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Spike Lee Is TCM’s Guest Programmer This Thursday July 5th

Spike Lee Is TCM's Guest Programmer This Thursday July 5th

Anyone who regularly watches the Turner Classic Movie cable channel (and if not, why aren’t you?) knows that every week on a special night, they like to have some celebrity (usually an actor, director, film critic or writer) as the guest programmer, to choose and discuss the films for that evening’s broadcast.

Well, this Thursday July 5, it’s Spike Lee’s turn; along with TCM host Robert Osborne, he will present and discuss, before and after each showing, films which he says have had a monumental impact on him and his work.

The films which he selected (in the order they will be presented) are Billy Wilder’s 1951 brutally cynical Ace in the Hole; actor Charles Laughton’s 1955 strange suspense thriller Night of the Nunter (the only film Laughton ever directed); two Elia Kazan classics: 1954’s On the Waterfront and, for me, his far superior 1957 film A Face in the Crowd (a film more relevant today than it was when it first came out); and Matrin Ritt’s 1979 David vs.Goliath union drama Norma Rae.

The film series begins at 8PM (7PM Central).

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I am greatly disappointed that TCM would showcase Spike Lee as guest programmer, a man who is clearly a racist, evident through his rhetoric and his films. A very poor choice. My TCM viewing was dark this evening.

James Evans from the Cabrini-Green

Can someone help me with my aversion to Spike? I simply am never impressed with his work. It's somewhat astonishing that he names those films as influential, as his work HARDLY emulates the sharp writing and direction he claims to admire. To me, Spike and Tyler are two sides of the same bull***t coin. But legions of 20 year old aspiring independent filmmakers and B-list actors CAN'T be wrong, can they? Help me like Spike (and Tyler Perry)!! I wanna be down!!


My favorite channel of all time! As Sergio said: (if not your's, why not?). "They" say if a person aspires to be a great writer, they should be a ferocious reader. I believe that's a given for obvious reasons. So goes the aspiring filmmaker/director/screenwriter, it would seem tantamount to their success that they watch the best movies of all time. Anyway, there's no way I'll miss Spike on Thursday night. Heck, the exchange between him and host Robert Osborne and their different viewpoints, will be worth the price of admission (and this is free). But that's only the tip of what I hope to experience. I can't wait to hear Spike's take on the movies he chose. I didn't know Charles Laughton directed "Night of the Hunter", but I want to hear what caught Spike's eye? See, that's the start of another great discussion "Great actors and how they faired as directors". There's several in that pool. But "Night of the Hunter" is a great film. And that's another discussion… Robert Mitchum roles. Huuuuummm… he's a bad man is this flick, but he was evil in Cape Fear too. Huuummm, his Cape Fear or Robert De Niro's? btw, Mitchum was in both of them. Oh, A Face In The Crowd will not be yo daddy's Sheriff Andy Griffith nor Opie Taylor, nor Matlock. Well, Andy Griffith is the star of the film, but he's not a sheriff in this one. Again, I can't wait to hear Spike's interests in that movie. Ace in the Hole… well, we'll see, maybe it's a kirk Douglas thang. But Noma Rae?! That theme has been done a million times and I don't think we're talking a great performance. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for the memories, Sergio.

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