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The Pilot for the American Remake of ‘The IT Crowd’ is Online

The Pilot for the American Remake of 'The IT Crowd' is Online

The pilot for NBC’s never-aired US version of “The IT Crowd” has been leaked (at least for now) onto YouTube, notes Splitsider. Update: And now it’s down, though there’s still a version on DailyMotion — see below.

The original UK series ran on Channel 4 and was the creation of Graham Linehan, who’s also responsible for “Father Ted” and “Black Books.”

The British series was a winningly geeky sitcom about the IT department at Reynholm Industries, an upscale company with an incomprehensible business model, and included gags about the Armin Meiwes German cannibalism incident and a website created to help the hopelessly sports ignorant fake knowledgable conversations about last night’s game. It was very funny, and among others starred Richard Ayoade and Chris O’Dowd, whose stars have since been on a rise in the world of film (Ayoade, in addition to acting, directed last year’s “Submarine”).

The US version, which you can watch below, has Ayoade back in the part of Moss and the not nearly nerdy enough Joel McHale taking on the role of Roy, originated by O’Dowd. This pilot was filmed back in 2007 and was actually greenlit by NBC until being killed off by new chairman Ben Silverman. The episode below doesn’t work nearly as well as the UK version, but is an interesting look at what might have been — McHale, of course, ended up in “Community” not long after, while Ayoade will next be seen in the Ben Stiller comedy “The Watch.”

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The whole feel of the ting is off though. In the original the company and it’s employees were more of indifferent and used the IT department, but in this they were portrayed as disliking them altogether. They also added in parts that accentuated this fact which took away from the dynamic that the three of them need for a successful show. And though Joel may have the talent for this part, he’s not right for it. Roy needs to have a vulnerability to him that is inherent in the nerd/IT community that he just doesn’t have. He carries himself in that cocky "I’m cool and I know it" way, which is probably why he does so well as Jeff Winger.

Also, other small things like, using the A-Team song for the poster making is horribly off point without denim showing the picture of the A-team in his office, which he didn’t do here. And Denim himself is way off. Yes, he’s supposed to be a confident know-it-all businessman, but he’s also supposed to be completely inept and outrageous. I just don’t feel like this one gave off that kind of vibe.

And some of the jokes, like Moss holding the plug and Roy noticing, were timed way way off. And when they first notice Jen and enter the room, they go on with this conversation type thing, and Moss is conversion with Roy, but Moss would NEVER DO THAT. He’d get confused and not understand…like in the original.

So in short, I realize I’m a big fan of the original (one of my favorite shows), but it just feels like a big cop out, and a horribly done one at that, to me. I would much prefer them to get the old trio back together and continue the storyline than for them to try and do a remake. The original is good, still holds up today, and honestly it’s not that old. Started in ’06 and ended in ’13… which was last year. Which means this pilot was being worked on the same time the show was going on… which is ridiculous. But yeah…. so that’s my thoughts….and crossing my fingers for someone to pick it up and convince the crew to come back.


I would choose not Joel McHale (the Soup), but Danny McBride (Yopur Highness) for the role of Roy!!!! They would be a perfect match with Ayoade as Moss


It wasn't great but with a few changes it could have potential. Moss was of course great and Roy was ok but has room to improve, which I'm sure that Joel McHale could do, but Jen NEEDS to be replaced if the show has any hope of being successful. Jessica St. Clair just doesn't have the acting style that works with a sitcom. I think this could be a really successful show in the US especially for people who haven seen the British version and have have nothing to compare it to. There were particular jokes that weren't in the British version that I found to be quit funny (I.E. the new coffee maker. In the end it's not the original but with a few changes it could develope a good fan base. Hey I would watch it as long as they re cast Jen.


if they don´t bring matt berry… It´s not gonna work


Look, I’m a HUGE fan of the original British series, and honestly I don’t know if I approve of this. I mean it’s cool Richard Ayoade is back to play Moss cause no one else in the world can do that role the way he does it. But…it would really take a lot and I mean A LOT for me to get used to these new actors playing these amazing characters. There’s one thing that’s for sure, this new series will NEVER and I mean NEVER beat out the original…and I will be pissed if anyone says it does. But hey…give the series a shot…I guess…


Also, “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie” is about to be released, which is also a British tv series…so hey, why not make “The IT Crowd Movie”? I’d be so on board with that…please let this be considered God!!!

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