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Tika Sumpter Joins Michael Rapaport, John Stamos, Bryan Callen In “My Man Is A Loser”

Tika Sumpter Joins Michael Rapaport, John Stamos, Bryan Callen In "My Man Is A Loser"

Tika Sumpter co-stars in the feature comedy My Man Is A Loser, which is currently in production in New York City and is set for release in 2013.

Written and is being directed by acclaimed comedian and writer Mike Young, the project’s synopsis reads:

Two married guys employ their single playboy friend to help them get their mojo back to save their marriages. During the ensuing adventures, things start to backfire leaving the wives to wonder if the new versions of their husbands are worse than the old ones.

Michael Rapaport and Bryan Callen star as the 2 married dudes, and John Stamos plays their single playboy pal. Kathy Searle and Heidi Armbruster play the wives I presume.

It’s not entirely clear what character Tika plays, but based on the few write-ups and interviews I’ve read about the film, it looks like she might be entangled in a romance with John Stamos’ playboy. Maybe Hitch-style, she’s the one woman who finally gets the playboy to settle down?

More when we know more… phot above includes Tika in the middle obviously, Bryan Callen on the left, and Michael Rapaport on the right.

My Man is a Loser is being produced by David Goldin and Eric Bamberger of Step One of Many Entertainment, along with Vince Maggio. 

The film is expected to be released in spring 2013; the team will be relying heavily on digital and social media to promote the film.

Tika Sumpter will next be seen in Sparkle in August.

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Tika has come a long way since she was on One Life To Live. Tika was amazing in her role as Layla on OLTL I especially loved the gay storyline involving her character being involved with a closeted gay man. Now Tika will star in Sparkle and now this new movie she's doing really well!

D.C. Kirkwood

Yay, congrats to her. She a beautiful, intelligent sister, with a nice singing voice just like YaYa DaCosta. Nice to see her working on a diverse group of films.


Beautiful like Gabrielle Union. Wow!


Uhhmm Tika plays a character named Clarissa! She plays a bartender who is somehow very good friends with all three of the main male characters! she is the lead female i believe! GOO Tikaaa! woooo. She probably is somehow entangled with John Stamos character!!! for sure <3


This woman is a certified dime piece!!! Dang!

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