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Watch ‘Black Dynamite’ Animated Series Debut Now (‘Just Beat It Or Jackson Five Across Yo’ Eyes’)

Watch 'Black Dynamite' Animated Series Debut Now ('Just Beat It Or Jackson Five Across Yo' Eyes')

So you missed Sunday night’s premiere of Black Dynamite the animated series because you don’t have cable TV?

You’re in luck because the full episode is now online for you to watch.

Episode one, titled Just Beat It or Jackson Five Across Yo’ Eyes, centered on Cream Corn saving young Michael Jackson from an assassination attempt, becoming his new best friend.

But as Black Dynamite soon discovers, Michael is far from the cute bundle of talent the world adores: he’s a merciless alien force who leaves his brothers and father Joe in constant fear of a ***** slapping! And when Cream Corn too has finally had enough, Dynamite and crew step in to slap the black off Mike’s face, changing music and Michael forever.

Based on online responses to the episode, some people didn’t think the Michael Jackson humor was very funny. Now you can see what the conversation is all about.


BlackDynamite by 3030fm

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Hey check out my idea from 1992 I was ahead of the curve!;)


Hilariously funny episode. So many MJ and Jackson 5 references. Especially: "I'm an alien Cream Corn…well half….part human….part Mamasay-mamasa-mu-makusa." LMAO!


one word: [ADULTSWIM] its a win


I thought the tv show was super funny. I didn't go in with any expectations and I was surprised at how funny it was. I will be checking it out whenever the next episode pops up.


Borderline Tasteless!


Good send-up of blaxploitation films. Funny.


Oh, so it's a pirated rip. I was thinking that Adult Swim actually opened their gates and allowed an official stream. Never mind.


I found the episode to be funny. I wasn't sure what to expect from the movie to cartoon move but it brought laughs. Aside from the nose jokes , it wasn't in poor taste. Michael Jackson fans such as myself got a kick out of seeing Jackson 5 MJ running things to Moonwalker MJ with the robot-shit. Also several lines, it was full of MJ Pop Culture.

The show should've had more Black Dynamite, but Cream Corn is apart of the main cast, so it's understandable.

Michael Jackson talked about liking Chris Tucker imitating him and Chris Tucker used to do a joke about Michael Jackson being a pimp going to check on the business of his working women with Tito driving. This episode reminded me of that.

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