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Watch ‘The Visit’ (Season 2, Episode 2 Of ‘Awkward Black Girl’)

Watch 'The Visit' (Season 2, Episode 2 Of 'Awkward Black Girl')

Awkward Black Girl starring Issa Rae season 2 is underway.

And in case you missed the announcement, Awkward Black Girl will now start airing on Pharrell Williams's YouTube channel called i am OTHER.

Watch season 2, episode 2 below, titled The Visit:

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Definitely enjoyed this one more than the first; there was some good office stuff from the new boss, Sister Mary (she got a real LOL out of me), and Darius. I'm not into the whiny relationship drama stuff, so hopefully the new development at the end takes us back to a fun place. And I disagree with BP on the length of the episodes; 10 minutes is plenty of time, but there's room for more content/episode within that 10 minutes if they don't let scenes go on for too long (boobie dance, for example).

the black police

Im bored. The episodes are too short. Also, Patty is my favourite character! "Well, me, myself, personally…"

Adam Scott Thompson

"What would 9o's Nia Long do?" X_X

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