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That ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Movie You Didn’t Want Probably Won’t Happen Now That George Lucas Is Retired

That 'Indiana Jones 5' Movie You Didn't Want Probably Won't Happen Now That George Lucas Is Retired

Nobody knows better how to milk a franchise until it’s creatively bankrupt than George Lucas. Having driven “Star Wars” down the wormhole of prequels, animated spinoffs, video games and more, taking it straight into oblivion, it seemed the Indiana Jones franchise was next on his list. As if enduring “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” wasn’t enough, last fall Steven Spielberg revealed that Lucas had sort of cracked the nut on a fifth movie, figuring out what the MacGuffin would be, but hadn’t yet put the story together. But it seems that’s as far as it will ever get.

Chatting with Collider, producer Frank Marshall said that ‘Crystal Skull’ was likely the last time Indy was going to crack the whip. “I say, for me, [Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is] the last hurrah.  I know that yes, we talk about it, but there’s no idea, there’s no MacGuffin,” he said, contradicting Spielberg’s comments.

As you might remember, George Lucas announced earlier this year he was stepping away from LucasFilm to focus on making experimental movies in his garage (or something). Spielberg’s longtime producing partner (and Marshall’s wife) Kathleen Kennedy has replaced him on the board, and that’s another indication he’s done with Indy. “Yeah, no he isn’t [hungry to do another Indiana Jones]. And he’s obviously passing the baton to my wife, so…” Marshall said.

But of course, Lucas is never done tinkering with his work and whether or not he’s at LucasFilm, it’s a brand that keeps the company moving. So even if Harrison Ford might not reprise his role and Steven Spielberg may not direct, we’d guess prequels, another “Young Indiana Jones” series or hell, even a reboot aren’t off the table. Indy dead as far as Lucas/Spielberg/Ford is concerned? Sure. As a franchise? Never say never.

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Film Fan

George Lucas kept fresh ideas and new characters coming without rebooting his ideas. Meanwhile, the rest of hollywood churns out reboots of characters they didn't invent! Hollywood is creatively bankrupt, and so is the movie going public. Lucas is too good for today's creatively bankrupt society. Every Star Wars prequel surprised me with fresh ideas, fresh approaches, and new characters. Plus those movies have something to say about society that you just won't hear.


I honestly wished they'd do one more. Crystal Skull wasn't the way to end such a legendary series. Sure, Lucas can come up with a story idea (Indy is his creation afterall), but that's all he needs to do to have his name under the Story/Executive Producer title. Have other writers work on the script, and give Spielberg complete reign to approve/dissaprove of the details. More Spielberg and less Lucas will end the franchise the way we've always wanted it to end.


I want Indy 5 and hope it happens. The thing I don't want to be doing is reading this site.


I'd agree with Jeff, it's too late for anyone to really care. The battle has long been lost, any good faith in Lucas is nostalgic at best. In hindsight from interviews and gossip it's apparent Lucas personally took to fucking this project over for numerous still unknown reasons. There's apparently a respectable Frank Darabount script which apparently got the film green lit for all parties, but Lucas in his infinite wisdom scrapped it last minute in favor of aliens, fridges, and commie bashing monkeys.


15 years too late.


How does one say 'thank fuck' in Koihoma?


Oh thank Christ. Having said that, that's not saying a good Indy movie couldnt be made, one that embraces where the guy would (honestly) be at this stage of his life. But following that last f*cking balls up – a real atrocity – let's put dear old Indy out to pasture and leave him there.

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