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VOTE: TOH! Best Foreign Films of All Time, Part One: Pre-1960

VOTE: TOH! Best Foreign Films of All Time, Part One: Pre-1960

Inspired by various best foreign film of all time lists, We’ve broken out top consensus titles into two polls, Pre-1960 (Part One) and Post-1960 (Part Two), with fifteen titles in each. You can vote for up to ten top picks. Let’s see what your consensus picks turn out to be.

Other lists:

Here’s my best foreign films list, as calibrated by Flickchart, although that has much to do with which titles they offer you to choose between; but I stand by Akira Kurosawa all the way (the Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns were released stateside in English).  



Time Out New York.


The Guardian.

Sight and Sound best films of all time lists.

Rotten Tomatoes best-reviewed international and art house films.

Vote on your ten favorites below:

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martin fennell

only of those I would consider a favourite. The Bicycle thief.
These are my favourite foreign language movies.
The Bicycle thief
a nous la liberte
jour da fete
mon oncle
mr hulot's holiday
the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie
crouching tiger, hidden dragon
house of flying daggers
if i had been asked for what i thought were the best movies from the list given, i would have ticked

Edward Copeland

Bless you for leading with a pic from The Rules of the Game. I do have to say that I'm very disappointed with the vote tally for Children of Paradise so far though.

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