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Watch Spike Lee & Sam Jackson Perform ‘Ni**as In Paris’ As BET Awards Show Opening Act

Watch Spike Lee & Sam Jackson Perform 'Ni**as In Paris' As BET Awards Show Opening Act

Yeah so, uh, WTF? Can't deny it though, I laughed!

If you missed the BET Awards Show last night (I did), then you probably missed this hilarious intro featuring Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson performing Niggas In Paris – the Kanye West and Jay-Z collab from their Watch the Throne album.

It's especially funny when Spike jumps in; initially I didn't believe it was actually him. But it's Oldboy alright… in a way you likely wouldn'y expect to see him.

It's my parting shot of the night… watch:

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Mama, I smoked the tv!!!!!!!


Guess Spike figured, if you can't beat'em join'em.

Crispus Attucks

If this means that Spike and Sam are cool again, then I am pleased.


So I guess Sam and Spike put their beef they had behind them?


Ummmm, none for me, thank you.


That shit cray.

Lol thanks for this I completely missed most of the show


Loved the part where Kanye doesn't laugh until he notices the camera is on him. LOL

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