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The Social Network Team to Produce Fifty Shades of Grey

The Social Network Team to Produce Fifty Shades of Grey

Universal Pictures and Focus Features have picked The Social Network producers Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti to shepherd E.L. James’ huge bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey to the big screen.

Fifty Shades of Grey focuses on the relationship between S&M practicing billionaire, Christian Grey and innocent college student, Anastasia Steele. The book has become a cultural phenomenon—primarily for women—spawning think pieces, copycats and has sold over 30 million e-book and print copies worldwide. Just this week, U.S. sales were expected to surpass the 20 million mark, making E.L. James a staggering 50 million dollars in just 6 months.

It’s ironic that the men who made The Social Network will be making a film primarily targeted at women. The Social Network was criticized for being sexist and relegating the few female characters in the film to small background roles.  In the world De Luca and Brunetti helped to create (along with writer Aaron Sorkin who is now getting shit for his treatment of women in his new show Newsroom) in The Social Network, women barely existed. 

Focus Features CEO, James Schamus, believes that De Luca’s “vision, taste and fearlessness” is the perfect match for the film.

E.L. James as part of her deal gets to approve everyone so she is clearly on board with De Luca and Brunetti.  She told the Hollywood Reporter:  “I am thrilled that Mike has joined Team Fifty. He brings a passion for and in-depth understanding of the characters and story and a wealth of experience in making quality films.”

The team now needs to hire a writer and director.  Let’s hope the pair does better by women this time around.  And one way they can do that is to think about hiring some women to compliment their testosterone factor.  And we also think they should stay far away from  hiring notoriously sexist author, Bret Easton Ellis, who continues to tweet his desires of adaptating the film.

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie to Be Produced by ‘Social Network’ Team (Hollywood Reporter)

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This project is doomed from the start. Fifty Shades of Gray is patriarchal nonsense designed to keep men way at the top and women way way way down on the bottom. It makes the male-dominated missionary position almost look egalitarian.


Bret Easton Ellis????? Good lord, I hope not: the book would go from lame, niche-genre erotica to a violence-porn fest if his particular breed of sexism was allowed anywhere near this mess……..

But the part I'm most hung up on is the idea that EL James has made FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS in just a few months' time — good on 'er for creating a smash success — it's just a bummer that so many talented writers languish in obscurity while a freak fan-fic phenomenon funnels what will undoubtedly be hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of a woman who can't even tackle the subtle colloquialisms of modern chit-chat.

*cringe — cringe — cringe.*

And yes — if they're not going to enlist both a woman to adapt the screenplay AND direct this mess, it better be one or the other……


I haven't read the books because I am tired of the Twilight phenomena (I did read Twilight and see the movies) and also I know multiple women who have read these books and none of them have recommended them. But I think having a bunch of porno infused male brains take this story and run with it has the potential to create a piece of garbage women don't want to see. I would be interested to see what women who liked this book focused on relative to what the men who are making the movie focus on. I doubt women want to see this story through the distorted vision of a bunch of men.

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