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Watch: Utterly Painful & Unfunny Trailer For ‘The Big Wedding’ With Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, Katherine Heigl & More

Watch: Utterly Painful & Unfunny Trailer For 'The Big Wedding' With Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, Katherine Heigl & More

Hollywood is a weird place. While it can be known for being forward-thinking or progressive in its politics, willing to adapt to social changes and put new stories on the big screen, like the Oscar-nominated “The Kids Are All Right” that offers a refreshing and modern look at families, on the other hand, it can be strangely conservative. And so, we’ll forgive you if when watching the trailer for “The Big Wedding” you might think it was exhumed from a previous decade (or two).

Though the movie gets together some talented people and familiar faces — Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams, Topher Grace, Amanda Seyfried — and then totally wastes them on an insipid story and broad characters. In case it matters, the tale revolves around a separated couple who are forced to pretend to be together again (gasp!) when their adopted son decides to get married, because his biological, super religious mother is against the idea of divorce (double gasp!). Why the son can’t man up to the woman who didn’t raise him, or why everyone needs to scurry around this person whose views are woefully out of date isn’t explained, so instead we get a lot of dumb comedy and actors cashing paychecks. Robin Williams is wacky! Katherine Heigl is an ice queen — again! Diane Keaton and Susan Sarandon are hot older women with Robert De Niro in the middle! Lord.

Anyway, this wholly uninspired film arrives on October 26th and it’s directed by the guy who wrote “The Bucket List.” So there you go.

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I am excited to see this movie. Just for the simple fact that Ben Barnes is in it. I'm a huge fan. And no Will, Ben isn't Hispanic. But who cares. There are white Colombians you know!


looks like a a good ole' fashion rom com. great cast tho. i'll watch it.


Well, to be fair I'm pretty sure that is the worst trailer with the worst editing and most loud obnoxiously loud and completely wrong music that I have ever seen or heard – ever. True this film looks really bad, but no way is it as bad as that trailer. Can someone explain to me why Katherine Heigl gets jobs? She annunciates like a high school drama student.


Unfortunately, all one needs to do is take a look at the cast to know that this is going to be a horrible, painful experience. Shame, too, because I like a lot of the people in it (except Katherine Heigl, who needs to do us all a favor and disappear from acting entirely), but they haven't done anything good in a long, long time.


Oh, another romantic comedy about rich white people. The studio sure took a chance with this one. But it's nice to see Diane Keaton showing some range… err, wait a second…


Is Ben Barnes hispanic?

Thuan Dang

When the title card "The Family Gathers*" came up I couldn't help thinking hey that'd be a good title for this sort of movie… instead of The Big Wedding.

*Obviously their last name would be Gathers.


I feel so sorry for Robert and Robin…


Sounds like a ripoff of The Birdcage/La Cage aux Folles only taking out what made those movies entertaining and funny.

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