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Watch Season2/Episode 5 Of Doc Series ‘Black Folk Don’t’ (‘Commit Suicide’)

Watch Season2/Episode 5 Of Doc Series 'Black Folk Don't' ('Commit Suicide')

Created by director/producer Angela Tucker, we featured season 1 of this series last year; fans will be pleased to know that season 2 is in full swing, with episode 5 embedded below; this one titled Black Folk Don’t: Commit Suicide.

But first…

Suicide usually isn’t an option for black folks, especially since there is a whole host of reasons why our mortality rate is so high, but is this always true? Given some recent high profile suicides and apparent suicides in the black community, is there more room to have this discussion now?

Watch season 2, episode 5, on black folks and suicide below:

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This series is going downhill with this one, Suicide is not a funny topic. My great grandmother committed suicide, im not sensitive about it but so many in the black community suffer from untreated mental illness that sometimes suicide is their way out.


Interesting…..there are examples to disprove this one.

Adam Scott Thompson

Donny Hathaway comes to mind, as does Phyllis Hyman. My oldest uncle's first wife committed suicide; she set herself on fire at a community park while her kids played.


Good insight Masha and Amari. I believe it's important to note that the whole concept/belief/notion/myth that black folks "DON'T" do whatever, are obviously facetious suggestions. However, as Masha and Amari implied, they can be used to usher in serious problems within the black community. Suicide, for instance, is a major problem in the black community, but again, as Masha pointed out, we do so by "covert" means and long term ( I like to call it a "slow drip") impulses (i.e. wrong diet, alcohol, cigarettes, turning a blind eye and accepting crime in our neighborhoods, etc). In reference to school shootings, we may not pull those triggers, but it goes without question that we are a major market for the distribution and use of "WEAPONS" that are used for activities other than hunting and protecting one's home. In relation to "white" Americans, we will be a disproportionate amount of victims who die by the hands of automatic weapons, of which, over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND AMERICANS will find their fate in the near future. History tells us that, but it's not a pressing issue until a few white folks are murdered by the hands of a few white people. So, it's true, some black folks don't swim, and some don't eat chittlins nor commit school shootings ( sidebar: D.C. Snipers Muhammad and Malvo — 10 people dead) but aside from our external color, we are humans. Therefore we are subject to every crime, sin and indiscretion known to man. That's right… ha ha ha, hee-haw, he-haw-y'all, chuckle-chuckle-chuckle but… but black folks don't do what?

Masha Dowell

I do not believe this notion one bit. Committing suicide can happen in various methods… drugs, overeating, stress, etc… so we are committing suicide in various ways.


I wonder what other topics there are? Black People Don't: commit school shootings; listen to country and/or rock music; know our history (outside of the civil rights movement and slavery); Like Math; support homosexuality; become Republicans; like the cold; have good school systems (that one maybe true).

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