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Watch: PBS Auto-Tunes ‘The Joy of Painting’ Host Bob Ross

Watch: PBS Auto-Tunes 'The Joy of Painting' Host Bob Ross

Having auto-tuned and remixed Mister Rogers to great viral success, PBS’s web originals branch PBS Digital Studios has given the same treatment to the perennially zen late host of the “The Joy of Painting,” Bob Ross.

“Happy Little Clouds,” which you can watch below, is, like the Mister Rogers “Garden of Your Mind” video, the work of John D. Boswell. On his own YouTube channel, Boswell has science-themed remix pieces featuring Morgan Freeman, Jason Silva and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Now how about some happy little trees, hmm?

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sheila brandon

I don't know how this is going to help develop painting skills in anyone.


this was nice. if it gets the youth off their iphones, ipads, kindles, smartphones and off their asses standing up paainting I'm all for that.

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