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Weekend B.O. July 13-15 (‘Beasts’ Still Doing Solid B.O.)

Weekend B.O. July 13-15 ('Beasts' Still Doing Solid B.O.)

To get the obvious stuff out of the way first, Ice Age: Continental Drift was No. 1 as expected, with The Amazing Spider Man in second place. Ted is still very strong on its way to, perhaps, becoming the biggest grossing R rated comedy ever; and Magic Mike is still doing quite well attracting a large female audience (and gay men as well according to a recent article in  the New York Times).

But of course the question for us is how is Beasts of the Southern Wild faring? The answer is quite well indeed, thank you.

The film, which is now in 16th place, has the second highest per screen average (after Ice Age) and expanded this weekend onto 61 more screens, now playing on 81 screens across the country.

The film grossed $775,000 this weekend – only $100,000 less than the film ahead of it, Men in Black III, which is still playing on just 500 screens. 

The total for Beasts to date is $1,677,000.

1) Ice Age: Continental Drift Fox $46,000,000
2) The Amazing Spider-Man Sony $35,000,000 Total; $200,900,000
3) Ted Uni. $22,147,000 Total: $158,993,000 $50
4) Brave BV $10,695,000 Total; $195,596,000
5) Magic Mike WB $9,030,000 Total:  $91,850,000
6) Savages Uni. $8,735,000  Total; $31,466,000
7) Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection LGF $5,600,000 Total; $55,628,000
8) Katy Perry: Part of Me Par. $3,735,000 Total; $18,588,000
9) Moonrise Kingdom Focus $3,662,000 Total; $32,427,000
10) Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted P/DW $3,500,000 Total; $203,732,000
11) To Rome with Love SPC $2,539,000 Total; $8,658,000
12) Marvel’s The Avengers BV $1,287,000 Total: $613,548,000

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Brilliant, poetic filmmaking… The director is a genius. His parents must be proud to have raised such a wise young man with a tender heart.


I just saw "Beasts" just over an hour ago. FANTASTIC!! I loved it! Hushpuppy was simply adorable. Loved the father too, and the other hobo like characters.

It was a bit of an emotional rollercoster for me, because of the message sent that Hushpuppy would face an unprotected life without her father. That really got to me, but those Beasts in the end…..

I'm raving about the film to my friends to go see it and take their children.


I watched Beast of the Southern Wild on Friday and really enjoyed it. It was beautifully told. The actors were AMAZING. I was excited to watch two actors of color that are not actors that could actually act. Quvenzhané Wallis and Dwight Henry were incredibly believable as daughter and father. Their relationship was so interesting. No matter what happened, I new that Wink always loved Hushpuppy. The entire story was so moving. Also, Quvenzhané was just so…..( I don't know what word I could use) but this little girl showed so much courage as Hushpuppy. I just loved watching her. Dwight was great. I can't believe this man is not an actual actor! I really want to thank S&A as well as all the other websites that have publicized the movie. I am part of the audience that wants to see something different and inventive regardless of who produces it. I really go that with Beast of the Southern Wild.

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