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So Long Barsoom: Andrew Stanton To Direct ‘Finding Nemo 2’

So Long Barsoom: Andrew Stanton To Direct 'Finding Nemo 2'

Let’s see how the small market of fans eager for a “John Carter” sequel are going to take this. Following a tumultuous production, a botched marketing campaign in what turned out to be one of the biggest flops of the year, costing Disney $200 million, we figured it would be interesting to see where Andrew Stanton landed next. Well, the open arms of his longtime home Pixar are welcoming him back to direct a sequel to one of their biggest movies.

Continuing their decline from the house of original stories to franchise churrner, Pixar is gearing up “Finding Nemo 2” and Stanton will be back to guide the follow-up to the 2nd most successful movie in the studio’s history. Of course, any further details are under wraps, but this is just the beginning of the renewed money train for “Finding Nemo.” On September 14th, the movie will be back in theaters in a 3D re-release, but if you think Stanton is returning to this movie just for the love of it, you’d be mistaken. While parent company Disney loves his concept, Deadline suggests he’s doing this gig so he can get another shot making a live-action movie (though nothing is guaranteed yet). A classic one for them, one for me move.

And it’s a movie Disney has been eager to make a sequel to for a long time. Way back in 2008, Michael Eisner threatened to use the shortlived Circle 7 Animation division to make sequels to Disney-owned Pixar films, and a story which had Nemo (Alexander Gould) finding Marlin (Albert Brooks) was apparently the direction they were headed, with Laurie Craig (“Ella Enchanted“) to write the script. But it never came to pass.

So will “Finding Nemo” be the key to reviving “John Carter: The God Of Mars”? Will Disney ever forgive a $200 million goof? Do we really need a “Finding Nemo” sequel? Probably not, but the merchandising is gonna be off the chain.

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The "goof"was all Disney's. It was they that dropped the ball on John Carter of Mars.The movie was great and deserves the planned trilogy.

Sparky Santos

Edit – Somehow it posted wrong.

Andrew has a trick up his sleeve. He hinted as broadly as he could. But unless Horn proves to us he can do right by the more than 12,000 fans on FaceBook gunning for the sequels, as well as those who may the film the most downloaded film ever. It would a good idea to have Marvel Films or Pixar play producer as Disney dropped the ball in promoting the fim.

Any of you remember "Return To Oz" – and how Disney mangled the promotion of it?


Wow, if Kevin Jagernauth can't do his own homework, he should find more accurate pundits from which to copy. The only "next" film that director Andrew Stanton has publicly confirmed is "Monsters U," which he revealed to a group of film fans back in May (and a certain group of 'die-hard' "John Carter" fans to whom he gave a shout-out were present to hear it). Maybe Jagernauth should have joined us to get an actual scoop, as opposed to copy-katting from every other know-nothing out there. Interesting that these same ney-sayers were particularly silent when "John Carter" zoomed straight to No. 1 on DVD/Blu-ray on its first day of release in every single country where this phenomenal film has been released. (I also have not seen it mentioned that this film had one of the longest theatrical runs of any film this year–just shy of four full months–and continued to draw crowds even two weeks after the DVD release). Millions of "JC" film/book fans, 11,000 'Back To Barsoom' members and over 6100 petition signatures can't be wrong: Audiences love "John Carter" and want a sequel!


If I have to wait for a Nemo 2 before I get a Carter 2, I'll take it. Carter was judged by critics, media, and American audiences before it need hit theatres. Probably even fewer people know that carter is based on the timeless Edgar Rice Burroughs classic Princess of Mars from the same person who gave us Tarzan. Disney almost ruined the Tarzan movie for me, it is little surprise that they produced a movie as timeless as John Carter through no fault of their own. Now that I know it was actually a Pixar director who was behind Carter from the beginning, it all begins to make sense. What makes a movie timeless? The fact that people may criticize it and yet it still remains. Mark my words. Criticism may continue to fall like rain, but John Carter will remain. It is that good. That is why I want a sequel!

Diana Cole

This isn't over till it's over. The sequel, John Carter and the Gods of Mars, will be as awesome or even more so than the original. Stay tuned.

Daniel Presnell

Small market of fans huh… Neilson uses 5000 set top boxes to tell us what 90 million people want to watch. Over 5000 people have signed a petition for a JOHN CARTER sequel. So by Hollywood math, 90 million people want to see a second JOHN CARTER film. Small market indeed!


Once again, thanks for the publicity! Go Barsoom!


none of the fans will give up on "John Carter and the Gods of Mars" , every one i know who has seen the film has loved it, please stop calling it a flop and do some more homework, stop peddling out the same rubbish .


All of us John Carter fans knew that Andrew Stanton was going to direct another film before he did another John Carter film and Finding Nemo 2 happened to be it.I am another member of the Back To Barsoom group and all this is doing is causing us to work even harder to get the John Carter sequel made in the future.Let me say i am in it for the long haul as its a marathon and not a sprint.


Well, none of us "die hard" fans have given up on "John Carter and the Gods of Mars" yet. It is not a 200m bomb… in no ways. Disney has made their money back and then some. And it's still going up. The only main fault of the movie "John Carter" was it's marketing and backing by the studio. But they are still making profit on the marketing. And will do for some time; I predict.

Jan Austin

Well, since I am one of those Back To Barsoom fans you mentioned (one of the admins of the group actually), I would like to say, and as with Stanton’s last interview with the LA Times, not once does Stanton say that he is doing a Finding Nemo 2 (whether he is or isn’t, this was never mentioned), and Stanton nor Disney has NEVER mentioned that there will not be a John carter Sequel. In fact, the previous interview, Stanton tweeted….”Don’t believe everything you read….” Writers seem to put their own spin on these interviews. In fact, if you were aware of the John Carter and Back To Barsoom community, you would all know differently. The fact now is, this film has made approx $300 million (and climbing) between box-office and DVD sales. And, there are thousands and thousands of fans all over the world who are supporting John Carter. I won’t try and talk you in to seeing, buying, or renting this film, but it would be nice if people, writers and others did some research and got their facts straight (even the LA Times!).


Well, seems you guys missed the fact that Andrew Stanton made a "deal" with Disney. He'd direct another animated feature if they let him do another live-action film. Put ya a bet he's gunning for John Carter 2. Ohhh how you love to diss John Carter and all of us thousands and thousands of fans worldwide who support it! Your mama must be damn proud of you!


At least 12 years after the original? The only Pixar film outside of the Toy Story series that lends itself to sequels is The Incredibles, I doubt anybody would argue with me on that one.

Brittany Yanna

I wonder if Nemo will be all grown up with babies of his own! Gosh I'm do excited!!! :D


There are two themes running through The Playlist as of late. The sheer delight in rubbing salt in Andrew Stanton's wounds re: John Carter. But most disturbing is the sort of chortled hand-wringing delight over their never-ending prediction of Pixar's doom. Doom I tell you! DOOOM!


thise is amazing pic you got thaaer



I will be 20 when this thing finally comes out. Maybe almost even 21. no. regrets. ever. i cannot wait.



So what if Nemo gets lost again. Wouldn't he be a teenager now?

It's like that old joke from the Critic about Home Alone 6. "Oh my god! We left Kevin home alone for Christmas!! ANd he's only 23!!!!"


"Continuing their decline from the house of original stories to franchise churrner … "
After Monsters University, they have three original movies in a row. The Good Dinosaur (2014), Untitled Movie About the Human Mind (2015), and Untitled Movie That Takes Place During Día de los Muertos (2016). Their original movies are still going strong. Just sayin'. :)



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