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The Bane Of WB’s Existence: ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Media Screening Shut Down After IMAX Complications

The Bane Of WB's Existence: 'Dark Knight Rises' Media Screening Shut Down After IMAX Complications

Be slightly less jealous you weren’t there. Last night’s “The Dark Knight Rises” screening, one of the first major screenings for movie junketeers attending today’s press junket went awry, in what many are already calling one of the biggest film snafus of the year. One hour into the IMAX-presented screening, the picture and sound started to fall out of synch, to the point where the audience complained and the screening was shut down. While projectionists tried and failed to fix the issue, Warner Bros. was forced to halt the screening and ask the junketeers to return Saturday morning at 8 am to rewatch the film in full, just a few hours before the press conference.

What does this ultimately mean for the film? Outside of many understandably upset film writers, probably not a lot. The Christopher Nolan-directed films are generally bulletproof, and it’s doubtful any critics are going to take their irritation out on the film. And after all, there have been reports of at least one other critic screening where reviewers stood up and creamed in their pa— errr, gave the film a standing ovation.

Though it’s likely not the finest beginning to the IMAX-is-better narrative. Still, consider the screening gaffe a minor blip right now for a film likely to come close to the $200 million mark after its opening day weekend. Yet you’ve got to imagine a compromised screening experience for arguably the most anticipated movie of the year is a bitter pill that most movie media in attendance aren’t going to forget anytime soon. “The Dark Knight Rises” opens on July 20th. Check out a 13-minute featurette from the film below.

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Tom Cruise

I can take "the batman". Just get me in a ring with him. I'm Tom Cruise b!tches!


Who the **** is paying you to write like this?


I know. I agree its un-journalistic. Way to go, playlist.


This article, I think is the most childish article I have read when it comes to journalism. Wait!! – This is not journalism. It's non-sensical.


This *is* a silly little story, but commenters seem to be jumping on this as some wild unwarranted reporting that's trying to attack Nolan and the movie. The Playlist reports on silly little things like this all the time, they don't oversell this incident as one of huge importance, it's a three paragraph story, and people are just jumping on it because they're overexcited for the film (me too) and can't countenance anything not breathlessly excited for it.

Skeptik Hektik

What was the point of this article?


If this happens to my screening…. I'm not even gonna go there…

Travis D.

Exactly what honest relevance does this article have? IMAX has been a successful business for nearly 30 years, and has more than proven itself as a first-class cinematic experience. To report on a technical snafu at an early screening is one thing; to try and twist it into some big, problematic issue that questions the relevancy of IMAX, Warner Bros, and the movie itself is just Edward Davis' way of using bad journalism to try and drum up unwarranted negative publicity for a major studio film. You should be ashamed.


None story. Who cares if the critics are pissed about some technical glitch at a screening?


I like that you guys hide the news of the positive screening until the very end of the article.

There's good reporting & then there's just slutty hit whoring. This is the later.


I think the news story should've been the rave reviews coming in, and this should've been a side bar note. I've been reading the tweets and mini reviews and I cannot wait another two weeks to see this film!

Chris Johnson

"it's likely not the finest beginning for the IMAX-is-better narrative" … That's what you've come to? That, on several levels, makes sense to you to say?


Oh boo fucking hoo. Critics have nothing to complain about as far as I'm concerned. They get to see every one of these movies early.

Sally Albright

Wait so were you guys actually there or…?



The Dark Knight Rises is going to be the biggest circle jerk in film history.


Junketeers must be younger than ever these days given the juvenile humor in this breathless post.


I would have died of heart attack if i saw the movie only half the part.

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