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Watch: Radiohead & Jude Law Team Up For ‘Save The Arctic’ PSA

Watch: Radiohead & Jude Law Team Up For 'Save The Arctic' PSA

Saving the world just got a whole lot more….British. Radiohead, already known for their various philanthropic and charitable efforts, and Jude Law have been paired up (kinda) by Greenpeace for “Save The Arctic.” The PSA raises awareness about the issue of the fast melting artic region which could leave the lives of polar bears, narwhals, walruses and more in grave danger, along with humans as well, thanks to rising water levels as a result. Radiohead’s (overused) “Everything In Its Right Place” (already featured extensively in the solid documentary “The Island President“) provides the soundtrack while Law gravely narrates over footage of a CGI polar bear wandering through a deserted, polluted and ugly urban wasteland.

Give it a watch below, and if you’re compelled to do more, click here to find out how to help.

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I would praise their involvement if these campaigns werent erroneous and misleading about the supposed (meaning not proved) man's influence on melting ice AND about the causes of endangered species as the polar bear, which, if it is endangered, its because of humans hunting them dow AND NOT ice melting (see


CGI polar bear? That was quite clearly puppet work/ guy in a suit

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