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Watch: New Footage In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ International TV Spot Plus Viral Campaign Material For John Blake

Watch: New Footage In 'The Dark Knight Rises' International TV Spot Plus Viral Campaign Material For John Blake

We are now fifteen days away from all 2 hours 44 minutes of “The Dark Knight Rises” hitting theaters, but until then, thanks to the super secrecy of Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros., brief snatches of new footage are what we’ll have to be content with until then. But really, in the era of marketing that demands the whole movie be shown to audiences via clips and trailers, it’s refreshing, so we can’t complain too much.

Overseas, a new TV spot for the film has landed running about a minute long and offering up enough new footage to make it worth a watch. Among the interesting snippets: Bruce Wayne/Batman screaming “Nooooo!” in what looks to be Bane’s lair…what is he witnessing? There’s also a snap of Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s John Blake running through that same area as well which adds a bit more to the rumor that he’s more to Batman than just a dedicated cop. Indeed, new material form the ongoing viral campaign shows a City Of Gotham Police Deparment performance review that basically notes that Blake is a good cop with a noted rebellious streak…Hmm…

July 20th can’t get here soon enough. Check it all out below along with a new viral poster for the movie as well. [WhatCulture/BatmanOnFilm/IMPA]

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RYAN, your snark slays me! Boy, yeah the whole Scarecrow thing went completely over my head! You're so right!!!!

Seeing Batman catch Crane in the Narrows would have been cooler. That's my opinion. What's yours other than trolling on Playlist?


Not to add fuel to the Robin/Nightwing fire but – Remember Dick Grayson was a cop with the BludHaven PD…… *could John Blake be a 'Elseworld' Sidekick?


Narrows Division, huh? Will we see this part of Gotham again in TDKR? I thought for continuity a brief glimpse of the Narrows should have been included in TDK. Batman's arrest of Scarecrow easily could have been staged in the Narrows rather than a generic parking garage and would have made sense given Scarecrow's character, where he was last seen in BB and would have tied the films together nicely.

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