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Tom Cruise Rumored To Be Upset That ‘The Master’ Suggests L. Ron Hubbard Made Scientology Up

Tom Cruise Rumored To Be Upset That 'The Master' Suggests L. Ron Hubbard Made Scientology Up

With the Tom Cruise/Katie Homes divorce reportedly heading towards a settlement, thus denying the world the Scientology versus Holmes/Suri showdown the tabloid world has been dreaming of, it looks like Tom Cruise may have something else to occupy his mind in the coming months. It was back in May that reports first came out that the actor, who has seen Paul Thomas Anderson‘s it’s-not-about-Scientology-but-it-kind-of-totally-is “The Master,” had “issues” with it. And it seems the problems he has with his “Magnolia” collaborator’s movie aren’t going away.

The New York Daily News reports that, specifically, Cruise’s major issue with the movie is the suggestion that L. Ron Hubbard made the whole thing up about Xenu and thetans. No, really. According to the paper, one scene in the film shows Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s Lancaster Dodd (who is modelled on Hubbard) ruminating on The Cause, the religion he has founded, only for another character to claim he’s inventing it as he goes along. Here’s how the paper describes the sequence:

According to our insider, one scene that didn’t sit well with Cruise takes place on a patio where Joaquin Phoenix, who plays Freddie Sutton, a troubled drifter who becomes Dodd’s right-hand disciple, watches Dodd pontificate about the religion he has created.

During the scene, the source says, another character close to the founder turns to Phoenix and says of Dodd, “You know he’s making it up as he goes along.”

Referring to the actual Church of Scientology, our source says, “Tom Cruise’s people are grumbling about this line — amongst others — but Anderson is not taking it out.”

And add that to the final scene of the second teaser of the film, where Freddie Sutton angrily exclaims, “I know you’re trying to calm me down, but just say something that’s true!” and it seems to indicate that Dodd is being established as an ambitious, if not entirely trustworthy individual.

Thus far The Church of Scientology has no comment on the movie as they haven’t seen it, but it should be noted that according to famed defector Marty Rathburn, the religion’s organizers are instructing members on how to crack down on “rumors” about them that are swirling around the TomKat divorce. And as the October 12th release date for “The Master” draws closer, and particularly as more details about the movie are revealed, we wonder how Scientology will react to the film officially, or otherwise. Guess we’ll soon see.

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Tom Cruise auditioned for American Idol !

Tomy TY

"THE MASTER: It's-not-about-Scientology-but-it-kind-of-totally-is"

LOL That should be the Tagline for the movie..


I'd rather swim in the water with a sixteen foot Great White, than give Scientology a second of my time.

joan oliver

sceintology saved my life I have alot to thank tom for I don't believe this is made up.


Since when do all the characters in a movie agree with one another anyway? Just because a character thinks Lancaster Dodd is inventing the religion as he goes doesn't mean the filmmakers are making any kind of definitive statement about the character… or the person he's (only loosely) based on.

Atlanta Native

Anyone who has posted here who is merely relying on sensationalized and falsified media reports and entertainment sites for their "knowledge" about Scientology should read the original works and only then can you pass intelligent judgement. Start by reading the policy letter, "What Is Greatness" by LRH. Found at: Then you will know something about compassion, about love, about tolerance.


Ha ha!

P. Kaur

L. Ron Hubbard was a science fiction writer. He made up whacky shit for a living. He was an expert in hypnosis and the occult. He was up to the task of making up a CULT. There you have it.


Wow, Cruise disapproves? Really? WTF cares?!


This film can't be come coming out at a better time. With Tom Cruise with his divorce and Travolta with his sexual harrasment trial, it means they're both currently out of public favour. So two of the biggest celebrity Scientologists having overshadowing stories about them it means that other stories such as this may hopefully breeze past. We hope.

Danny Haszard

Destructive cult or benign religion?
Orthodox religions don’t strive to gain control over your money and everyday life.
Cults that are high control are Scientologist and the cult that I was in the Jehovah's Witnesses.Scientology teaches that humans are infected by the souls of dead aliens called Thetans.
Jehovah's Witnesses teach Jesus had his second coming invisibly October 5th or 6th 1914.

Benevolent religions offer hope, compassion, and want peace for your fellow man – even the nonbelievers.
A cult wants power,money, and obedience. All the outsiders must be destroyed. I think that's the big distinction between two different belief systems.
— Danny Haszard
FMI dannyhaszard(dot)com


Usually, Scientology doesn't bother me and I pay no attention because it's too wacked out crazy to give energy to it. But, the reported abuses going at the direction of the leader David Miscavige is beyond frustrating. Particularly for children of Scientology on the SeaOrg and elsewhere. Don't child labor laws apply at sea? And where in the hell is that nutjobs wife, Shelly Miscavige? Hopefully, someone is watching them as closely as they monitor their members and do something to finally shut down this now known abusive cult.


exactly, as the playlist continues its transition into a top 40 blog


.. and how is this news?

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