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Watch Jada Pinkett Smith Bare Her Soul (And Body) In Protest

Watch Jada Pinkett Smith Bare Her Soul (And Body) In Protest

So here’s your look at Jada Pinkett Smith’s new music video Nada Se Compara in which she bares her soul, and all her clothes, in protest of human trafficking of young women.

She even has created a website – – in order to bring more attention to the subject.

Don’t worry folks. She’s naked, but it’s no way anything like that notorious Erykah Badu/Flaming Lips music video and I’m sure Ms. Smith won’t be claiming that she was duped and misled while making it.

So do you say about it?

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I didn't watch the video, but based on the still shot I am trying to figure out how getting naked helps the plight of sexual slaves and child soldiers? I think the last thing someone needs to do is get naked when the topic is trafficking. There has to be a way to get the message across while clothed. People who traffic don't respect people's bodies/humanity. That's the core problem.


Just found that the video was directed by Selma Hayek


I can't even get through it. Please know, I like Jada. I'm inspired she's taking on an extremely crucial devastating issue that can use as much light and discourse with aim toward solution. But this video is disturbing. Her footage looks as if the other stroyline was accidentally intercut with a "Calvin Klein" ad. Sincere question: Why is Jada naked? (She could've been in a tattered slip and sent us "the" message just as strong, in a less confusing measure.) More to the point, why is she shot with such a soft, loving, sensuous touch? As someone who works with young girls escaping sex trade/slavery this is highly disturbing. As a measure for helping women who are forced into sex trade, take off your clothes in a controlled environment, looking amazing, with the camera glamorizing &erotizing you? The equivalent of doing a PSA-ish video on 'anti youth murder by gun' and ACTUALLY putting a loaded gun to your head or a PSA-ish video against IV drugs and actually slamming a needle into your arm?! Undressing for a PSA-ish video "against sex slavery" isn't speaking to or for the women who are violated as such. I bet my soul not one person(with longterm reputation advocacy+recovery rate in Sex Slavery) was on this video shoot or honorably included in the video concept. I genuinely hope she meant well but it comes off as an excuse(subconscious even) for her to expose herself. Because it is in the name of "an important cause", anyone who speaks against the gesture, the video, is a cynic. If an artist wants to be nude in a video to show off how great their body still looks, so do it &do it proudly without justification or excuse! I will tip my hat to you. But folding it into "a cause" is tender ground. My better self, wants to hope Jada made this from her best self, to the betterment of others. But damn, something rings dangerously clouded.


Yeah I love the thought but it's propaganda. For me after Treyvon I don't care what happens in Latin countries. They've made it clear they are arrogant, savage, murderous, parasites. The war is still going on in LA which hispanics have taken over everything including the NAACP. So, unless they are of African decent I could care less. I'm tired of Blacks being murdered and then feeling sorry for the murders. Black women in NY are being traffic'd why didn't she do a video on that???


I love the message and didn't know she could sing. I would like to see same video in English if there is one, because it exists here in America as well. Fabulous!


I sent that same clip to 4 of the Latin American countries I have been to, to friends and it all got the same response, in Latino countries the Nude body is something of a scared figure so to take that away fro the purpose of sex trafficking is a huge stand up and notice thing there, she is targeting those countries , she is not streaking, go online and see what Soi Montoya TV response from Columbia, go and see what the Nicaraguans say about this, then The folks in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic, and on to La Romana and the response will be the same. this hits them much deeper than targeting an African American audience, in most of those countries , the symbol of the Black Madonna is nude. That's who she is targeting this for!


I would not be surprised if she and Will have a new major project coming out targeting the Hispanic demographic.


Personally, without a doubt, I believe Erykah Badu's Messages (clips) were more poignant and influential than Jada's. Seriously, the begging question is, what is Jada's message and who's her intended audience? Really, think about that, is she talking to the traffickers, and thus, trying to persuade them to change their evil ways, or the young women who have little say in their predicament? Having said that, protest without a defined direction and/or defined purpose, can be viewed as exaggerated sensationalism with a self serving mission. Come on now, streaking is so passe and has never changed the score of the game.


Great vocal performance!


Didn' t understand a word, but still understood the message. Very well done! Imma have to give Jada another look as a music artist–take her more seriously.


I loved it , and as one Black man who happily waves the flag for Latino Power, it was well done, the message will get through loud and clear and as far as Erykah Badu -she wouldn't do anything with a message that might help some one else other than her own self!

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