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The Public Shaming of Kristen Stewart

The Public Shaming of Kristen Stewart

Yesterday, the highest paid film actress, Kristen Stewart, — she of Twilight fame — released a very bizarre press release apologizing to her boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson for her indiscretion with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

It was bizarre for many reasons.  First, because it was in an apology that she actually publicly acknowledged for the first time her relationship with Pattinson.  Second, the quick response to the potential scandal from a young woman who has a tenuous — at best — relationship with the media.  Third, that she felt that she had to respond to it at all.

I am of the camp that this was completely unnecessary.  She did not have to fall on her sword in such a public way, so quickly, for something she had always wanted to keep so private.  I think the tabloid media is more interested in taking down Kristen Stewart because she has always kept them at a distance and could care less what they write about her. 

But in this instance she clearly cares what people write because these pictures of a married man with kids and a young woman not married but in a relationship hurts the man she loves.  I’m not going to get into the fact that Sanders was technically her boss on the film as her director and he will be her boss on the sequel.  Films don’t have the same organizational structures as offices, but if you want to think about it, as the director he’s in charge and she works for him.  So Rupert Sanders, you are a dick and deserve whatever you have coming to you.  Of course you will still get your next gig since you are a dude and sleeping with your star won’t hurt your career.

But this indiscretion has wide implications for Stewart aside from the work she has to do to repair her relationship with Pattinson.  I am guessing that the swiftness of her response has everything to do with the Twilight fandom and the drumbeat that is already happening as we head towards the release of the saga’s final chapter.  Women don’t usually come out too well in Hollywood when they have affairs.  We judge women so harshly — think Meg Ryan — and go from there.  And Stewart who hated the media to begin with is going to get some serious shit over this just so people can feel superior.

This is about money and the Twilight fans.  While I am no expert on Twilight and the fans, this whole good girl image that she portrays on the screen seems to have sunk it way too deep and people really feel too close to her, this film and all things Twilight.  To be honest the whole thing creeps me out a bit.  I just watched a video of a Twilight fan crying about what she did at the same time asking people to give the couple their privacy.  It’s like their fantasy has been shattered and it was done by Kristen Stewart who has wronged the great and seemingly perfect (in their minds) Robert Pattinson.

While I still don’t think she had to do it, I actually think that putting out a statement that seems so honest and raw is quite brave.  It is clear that she is struggling and it is clear that she is human. 

How Could You Do This Kristen? video

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>>And Stewart who hated the media to begin with is going to get some serious shit over this just so people can feel superior.

Not all of us cheat on our boyfriends with married men. So yea, in a way, I am MORALLY superior. I may not be a multi-millionaire, but I at least know the basics of morality.


Ross and Sanders are getting divorced.

But yea, Stewart and he only kissed.

When will America and Hollywood realize that not only did these two insult their partners trust but also their intelligence?


Once a lying, I'll-say-anything-to-save-my-career-whore, always a whore.

Pattinson is a mug.

Christine K

Female actresses bear the brunt of public shaming.

“Lift up beautiful young people like gods and then pull them down to earth to gaze at their seams.” – Jodie Foster

Kristen Stewart and The Halo Effect:


I think your article makes a good point, but there's one other data point you mention, and I don't even remember that supposed scandal with Meg Ryan. Mel Gibson got a lot more flack (for good reason, in my opinion) for his cheating scandal.

Mary KT

The defense of Kristen Steward under pseudo feminist excuses is getting a little ridiculous. She isn't being slut-shamed because she is a woman. She is getting slut shamed because she CHEATED on her long term boyfriend with a MARRIED man. What she did was wrong, and apologizing for her huge mistake was the least of the right things she could do after the scandal blew out. Melissa Silverstein, you need to stop and think about what you're saying here. It's one thing to express genuine concern that Sanders isn't getting enough disapproval, but to just focus on Steward's "woes" is ridiculous. She is not a victim of sexism, she is a victim of her own bad decisions. And the lame excuse that she is too young to know better is absolutely wrong because most of my female friends in long term relationships are her age and they haven't cheated. So they have nothing to get slut shamed for.
Steward is not some poor little angel. She is in the wrong, just as Sanders is. Stop defending her.


Move on kids. Haven't you heard? Tsunamis and hurricanes are claiming people'e lives. Poverty exists, as does sexual slavery, GOP corruption, disease and world suffering. Jump out of Kristen's life and start living your own. She'll be fine. She has millions in the bank and staff running around her 24'7. Victimized? Not so much.


So Rupert Sanders, is a dick and deserves whatever he has coming to him because he slept with an employee but Kristen Stewart doesn't deserve what she is getting for sleeping with her boss?

That is as sexist as women recieving more backlash than men do when they cheat. Like one commentor said, Kristen is not a victim and was in a intimate relationship with Sander's consensually. She is as equally to blame as he is for the affair. If Sanders deserves whatever he gets because he hooked up with the star of his movie, than the same applies to Kristen for hooking up with the director of her movie.


Kristen Stewart is not a victim. Any suggestion she is, is PR trotted out to keep 12 years old happy. She was clearly in a sexually intimate relationship with Sanders and she was in it consensually. This idea that she was lured or compelled into cheating is an insult to the millions of truly abused children who really don’t have a choice in that. Stewart is not a child and this is not a sexist issue. It’s about deception, entitlement and a total lack of integrity. If those pictures hadn’t come out Stewart sand Sanders would still be lying to their partners and dealing a fatal blow to a family with two children at stake. If there is any pity going around, save it for them.


Hard to remember sometimes but these are real people. Fallible human beings with the capacity to mess things up. Having never seen any of Kristen's films I feel I can be unbiased in hoping all turns out for the best. As for the director, I know it looks bad. An older, married male in a position of power. But lets not assume anything, that's being patronizing to everyone involved. What everyone involved needs is the space to work this out. Sadly I feel the media probably won't give them that. Oh well that's life.


I don't know if all these news stories about Kristen Stewart and her breakup with her boyfriend is true. And I don't care. I am a middle age unemployed women who got to know the movies and books through my nieces. I am bored stiff so I thought why not say something. I don't care about these people, I actually called the whole Twilight cast the crap pack. However the way the media is treating this young woman is disgusting and misogynistic. She cheated on her boyfriend. Wow. What a big deal in Hollywood. The double standard makes me sick.When Brad Pitt dumped his wife for Ms. Jolie he became a hero. Ms. Stewart gets dropped from projects, Mr. Pattinson get offer roles of a lifetime like playing Lawrence of Arabia. Little pre-teens and teens call Ms. Stewart the S word because she cheated on "such a wonderful, perfect, beautiful man." Mr. Pattinson breezes through the media circle promoting his quircky movie Cosmopolis; Ms. Stewart is described by the same media as starving herself living on Red Bull and cigarrettes and crying all the time. To the media I want to say: Guys, this is Hollywood, the sewer city; Ms. Stewart is not the first or last woman or man who cheated on her significant other. To the little girls: I bet the little money I have left in the bank that this Pattinson guy is not that wonderful. Actually what you are doing is transfering. It is a book, kids. And to Ms. Stewart, chin up. Don't let this media punks destroy you and all the young actresses who made a personal mistake. I miss the Kristen Stewart who flicked her finger to the papparazzi. Come back.


Ok, lets get real. She kissed a guy. She didnt sleep with him. Yes there is a degree of "cheating" here, but its NOT AN AFFAIR! Take into concideration that she is young and this MARRIED man approaches her, smothers her in everything a girl wants to hear. She is overwhelmed and confused and steps into his web. It was a moment. Not a 6 month fling. She loves Robert and I am certain he loves her. Leave them alone. Let them work it out. If there was love to begin with, honesty, communication and love will get them thru it.
Been there, Done that. Still married and still very much in love.


I must agree with the author. We're always publicly shaming women for having affairs, yet with men it's just "expected." Charlie Sheen we view in jest, yet Angelina, Kristen, and all these other hot ladies are exploited. I'm not condoning cheating on any level, but something is definitely off kilter here…If anything this is probably great news for Twilight though! $$


Look Rob got cheated on by the girl okay…most mansites i've been on are labelling Pattinson as a man who couldn't satisfy the chick and a sissy with a small {insert here}…it's more harsh if your girl cheats on you with anther man cuz dang…so do i feel sympathy kind off but do i think they will get back together? Hmm probably not and i think they are donzo and even if they do i doubt it will last. Can u imgaine logging on and seeing pics of ur gf's ass and some man's crotch dry humping…and her face all touchy feely…lol.


Just maybe her apology was for James and not for the media. She publicly humiliated him, so she apologized publicly as well as privately. As for Sanders being Stewart's boss, think again. She's the highest paid star and he's a director for hire. They both work for the producers of that film. He had no power over her. He was just a douche bag for cheating on his wife. Both star & director were in the wrong because they hurt their significant others. Just further proof that no one is perfect and people F-up. This isn't the first and won't be the last time a star and director get involved on set. Roberto Rosellini & Ingrid Bergman fell in love on set while both were married. They eventually married and had 3 kids before divorcing. It can happen the right way like for Len Wiseman and Kate Beckinsale falling in love on set, but both were single. lol. "the right way".


They, the Director and Stewart, are both in the wrong. Cheating is never right.


Man, is K-Stew gorgeous! She'll be forgiven eventually. I can't stop staring at
her photo! Look away! Look away!

Tyler A. Chase

She wasn't married to her boyfriend. The director however is married and he should be the one taking the heat. Has this world changed at all? Its pathetic. I don't think she should have apologized and I wish that the entertainment business was as culpable as other industries when it comes to bosses throwing their weight around with needy actors.


EDIT: last line should read, It is very hard with the WHOLE world saying yes to you, to say no.

Sorry, wish they made comments easier to edit! But, I don't want my typo to detract from what I said, it is very difficult when young women particularly have the world, an older world at that, pushing and pulling at you, to know what to accept and what to reject. Some lessons are learned the hard way and most of us have the opportunity of learning these lessons without public scorn. Give the kid a break, there is no such person as Bella Swan! There is a real life person named Kristen Stewart who acts for a living. Again, moving on……


Well, not that it is beneath me, but normally I wouldn't comment on celebrity problems – however, it seems that the most important thing in the article, that people identified too closely with the Twilight movies and the CHARACTER'S both Stewart and Pattinson play, is worth talking about. I feel like David Letterman wanting to scream 'It's a movie for god's sake!' to all of the young people who flock to these flicks and take them to heart as much as they do. I know that for young people, 22 seems old(er), but when you are older, it is very young in the larger question of age. She is young, she has come into fame that has a little bit of that kind of worship/insanity involved, she has stated in interviews that she never wanted to be a famous star and she was surprised when a huge crowd of fans showed up for Snow White based on her Twilight fame. She at one time compared the fame of Angelina Jolie as undesirable, and though some painted her as the evil one who broke up a marriage, people were not as harsh with her actions as they are with Ms. Stewart's. I can only think that is because of the image machine behind the Twilight franchise. To keep their relationship a guessing game, to finally come out with the truth after the movie where they were married and just before the final release, to play up the notion that their relationship was the same as the one seen on screen, was all to the financial advantage of the Studio and the fame and fortune of its stars. This is exactly the kind of thing Studios used to do when they almost contractually 'owned' their actors. They played these games to ensure box office sales. Well, of course people are fooled, they want to believe there is more to this than just a movie, it must be all true. Instead, you have real, flesh and blood people who act for a living, some that are very young, swept up in a movie phenomena, but behaving in real life like real people do, much to their fans dismay. We don't know why this brief 'affair', I don't like to use that word because I don't think it lasted long enough, it was a transgression, happened. I do know that pressure applied to a suddenly struck by stardom 22 year old young woman, just past girlhood, by the 'boss' can end badly for the girl. By what I have read, he acted in a predatory fashion and she succumbed. If she hadn't been caught, and I think the fact that this could nearly be described as a couple of one night stands, if no one was the wiser, no damage would have been done. That is how a 22 year old thinks, it didn't mean anything, I feel terrible, please don't find out, I want to go home! And I think they should let her. I don't know if there is a real relationship between Stewart and Pattinson, or the quality and commitment they have to it (especially at her age). I don't know if they need to be together beyond Twilight publicity, but this young actress needs to be understood for who she is. She is not married, she is 22, she is the 'hot' box office wonder girl with offers of all kinds coming from all directions. She will learn as she grows up and it is hard to grow up in the harsh light of public scrutiny. She is going, and admits to, make mistakes. She will choose bad movie roles, she will probably have more men in her life, statistics don't bode well for 22 year old romances, much less Hollywood ones, she never asked for your devotion and she doesn't deserve your hatred. Leave her alone and let her come home. You know you have done the same, don't hold her to any other standard than you would yourself. It is very hard with the hold world saying yes to you, to say no. Lesson learned. Moving on.


"I just watched a video of a Twilight fan crying about what she did at the same time asking people to give the couple their privacy."

Hey, "writer," learn to write. You sound like a run-on-at-the-mouth 8th grader.


Both Sanders and Kristen are multi millionaires so why are they driving around to multiple locations doing it in public parking lots? Why didn't they go to a huge hotel, rent a room with a fake name and arrive and leave through different doors at different times? This was really stupid or they wanted to be caught and photographed.


honestly it is kirsten screwed up big time we are all human and makee mistakes that's a major part of growing and learning. We all mes up in life. Kirsten is very very young and ha s a lot of growing up to do. I also think the brunt of blame is being thrown at kirsten yeah the girl cheated but you know it takes two to tango. Sanders is as much to blame.


This is all just a spin made by the public relations people.

And there is a huge double standard – if the guy did it then we wouldn't be so quick to judge.

Unfortunately we still live in a double standardized world, pushing aside all that PC crap. It will take a while for her to crawl out of this mess she has gotten herself into. But having said that, there were two involved in this and the director does not appear to be getting as much flack from the media as Kristen Stewart is. Which does not surprise me, considering the double standard thing.

I'm surprised nobody in the media has mentioned the director's wife in all this, or the children for that matter. They're victims in this too!


I was surprised she said anything publicly at all. It looked like it was staged by her handlers so we can cite 'poor handling' in this case. She should've kept mum about all of it and said nothing. She would never have come out on top with this situation no matter how you look at it. People see cheating has a really bad character flaw. No one approves except the cheater. Coming out with it I think shattered her image in people’s minds. I don’t see her films doing well for a very long time. Plus the biggest thing she’s done anyway was Twilight. That won’t be topped.


Someone writing an article with fairness, common sense and intelligence. This girl should be left alone to repair the damage on her own with those who were hurt by it. It's her life and none of your business to meddle. Just stand there and observe, that's all you can do so deal with it.

Deborah J

Wow. I love this article. Thank you for talking about two things that no one else is-Rubert Sander's responsibility and the fact that people seem to think that
Robert Pattinson is perfect. I am a huge Twilight fan and have not or will not criticize either one of them. But it takes two to make a relationship and everyone has baggage that they bring into it. I just want them both to be okay.

Cynicism Is The New Hope

Liberty Ross a victim?

Wake up dear.

The Typical Defense Is Getting Old

Okay, I keep hearing the same defenses for Kristen Stewart which are: she is young, she is only human and everyone makes mistakes, she is just expressing her sexuality and the director is responsible for he is the man or older!

What!? Are you people crazy? Unless Kristen Stewart is still in grade school and writing her name in crayon she knows right form wrong. Actually, even my five year-old child knows when she does something wrong because she'll hide for punishment, you really what me to believe she doesn't because she is 22? That's laughable because Kristen is an ADULT!

Second, she is only human and everyone makes mistakes. Yes, she is human and everyone does make mistakes, however NOT EVERYONE CHEATS! Big difference!!! I make mistakes all the time…just today I bought the wrong detergent for my clothes and guess what? That "mistake" didn't give me the urge to cheat. lol. It comes down to character and Kristen is lacking in that department.

Third, she is just expressing her sexuality. This one is completely skewed, for many people (mostly feminist) think that being sexual means you're promiscuous-not true! I completely express my sexual side with my lover (which is just one person) just as easily as the person with many lovers. It's called quality over quantity!

Lastly, Rupert is at fault (or at least more so) because he is a man and older. Mmm, I don't know where these people (mostly feminist) get there distorted views from? It has nothing to do with him being a man or older…THEY BOTH ARE EQUALLY AT FAULT!!! I know that's hard to accept but it's true. Rupert's gender nor his age have anything to do with his behavior…it's a non-secular agreement…one doesn't have anything to do with the other. Their a faithful men and unfaithful men and to say anything else is plain SEXIST!

Overall, Kristen and Rupert BOTH FULLY KNEW what they were doing and the possible consequences from their actions if caught, but went ahead anyways. Where both of them deserve all the negative attention they are receiving now. You want to fell sorry for anyone fell sorry for Robert Pattinson, Liberty Ross and her children-they are the true victims in this scandal.


This article i hope was written by a 14 yr old girl and not a grown man

I hate Kristen Stewart

I cannot stand this whore! She uses the SAME OLD emotionless dumb expression is ALL HER FILMS regardless of the scene. And now, we all know how SHE GETS HER ROLES…by sleeping with the directors! She CANNOT hold a normal conversation without stuttering or stammering every other word in her interviews (probably from all the weed she admits to smoking). Recently had an interview stating that is NOT A FAKE PERSON…SERIOUSLY!? What do you call cheating whore? That is the biggest disrespectful, dishonest thing ONE CAN DO IN A RELATIONSHIP!!! This slut has NO CLASS, NO CHARACTER and NO MORALS she needs to be blacklisted as an actress. Do the whole world a favor Kristen and kill yourself…this is NOT joke!

Let's Be Real

The backlash Kristen "Tramprie" Stewart is receiving via the media and fans alike is justly deserved! Why? Because she is a non talented, hypocritical, dishonest, home wrecking SLUT!!! This degenerate low-life will NEVER recover from her newly appointed "image" and will be OUTCASTED FROM HOLLYWOOD FOR LIFE! Karam is a bitch! lol.


I think everyone should let it go she isn't the first to stray and will not be the last. I think the director was a butt he was older and should know better. As for Rob and Kristen they need time to work it all out. If their relationship was meant to be then they will work it out. They are young yet I love them both in the Twilight saga and will when the last movie plays.


The idea that Stewart "works for" Sanders is completely ridiculous. Trying to draw a workplace analogy is completely wrong-headed and inaccurate.

Kristen Stewart could very easily get Rupert Sanders fired from the sequel, she probably could have gotten him fired off the first one. If you're a studio head, would you rather try to replace Kristen Stewart or some director no one's heard of? That's why stars are more powerful in these situations.

Name five actresses with a meaningful fan base of young people on which to base a potential franchise. You can't even name five, can you? You could come up with 100 directors to shoot this movie. Rupert Sanders is not Christopher Nolan or Clint Eastwood or Martin Scorcese, he's a commercials director shooting his first feature and was kept on a short leash. Kristen Stewart was the more powerful and invaluable person on that set and everyone knows it. The idea she "works for" Sanders is pretty silly.


Whoa!What's with the needless attack on feminists? Fucking misogynist pigs.

22 Is A Baby

This is all getting out of hand. She is 22. Twenty – fucking – two. Are people going to stop only when the girl is dead?


Stupid feminist idiot… She has the power, not him… She could likely get HIM fired in a heartbeat. He almost certainly could not do that to her… So it's blatantly clear who is "the boss" in this scenario….

As far as Stewart, the media has ALWAYS shown a predeliction for tearing down people at the top. This has nothing to do with her being female in the least, despite your paranood misandrist fantasies…


I think there are pros and cons to her statement. Many, including Roger Ebert and the Atlantic, applaud her for it. And many publicists I've seen who have commented on this think she did the right thing by fessing to it immediately and not letting her publicist try to spin it with a canned answer. But I think you're reading way too much into this. Kristen obviously was reaching out the only way she could at the time to her boyfriend who was confirmed in reports to have shut her out and cut off contact. My guess is? She called People mag directly and what you hear is desperation, from a young woman who realized how much she hurt the most important person in her life. I would have been hysterical in her shoes. I'd bet money the only thing she was thinking of at that moment was losing him – of him thinking she didn't love him anymore – not her fanbase or anything else work-related. Like you said, she's human.


lol. She's a slut who got busted doing what sluts do. I hope she loses everything over it. I see a ton of idiotic christian posts on facebook, why aren't they all here now trolling her about going to hell? If god exists, that's where she'll be. Ha. Fuck Twilight.

I Hope I'm Wrong But ...

Rupert was indeed duped. There is something very odd and contrived is going on with this story. And a lot of sites like Gossip Cop and now US Weekly are working very hard to push the 'they didn't have sex' story. If Pattinson is part of a hoax I will be very disappointed. Stewart, I can readily believe it, her ambition far outweighs her integrity. But I thought Pattinson was different. But it can't be denied that both have movies and DVD's to promote. We live and we learn I guess.


Kristen purposely wanted to get caught – either to end it once and for all, to shoot herself in the foot to take care of her "boring" life, or to get some down time with Pattinson away from the media glare.

It's rough having people follow you around all day, filming your every move. It is impossible to live that way. So, if you squash the fascination once and for all it'll stop, or at least, slow down.

So, here's a director who's all over you during work. He'll do. Drive him around under the Hollywood sign, all over town. Do it in a Rob hat. Someone will film it, guaranteed. Keep your clothes on, and it doesn't look that serious. Looks more like an audition. Publicly apologize in a cryptic manner.

Media reaction is predictable. Outraged twihards will despise you for squashing their fantasy, and eventually leave you alone. Haters will feel vindicated, and eventually leave you alone. Gossip sites will have nothing to talk or write about, and eventually leave you alone.

Meanwhile, all the controversy would certainly help land acting roles. Private life is a little more private, career keeps going, full steam ahead!

I don't know if I agree with their points of view, but check out what Twilighter and One Who Knows have to say on articles Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson; Separating fact from fiction, parts 3 and 4.

Either Stewart and Pattinson are separated now, or they're laughing their azzes off.


I think so many of you are overlooking the fact that while male and female are equally responsible in an adulterous affair, the double standard is that the woman will get called a slut, whore, skank and ho. The man will not.
Also the woman gets called the homewrecker–never the man.

Time To Grow Up Fangirl

"What is really going to kill all their "followers" is when they reconcile. Hmmm, what a scenario that would be."

Wake up MistyV. Stewart had sex with another man. Those pictures are just one day. What about all the other days and nights, the on-location sex? Stewart herself wants out. She just didn't have the guts to leave Rob with decency and class.


She could have easily denied it until the very end, but she owned it, which I respect her for that. In all this outrage I have seen very little hatred toward the married man in all of this. Once again proving, still in today's society it is okay for a man to do whatever he pleases but if a woman does it, she is a whore. Most of the people outraged are most likely underaged or too young to know that life is a trial of mistakes and you grow through those mistakes. She will recover and she will be okay. Anyone who does not know them personally really should keep the accusations to a minimum at best. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors so Robert's squeaky clean image may stay in tact for now. What is really going to kill all their "followers" is when they reconcile. Hmmm, what a scenario that would be.

She is being vilified

While I can, to a point, understand peoples disappointment in Stewart because of the character she protrays in the Twilight saga, I do not understand their absolute fury with her. I have not seen said photographs nor do I want to. It has nothing to do with me. I have always tried to be fair-minded and impartial, just has a good FAN should be. I loved Brad Pitt before he was with Angelina. I think his acting was better. He had a certain something. I no longer cared nor did I continue to follow his career. But I did not go on the attack and brutally vilify the man across the internet world. I just stopped following. Just as a good FAN should. While I understand that people have opinions, they should really be left for people that we actually know. We really only see miniscule seconds into these peoples lives. I did not see said pictures nor do I intend to. See I can distinguish between the lines of ficition and reality. I am her fan, not her mother. She really does not have to answer to me or you. She owes me nothing but a good performance and she has consistenly given me that. I will continue to be a fan and supporter of hers.


If you loved your child, would you abuse it? If you loved your job, would you play hooky? If you love a particular kind of food, would you throw it away ? If you love someone you don't treat them with the rankest disrespect there is, exposing them to pain, self-questioning and humiliation the way Stewart did to Pattinson. You. Just. Don't. Do That.

Stewart is not being vilified, she's being held accountable for her actions like everyone else on the planet

As Thompson correctly says, the long term prospects of Stewart will be down to the work and nothing else. But any dispute over whether or not she slept with Sanders is ridiculous. Those pictures clearly show sexual intimacy. In the unlikely event they hadn't yet slept together, does anyone with half a brain really doubt that was on the cards? You don't apologize in the extreme the way Sanders and Stewart did for petting. They had sex. The End.


For Gods sake she's like 23 years old! I am more curious about the 42 year old MARRIED MAN who found it necessary to cheat…if anyone he deserves to be vilified!


It seriously astounds me the public assasination that this girl is getting. I have never witnessed anything like it before. While I understand the very romantic appeal of Bella/Edward, the total unhindged response of the fans (more likely than not Pattinsons) has been unreal. They seem to have a very difficult time separating fiction from reality. I have always admired this young woman and the trials she has had to face with the media and his overly-invested fans. If anything, it might have hurt her for now but a new story will come along and reasonable fans will move on. On a brighter note, the "scandal" has helped Mr. Pattinsons' ticket sales to his next upcoming films. His female army of obsessed fans who are deluded into thinking he is perfect will continue to follow him. God help him. Me, I will be rooting for Ms. Stewart to get through this and come out stronger.


Move on Kristen. You're just a novice in the make believe world of the silver screen. Well within the bounds of personal redemption.

Jose Villanueva

Being the highest paid actress surely doesn't exempt someone from the ravages of public condemnation. Why did she do it? I suspect that human nature is again at work here. You see, there comes a time when a budding relationship (Rob and Kristen) inexplicably loses its magic, and Kristen was the first to do something about it. Talk about the impeccable timing of director Sanders, who immediately took advantage of the situation. However, I'm still entertaining the rare idea that it was just a case of "father image" complex…but now that the rabbit is out of the hat, serious concerns about the fate of the final saga, "Breaking Dawn 2" has risen. Well, the show must go on and whatever is the outcome of this scandal, I'm sure the "star crossed lovers" have acquired enough business acumen to fulfill all their promo obligations. They owe this much to the adoring fans and viewing public.


It's just people humping. Good for them, I say. Gather your roses. Why do people care? Romantic relationships, marriages, all illusions. Get over it and move on.


The author lost what little credibility I might have lent her after she had the nerve to write, "Women don't usually come out too well in Hollywood when they have affairs. We judge women so harshly -"

Uh, yeah, because Hugh Grant came out of his affair so well, didn't he?
And Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Monroe's careers were all wrecked by their scandals, right?
I also noticed she refers to the Twi-tards as "people." First of all their species is debatable (I rate them slightly higher than plankton) and the Twits are all female. So call them "girls," please.

Since when did this site become the online newsletter for the National Organization of Women? The author needs to take her feminist women-are-victims soapbox and EAT IT!


I hope she is forgiven and they are able to repair their relationship. People make mistakes. She's 23. Everyone makes mistakes. I have compassion for them both. 'Hollywood' people, actresses have no more or less 'integrity' than anyone else. Try watching Jerry Springer. Middle America is just super judgmental and hypocritical. I with them both luck on their continued journey whether it be as a romantic couple or eventually as healed friends.


I think if she just had anal sex that would be not as bad.


Kristen is a typical Hollywood actress getting ahead in the usual Hollywood way. No wonder regular women can't relate to Hollywood actresses. Lack of integrity is haunting her life and performances.


Now her portrayal in the upcoming film On The Road is going to bother me even more. Awesome!


If you loved your child, would you abuse it? If you loved your job, would you play hooky? If you love a particular kind of food, would you throw it away ? If you love someone you don't treat them with the rankest disrespect there is, exposing them to pain, self-questioning and humiliation the way Stewart did to Pattinson. You. Just. Don't. Do That.


Rob, it is time to move on.

You have had but a taste of love, some of it was real, but more was illusory because it was so wrapped up with the hugeness of Twilight.

Know you did your best and gave your best, and that one day someone who you cannot even imagine yet will love you with all the honest,true support and simple love you want and deserve.

Kristen slept with Rupert. It's obvious, and even if they didn't on set, London, Australia etc, they were well on their way to it.

So step into your future. And trust that this shock, painful as it is, is a higher way of moving you towards the, even brighter, brightness to come.


Thank you, Ms. Silverstein, for enabling the persecution complexes of women everywhere. Kristen Stewart is not being mistreated because she's a woman. She is being mistreated – albeit, hypocritically – because she did a dastardly thing. Women aren't any more or less exempt from public contempt than men. Both sexes do dastardly things. K-Stew and Meg Ryan are not any more or less reviled than famous male philanderers.



Been there, Done That, So I Know

It's very clear how Kristen mananged to fool her boyfriend, friends and family for so long.Even now she's trying to lie her way out of personal responsibility.

When did the punky, finger-flipping, A-lister with bodyguards, staff, and agents at her bidding staff, get replaced by some submissive 17 year old who could be "lured" into one half of an adulterous fuck-fest?

She's "insanely confident" remember. This WOMAN slept with a married man for months. Then went home and slept, smiled and told Robert she loved him. How much frigging lower can you get?


If you loved your child, would you abuse it? If you loved your job, would you play hooky? If you love a particular kind of food, would you throw it away ?

If you love someone you don't treat them with the rankest disrespect there is, exposing them to pain, self-questioning and humiliation the way Stewart did to Pattinson. You. Just. Don't. Do That.


The Twilight mania is actually frightening, but a great moneymaker for alot of people, so yeah, I think it was damage control for that. And for the Snow White & the Huntsman sequel no doubt. I agree with the article.

Are people that gullible?

The biggest lie? That they didn't have sex. One thing I always thought was that K had integrity, that she didn't lie. But she did and she does. She had sex.

That apology wasn't for kissing, it was for sex, and I can't believe this girl who told everyone she was so fearless is allowing her PR to feed out stories about being" lured" or "just kissing." Talk about making a bad situation worse. Do they really think people believe that garbage?


Kristen and Sanders wanted to get caught or they are breathtakingly stupid. They both make millions of dollars a year. So why do they meet in parking lots? The discrete way would be to rent a hotel room, each enter the hotel at different times through different doors, both leave at different times through different doors. Or couldn't they afford that? So the question is why did they want to get caught? Also either of their partners would be crazy to get back together with them. How hard is it to find a better relationship if you look like either Rob or Mrs Sanders?


Skanks do what they do, as does almost every male on Earth. You go skank!


Creaker laughs at Kristen Sanders said he is "utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family. My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world.


She loves being the outsider… She is proving to be the ultimate cliche.


The guilt lies in adultery and dragging a private person into it to save face "I love him", etc… Would hate to see how she treats her enemies. Selfishness at the highest level!


People need back up out of her business – why ?
She invited us into her mess with her public apology.
Not to mention that she cheated on her boyfriend with a married father of two in broad daylight.


Rob never talkes about his private business, so her public, self-serving, whiny plea to Rob was in poor taste.


The papz showed her the finger this time.


This article is bizarre. I don't agree with Kristen's actions at all, but people need back up out of her business. Okay we get it she made a big mistake but Robert Pattinson handled it. It's been told to the public by a number of sources now, so it doesn't need to be told anymore. Seriously. People need to stay out of her business. Like I said, she messed up, but Robert Pattinson broke off the engagement and did whatever he had too, Kristen learned her lesson, so people need to stop being in her business and criticizing her. I don't agree with her actions at all, but that doesn't mean I would go rant on the net about it. And the Twilight fans need to get out of the house more and meet some friends who don't care for Twilight. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are NOT Edward and Bella, so they need to get over it and not cry or stress over it. It's not their life anyway. When you think about someone crying over a celebrity couple breaking up, it's quite sad…and funny.


In all fairness, I think it is probably safe to say it wasn't HER idea. Having said that, she'll be the target of all these malicious media arrows, not him. That's Hollywood….that's America….that's how little we as human beings have come since 1955. We are clearly failing as a species.


good thing that gay is still illegal,
but adultery is still a-okay!
yay bible!


This is why I like animated movies. You don't have to have your appreciation of the movie and its characters distracted by the antics of the vapid actresses who are in the movies. You also don't have to see animated female characters spread all over men's magazines and tortured fashion photo shoots. Rob Pattinson will get the most sympathy and positive fan vibes from this because everyone can relate to being lied to and treated like shit by the person their with but if fans can relate to the sneaky disloyal behavior of Kristen they won't want to admit it. Still women and girls don't ever relate to Hollywood women so I don't see this as hurting Kristens career. Since when does anyone in Hollywood worry over how female audiences will relate to female characters or the actresses who play them?


this woman have a problem….
when she and rob hookup she was with someone else, where she met on a movie called "Speak 2004" (Michael Angarano)then she hook up with Rob on Twilight and now Snow White.
Who next??? Guess nobody is perfect


I'm so confused by the people defining Kstew. She befriended her lover's wife, that suggested her for the part in SWATH, cheats on her long time boyfriend in broad daylight yet she's a vicitm! Sounds like a pretty selfish person to me. Rupert and Kristen are horrible both people and even though she's getting most of the hate but remember no matter how many awards that director wins or how great his movies are, he'll always be know as the guy that cheated with Kstew, isn't punishment enough.


Pleeeeaaaaasssse. Let them be. There's no blame to be dished out. I'm actually quite pleased for them both ; she's got rid of that awfull d**k and he's had a fling with one of the hotest girls on the planet. let them do what they want and stop crying…


I don't think their relationship is real. I think it's a publicity stunt. So I think this publicity regarding the affair is just something to improve her image so she can get other roles — the Jolie-type roles– once Twilight is over.


Um, does it occur to no one that the main person in the wrong here is the dude who was married? Second, who cares? Kristen Stewart is an awful actress, but her personal life is her own. I am sick of people's unrelenting obsession with what celebrities do with their genitals. If you like their movies, then enjoy their movies! What they're doing in their spare time, as long as it's legal, is really none of our business. Why should celebrities have to live like paragons simply because they're celebrities? They get paid to entertain us, not play Jesus to our morally corrupt lives.
Ugh, get over yourselves.


"She hated the media so she's going to get shit for this"? Hahahahahaha. Pathetic. She's going to GET SHIT for it because she deserves it, and more. She cheated willingly with a man who she knows is married and has two kids. She worked in close contact with said man's wife. How she can even look at her straight in the eye is beyond me. And claiming that She loves her boyfriend? If you love someone, you don't cheat on them, dumbass!


"But in this instance she clearly cares what people write because these pictures of a married man with kids and a young woman not married but in a relationship hurts the man she loves. "

What? Is this English?

justin mcg

Seriously? Blame the.. no one ever heard of him director? Odds are if stewart had wanted him off the film. She could have had it. At the end of the day.. she should be an adult AND professional. It seems both sides failed in that one.

gramma Brock

Lets read the body language here. First they smooch, then they suspect they are being watched, then they peel out, then they stop at the side of the road because Kristen is having a blow out, She is scared! He cajoles her out of the car and then she does the" NOOOO JACOB " bit while grabbing her head, then she walkes over to him and says , "well ,we are had!" They cuddle. He tries to figure out a way to bale himself out of this while , see him looking down over her shoulder, he probably wants to do the juglar thing on her and solve his problems by making it look like she jumped out of desperation. By the time they both get home and change their drawyers they have already done a review of their " notes" and get ready to do stupid move number two. I will never believe that she just had this moment of hormonal boil over, nor that he hasn't been tap dancing on her ego for a good long time now. This was just two very selfish actors who suddenly had to do an improvise and it " weren't no acadamy award script" kids. This old lady is just so pissed off because I loved both of you young people and the Twilight series. If this "female person" learns only one thing here it is that one loose pebble can cause a landslide that affects lives, hearts, economics, and faith until the mole hill will look like Mt. St Helen for a long time. Stupid , spoiled, pumped up ego, manipulating infant! I was so proud of what you were doing to the glass ceiling. Good thing your aren't really my grandchild. mine would know to run for the hills by now, or find the largest pair of steel pants ever made. As for you Rob, you and I are both Taurus born. We share a birthday! You be that bull! Take care of your insides first. Time wounds all heels dear. You are a wonderful actor, a genuine person, deep and wise. Hang In.

Andrew Richards

As disgusting as this whole situation is; it really doesn't surprise me. The Twilight fandom are nuts at the best of times (the middle ages woman getting run over by a car because she blindly ran across the road when a line changed for a panel at SDCC is a testamony to this) and certainly the media have been their usual parasitic selves.

However the irony of this is that most of this is actually being driven by women. Sure you'll find SOME men who are into Twilight; but the vast bulk of Twilight fans are women.

Similarly, look at the section of the media interested in this – there's a name for this type of tabloid publication, at least in Australia – Women's magazines. The fact is that it's the appetite for celebrity gossip, largely by women that is driving this scandal – hell, it's what fuels most of the paparazzi to begin with.

Also it's a double standard to say "So Rupert Sanders, you are a dick and deserve whatever you have coming to you." (which in this case has included public humiliation, even if the tabloids aren't actively vilifying him) on one hand and on the other hand be critical of Kristen Stewart being publicly humiliated.

Furthermore considering the nature of social media these days; your own article claiming "So Rupert Sanders, you are a dick and deserve whatever you have coming to you." (poetically ironic btw in light of this blog a while back being critical of a female reviewer who got the reaction she provoked being attacked on the grounds of her genetalia/gender) proves that he's also being publicly villified.

This article highlights the fundamental flaw with feminism, which in turn is directly due to the fundamental flaw with the utter fallacy with is the archaic patriarchal model. Feminism claims it is the radical notion that women are people; yet by the same token, the patriarchal model has been correctly criticised for depriving women of agency (which is the core problem facing women due to the gender stereotypes in society; with men the problem is a value of expendability assigned to them) because of the way it merely reinforces the traditional weak, helpless and pathetic image of women by portraying them through the lens of perpetual victimhood.

If on one hand, Kristen Stewart is an accountable adult and working in an industry which by its very nature means every second of her public and private lives are in the public spectrum, then the argument could be made that she went into the affair knowing that this might potentially happen and is now living with the consequences of it.

On the other hand there's the "blameless victim" route where she shouldn't be scrutinised, regardless of the nature of Hollywood, entirely because of her gender. This is the thing about equality – the flip side of it is when you screw up, expect to cop it big time.

The fact is that Kristen Stewart isn't the victim here; Robert Patterson and Rupert's wife and
kids are. They've done nothing in this situation, but they're the ones who are also publicly humiliated by this scandal.


THIS woman I meant.


The public vilification of these woman, Slut, whore, home-wrecker etc etc. is way over the top and we need more bloggers speaking out on this–as folks did with Sandra Fluke. I know it may seem like a not remotely similar situation, but doesn't it show how quickly and comfortably we as a culture label women and girls sluts and whores?
I'm sick of it.
Also I hear only KS called that good old fashioned term "home-wrecker" But isn't Sanders guilty of wrecking his own damn home?


The way the media has exploited this makes me nauseous. So many people are broken hearted right now. No, I dont necessarily think that making some huge public apology was the best thing to do, but in lieu of how private she HAS kept her love life in the past, she obviously felt the overpowering pressure to do it—and I'm not going to sit and point fingers, assuming it's for only self-serving purposes. The whole thing is incredibly sad. Mostly, I pray that a family will not fall to ruin by being torn a part by this, nor that the media will keep increasing the pressure to do so.


Why should we care what minstrels and thespians do? They never meant much in the past and their current worth is inflated.

Pete Long


"Her private life isnt anymore important than our own."



@Pete Long
I was actually viewing a Dark Knight Rises article when i came across the headline of this, i was intriuged because i thought she had done something embarressing in public (punched someone, or fallen over at a premiere, drugs or whatever) but when i realised it was just another awful celebrity under the impression that everyday people should care what she does in her private life – it just bugged me. Her private life isnt anymore important than our own.

mildly amused.

YES! Finally, the emo-twilight fans' bubble is beginning to burst. I couldn'be happier about this. I've been a stewart fan since I saw her in panic room. She was an indie movie queen until twilight ruined it. And I always felt that her relationship with that edward fairy was just a marketing ploy. So I see why she felt a public apology was nessessary. This is damage control, not for her relationship, but for her pocketbook.


Now that's done. Can we now all agree to finally disregard her? She wasn't much of an actress to begin with.


To me it seems like people didn't really like her to begin with, now this just gives them a reason.

JD Switz

I'm trying to understand why this is a shock to everyone. I'm a huge fan of hers since Panic Room, so please try not to take what I'm about to say in a personal manner.


Did you all forget that she actually cheated on her ex, Michael Angarano with Rob? Is it me or did anyone else notice this?

No, there was no public proof that this happened but, then again, there was no concrete proof that Rob and her were a couple, either.

How can anyone be shocked? I'm not judging her character–I'm just a big fan of her work–but she IS a very young woman. She doesn't stop doing delinquent activities because she's dating Robert Pattinson. I have no doubt that they love each other, but maybe these two are in two different places when it comes to relationships…otherwise this would not have happened.


People like this author hold women back and turn people off from feminism. Women being equal means they both (her and the director) were selfish A-holes. Based on the author's logic, feminism is a woman is weak and simple and can be taken advantage of by the mean, dirty man.

Which is it? You want to be a big girls and admit one of your sisters did a terrible and selfish act, but made those choices as a grown, independent woman, or do you want her to be meak and the victim of us terrible men?


'She has always kept them at a distance and could care less what they write about her.'

COULD care less?! The phrase is 'COULDN'T CARE LESS'! You are effectively announcing that there is a measure of caring that she could still achieve with this appalling error, not that she doesn't give a damn!

You're a journalist. Please get someone to do a little proof reading on your articles if you're going to include such glaringly obvious grammatical errors.

And as far as Stewart goes, she deserves everything coming to her. Cheating is cheating, no matter who you with and how sorry you seem to be. If you cared that much about your partner, you'd never have done it in the first place. I hope RPatz kicks her lying ass to the curb as publicly as she's humiliated him. And that's saying something coming from me, considering I can't stand the man.


This is all a bit ridiculous. I have no sympathy for cheaters usually but she's on the telly for Christ's sake!


Melissa how long have you covered the movie business? Sanders was technically her boss? Really? She made three or four times as much money as he did on this movie. No one except Sander's immediate family (and his agent) cares who's directing the film. But millions of fans will see the film because she's in it.
If it comes down to a choice between the two of them, Sanders gets thrown out on his ear, and the studio goes back to counting it's money. In the Business it's always about the Benjamins. It's silly to paint Stewart as the victim here. She's got the Benjamins, so she's got the power if she chooses to use it.

Jean ´Jacques

Just my opinion: I believe that Kristen has inspite of all low self-esteem. She is probably not happy with her looks and feels like a fraud, being the highest paid movie-actress and the gf of Prince Charming himself. She always expects to be found out, to lose all her luck. In that film "Snow White and the huntsman", she plays an angelic character, her Snow-White is so pure and good, it is sickening. I am sure, she was uncomfortable with that, plus carrieng the movie all by herself. That meant, that the director, Mr Sanders, had to build her up between takes, so that she is all confident and shinning, not shy and selfdoubting. Nice opportunity for him to fall in love with her and Kristen with all her self-doubts, of course she will fall for someone so good to her. Most of the reviewers later said, that she was all wrong for the role, check it out at Rotten Tomatoes.
I like Kristen, not enough to watch these Twilight films, but in other movies I liked her, esp. since she isn´t out of this world beautiful, but looks like the (pretty) girl next door. And she isn't all smiles like Farrah, Goldie or Meg. She is vulnerable and a bit shy. Introverted and not an Party-animal. I am sorry for her that she sabotaged her own career now, and I hope she will get out of it with not too harm done to her herself. All the fans that act like the Taliban and seem to be ready to stone her, leave her be. You would be crushed be fame and glory and bad revies and papparazi as well.


So Sanders is a "dick" but Stewart is a brave victim who "could [sic] care less" about the media? L. O. L.


Kristen is no saint and Robert should know that. I mean she cheated on boyfriend of 4 ears Michael Angarano WITH Robert Pattinson. Lucky for them there were no paps to capture it. Then she left Michael for Robert. Maybe now she'll leave Robert for Rupert Sanders. Truth is she can't be on her own, always has to have a c-ck on standby. Same for Rupert. As for the public apology. There was no need for it. Kristen and Robert never publicy acknowledged they were a couple, so why acknowledge it via a 'oops I was caught cheating, I'm so sorry, I love him' baloney apology? Hopefully lessons will be learnt: Kristen's lesson is to grow up and know how to be single and no need to have a c-ck on standby incase you want to dump your boyfriend; Robert's to go after girls who AREN'T in a relationship because if they cheat on their beau for you they will end up cheating on you too (it's not rocket science), and Rupert's lesson is to NOT marry if you aren't committed and can't keep it in your pants. As for the wife, Liberty…..I would have to know how Rupert and her got together to really give an opinion. I mean who is to say that he wasn't in another relationship when she meet him, because he was 31, and she was 24 or so, so I wonder if he wasn't living with a girlfriend. In other words, what goes around comes around and maybe she too has got what was coming to her. Who knows for sure.

Pete Long

Actually, plenty care Paul as the fact that you clicked on this link plainly demonstrates. I am not a Twilight fan but this is my POV for what it's worth:

Stewart made a mistake billions of people before her have made, and will make. The only difference is most don't get publicly flayed for it. She's f-ing 22. Does anyone have any idea how young that really is?


Private lives of these people should be private. The sad thing here is THEY TRIED TO BE PRIVATE. But when tabloids stalk and push for years, something like this and the subsequent overreaction happens. I would imagine she has a top team. I was shocked they allowed that statement to be released. All wrong and set her up worse than if she had stuck by her usual position throughout all this – that her private life is private.

Just another Hollywood SHOWMANCE

Kristen Stewart is a phony, bad actress and a lesbian.


Give me patience with these pathetic people, NO ONE CARES!!! (Except those who read gossip mags and have no self-esteem!)

Not a fan of Kristen

Rupert Sanders is a shithead. If he needed a hole to put his thingy in he had his wife for that why put it in someone's girlfriend's.

Not a fan of Kristen

She is a whore. If she really Loved Robert she wouldn't have cheated.


I loved the twilight books, but always thought the acting in the movies SUCKED! Kristen Stewart is not prettier than or a better actress than ANY other girl walking around at your local Walmart. The only reason she is so highly paid is because she got lucky to be scripted in a movie before people realized how phenomenal the book series was.
Come on Kristen show some emotion in your acting. You look like a board druggie. I feel you should apologize to the family that you embarrassed publicly not just a live in boyfriend.

joe g.

Or — the Pattinson "boyfriend" thing is a complete fabrication created by studio douchebags to fleece more money from dense teenage girls. Stewart got caught, most likely, doing the director,and this was a PR effort to change the story somewhat and bring the magical vampire romance into it.

In the final analysis, who the fuck cares? There's real problems in the world. Don't become the douche you pretend to flush.


I'm wondering if all the finger-wagging scolds here never made mistakes when they were in their early 20s… I know I sure did. Now I'm a middle-aged married woman w/ kids (and NOT a raging fan of "Twilight," by the way, though I've seen the movies & enjoyed them), and I view extramarital affairs much differently than I did when I was younger, when I couldn't really grasp the potential damage done. That's called gaining life experience and perspective. It seems wildly hypocritical to attack Kristen Stewart for making what seems like an honest youthful mistake, one she apologized for in terms so anguished that it seems obvious she means every word, unless one is in possession of a perfectly pristine past.


"Good girl image"? Sorry I have to disagree. They're both grown up enough to know what they did was stupid and they have to live with it. Shit happens.


The director IS being called out in the media:

It's not just Kristen. She just has more of a name, so more articles feature her in the headline. But the director is not off the hook for the affair.


The reason why Stewart "seems" to be villified more than her accomplice is because she is the bigger target and her name sells far more rags and gets more views than a second rate director like Sanders. This is the media environment "we've" created by our consumption, so complaining about it is a bit hypocritical. Whether Stewart was aware or not, she wanted out of her relationship with Pattison. This behavior is one of the surest ways to implode a relationship, there is no turning back from this place and she participated in the act to precipitate it. She was no victim! In a land where bed hopping is the norm and long term, committed relationships between performers under the age of 40 is almost unheard of, this comes as no surprise. This act/admission seems rather self destructive for Kristen Stewart's popularity, but perhaps she is desperately seeking some media relief and this will give ther that somehow.
The next step will be Twilight tweens resurrecting their hopes to marry Pattsion. Unfortunately the lesson of Katie Holmes marrying her childhood idol will be lost on these same tweens… Pattsion seems quite happy doing challenging roles in less than tent pole films with the likes of Chronenberg. Distancing himself as far as possible from the Edward character. Unfortunately the media circus surrounding these two will get more insane before it's over because the break up is coming…


What that statement shows is a young immature woman being desperate in asking for forgiveness from her boyfriend. Someone should have advised her not to do it but what's done is done, it's now for all those involved business not ours.


she is not a victim. her and the director are adults. as for your jab at pattinson as being seen as "perfect" and "does no wrong" why is he getting thrown under the bus? he seems like a good guy that has been hurt, then don't forget the wife and kids that are getting hurt along the way. kristen made the choice to issue and apology to him over the media. if she didn't have the choice then it was her team that made her. i think kristen is getting more attention, because she is the most famous out of the two. hardly anyone knows who sanders is, they do now however.


Sorry, I *do* have a problem with people who have affairs. It shows an enormous amount of selfishness that's quite unattractive. When children are involved, that makes the affair downright cruel. We all know what divorce does to children. Even if the married couple tries to stay together, things are never quite right. And don't tell me that Rupert's kids won't hear about Daddy boinking Bella in the schoolyard.

Both Kristen or Rupert are getting hammered in the press for this. The two of them issued public apologies because they only care about themselves and their careers. If you really love someone — like your boyfriend or wife/mother of your children — do you hook up outside and get it on? That screams total arrogance and total disregard of consequences.

I realize it's cosmopolitan to poo poo affairs. But when you're the one who's been played for a fool by a cheater, trust me — all that "sophistication" and "understanding" about affairs go out the window. You are devastated, humiliated, wounded to the point where you have a hard time trusting ever again, and infuriated if your kids are put through the ringer — all because someone else is ruled by their genitals.

Natalie Wilson

Thanks for this post, Melissa. I appreciate your points about the unfair gender bias of all of this, and agree with Alison below — why all the focus on KStew? What about Sanders? Such a double standard.


The Twilight fans are acting as if Bella has cheated on their beloved Edward. It's the strangest thing I have ever seen. They are acting like they were personally cheated on and I would be terrified if I were Rob to realize exactly how high the pedestal is that they have put him. Though the premiere will be a nightmare for her, I'm almost glad to see Kristen breaking free from this fan base. It may mean less tickets sold to her future movies, but after people get over it (or stop reading about it daily), she should have a smaller, much less invasive group of fans who truly are her fans, not that of a perfect, fictional character.


I'm with you. None of our damn business. I do admire her for getting out there and facing the shamedown instead of curling up in a ball or having a sit-down with Oprah. The beauty of Twilight (and the success it's afforded Stewart elsewhere) is that she doesn't need the media to love her. They need her to love them!

And for the folks here getting judgey about it–only one of the people involved in this affair was married and the bossman. Not saying anyone's innocent. But when you expect only one half of the human race to be responsible for making moral decisions about sex … this is what happens.


While I don't trust everything I read nowadays, I read that the reason she went so public is that he won't communicate with her. She's still young, so she's allowed not to make the best decisions.


Why do bloggers keep defending her? She worked with Liberty Ross and met the woman's children. She then went on to have an affair with the MARRIED MAN who is also her director. They didn't bring this out until they got caught red handed in the act. There is nothing brave about it.


No, wait. I am a fan of Kristen Stewart and this really suprised me, but I don't judge her. None should. This is a private matter. And to go with this public, considering how much she tried to protect her private life all this years, she is brave. I give her that.


Honest and brave? She had an affair with a married man while having a boyfriend. She's not the innocent flower which her PR team is trying to show. She was wrong and deserves exactly everything she gets now. You make it sound like the pap and media are bad for talking about it. But who did the deed? Kristen Stewart. Without the pap making pictures she would still have an affair.

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