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Wesley Snipes Compares Hollywood Agents To Pimps, Actors To Hos In UTA Dispute Deposition Video

Wesley Snipes Compares Hollywood Agents To Pimps, Actors To Hos In UTA Dispute Deposition Video

This gave me a good laugh! 

The short story goes… while being questioned by attorney Bryan Freedman, in a deposition regarding his dispute with his then former talent agency (UTA) over upaid commissions, Wesley Snipes so eloquently compared talent agencies to pimps and their actor clients to hos.

Is his analogy a fair one?

Watch this hilarious exchange for the history books (h/t THR):

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Said in Los Angeles

I am on the floor! It may sound wrong, but that analogy to Pimp and Hoe's is so right…

Real Talk McGee

This is crazy. Stingy rich people are hilarious; they think they're entitled to hold on to ALL of their riches, IRS, employees, and agents be damned. Agents and managers are the people who help actors get in the room, do their deals, make sure they're treated properly on set, help guide a career. Some people who have "made it" like to think they've done it on their own and that's simply not the case. Hate them or love them, agents, managers, and casting directors are necessary to the entertainment industry; there are far too many actors and they help weed out the worst and promote the mediocre to best.


This is the mistake actors make everyday w/ Talent Agents/Agencies. Flip the script, they work for you. You're the Pimp and the Agent is your Ho…

Hassan Fvckry

Yeah, this was a good laugh. Glad he got one in too before they sent him up river…

Miles Ellison

I doubt that an SNL sketch would be as funny as that was.


*waits for this to become a SNL sketch*


Is this video from 2008? This looks like it was shot in 1975.

Dead @ "No further questions"


please…he wasn't complaining when he was at the top of his game. he sounds like he did when he took the stand in New Jack City…he blamed everybody in the court and the world for why he was selling crack. Wesley…pay at the 2nd window and drive thru.

Bishop Don Magic Juan



Wesley is totally correct. He kept it real. Speak the truth and shame the devil but I can see why he lost his case though. Wow…


wisdom for dat a$$

Will Wright

Clearly, Mr. Snipes doesn't wanna work in Hollywood for the foreseeable future.

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