


Honestly this short looked wack but nice try.

Vanessa Martinez

This was pretty amazing! Great special effects and editing..Loving this..

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