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Thoughts On ‘Black Dynamite’ Animated Series Debut? Is Michael Jackson Turning In His Grave?

Thoughts On 'Black Dynamite' Animated Series Debut? Is Michael Jackson Turning In His Grave?

After many months of anticipation, Black Dynamite the animated series, based on the cult 2009 feature film by Scott Sanders, starring Michael Jai White, made its debut on Adult Swim last night, Sunday, July 15th, at 11:30PM.

Episode one, titled Just Beat It or Jackson Five Across Yo’ Eyes, centered on Cream Corn saving young Michael Jackson from an assassination attempt, becoming his new best friend.

But as Black Dynamite soon discovers, Michael is far from the cute bundle of talent the world adores: he’s a merciless alien force who leaves his brothers and father Joe in constant fear of a ***** slapping! And when Cream Corn too has finally had enough, Dynamite and crew step in to slap the black off Mike’s face, changing music and Michael forever.

Hah! As a reader said to me on Twitter last night as they were watching it, “the writers are going to hell, but the show is funny as hell.

I unfortunately haven’t gotten a chance to see the premiere episode yet; but plan to before the next one airs.

If you watched it, what did you think of it? Too much, not enough, or just right? Will the writers indeed be going to hell for their Michael Jackson jokes?

I haven’t seen what the numbers were for the premiere episode yet, but I’m curious to know how many folks tuned in, given all the anticipation, and how it compares to other Adult Swim premieres.

Watch the trailer for the new series embedded below:

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i agree with some of the comments here.. i mean it was pretty funny in my opinion untill the part when michael turned around with a plate of cookies and beyond. although i am kind of mad at myself for laughing at the first part since it was just as offensive..


I saw the first episode and immediately set my Hopper DVR to record any new episode that airs. I do not want to miss a minute of Black Dynamite! That show is probably the funniest thing I have seen on Adult Swim. The show was so good that I called one of my coworkers from DISH and woke his ass up to make him watch. As for the MJ issue, he was a caricature of him self long before he died and the only ones who take offense haven realized that he’s been dead for years now.

Michael Woodruff

Laugh out loud funny! I have watched the first three episodes and I find this show to be beyond crazy funny. I saw the movie in the theater and own the soundtracks also. Big fan!!! The Richard Pryor episode was great! The Paul Mooney cameo was great. I can't believe they get away with what they do….It's scathing, but true to comedy.

Sweet Tiq Nick

You know its outta site when I all want to watch on Sundays on Adult Swim is Black Dynamite! Its a new series that's just born and I can't forget about my main man Cream Corn. I laughed so much 'til it felt like something was torn, but I didn't stop because of that damn Bullhorn.
Black Dynamite gets a definite 2 thumbs up from me…..especially that fine a55 Honeybee!
*F.Y.I.* If you don't know about or don't get black exploitation movies….then this animated series and the movie would make no sense to you… …I'm just saying.


my god…this show is magic and must not be stopped. It's truly a shame that other programs don't have such a freedom with their intrepretations of reality. Hilarious beyond Boondocks, and it's so funny I might even watch the film


I didn't find it funny–actually watched it again last night just to give it another chance. I thought it was pretty predictable and badly written. Then again, I'm not much of a Boondocks fan either. The whole MJ thing was just a bit played out for me–it's a tired joke to make fun of MJ. Yo, it's 2012. Nobody cares anymore. It's irrelevant that the series takes place in the 1970's (speaking of which, how is MJ living in Neverland in the 1970's?!) But bottom line: not funny. Won't be watching anymore.


I agree with Raven on this. Though some of the other jokes (not involving MJ) where pretty funny. I would most likely "not" have enjoyed this at all, if it weren't for the very end of the episode.


Also, just one more thing. I am not sure why it always seems so very necessary to make Michael jackson "the bad guy" in these types of shows. This is probably my biased fandom showing, but Michael Jackson was not only arguably our greatest entertainer but also a great humanitarian who did a lot of good for the world, including raising millions for those starving in Africa, in helping children's causes, in raising money for AIDS research, in raising awareness of environmental issues, and so many other causes that he either funded directly or personally gave of his time to raise awareness. Yet shows like this continue to perpetuate the false perception of the "evil, mad genius" or to somehow project onto him sinister motives. I realize it's just a show but it's still something I have an issue with. I feel like all they are doing is contributing to the misunderstanding of a man who has already been misunderstood and caricatured enough.


Let me just give some comments on this episode AS a Michael Jackson fan (but that being said, not one totally without a sense of humor). I thought "some" of the storyline was clever. Michael himself would have probably liked the whole alien concept, since even in many of his own live shows he often presented himself as a being arriving from another world (usually, though, in more of a superhero sense). Still, I thought it was imaginative and clever. I also couldn't help but laugh somewhat at seeing Mama Katherine Jackson spitting out all those little Jacksons (and poor Latoya getting bounced off the wall-ouch!). But on the more serious side, some of the jokes and issues raised were very insensitive, especially considering that Michael Jackson is dead. The jokes about being white and the insinuation that the only "acceptable" version of Michael was little cute, black Michael is very insensitive considering the man had a skin disease (vitiligo) which he couldn't help-and which was confirmed by his autopsy. Also, the episode very subtley dredges up the allegations made against him which again seem in somewhat poor taste considering he is dead and also, was never charged with any crime. No doubt, hardcore fans will be offended by some of the jokes although I will say it was a clever concept. But maybe, all things considered, it is really time to respect Michael Jackson's legacy and let the man RIP. Continuing to make him the butt of jokes just seems very exploitative and disresectful of the dead.


It was good, but I think it'll become a lot funnier as it goes on.


I watched the premier 2x… I even re-watched the original movie prior to the animated series coming on. Truthfully… it didn't work for me. Yes, there were a couple of decent laughs but the writers have a bit more to do if they are seeking The Boondocks fanbase (and more). The two plots (the ninjas & alien michael) seemed a bot haphazard. I also question going after Mike in episode one (why not "The man", the Obama v Romney, tons of other options)…

I also would question as another reviewer did.. where was Janet? I'm definitely willing to give the series a chance but solely based on episode #1, my grade is a D.


I found the episode to be hilariously tantalizing. Of course I have seen the real life movie that was produced and paid for by Michael Jai White, but the cartoon is even funnier. *claps hands* to the writers and the imagination of seeing every aspect of Michael Jackson's life/career moves in a mini cartoon was quite intriguing. If you're a true MJ fan you saw everything from his 'Got To Be There' era to his 'Moonwalker' days. I LOVED the fact that this time around he was the one in control. He wasn't the innocent by-stander being told what to do or being manipulated. It was as if this was like a redemption moment for Michael. Fortunately, I have yet to hear any negative comments about this episode. I definitely think this was highly considered to be creative with the intent to be funny and give others an image of Michael Jackson that none of us would have never seen in real life. But I definitely believe that Michael would have found this to be quite funny.


It was very clever and funny until the big battle when Michael's true self was revealed; then it became too obvious and, forgive me, on the nose. I feel like there was no mention of Janet; was she not born yet? Anyway, not offended at all and I will continue to watch the show.

Adam Scott Thompson

It was sufficiently funny. The Michael Jackson thing wasn't in poor taste (to my mind, at least). I'm going to keep watching!


I planned not to watch BD since it didn't look like something I'd want to see but I'm usually on that channel anyway so….. It was more fun recognizing the voices than following the crazy plot. Although, I admit I did laugh every time little MJ kept whooping everybody's asses. I don't think MJ would have been mad if he was still alive. He may have enjoyed it… living vicariously through certain scenes and what not. I think the show took it as far as they were willing to go without being completely disrespectful. They definitely could have done worse.

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